Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday again?

Geez, the weeks sure are flying by. Can't believe it's Friday again. I had a really good week starting with the Chambersburg group on Monday which I posted about. Tuesday I went to church to hook with Genny. We try to get together each Tuesday for a couple hours. I showed her how to hook, wow I guess it's over a year ago now. Where in the world is time going?? She started with a small sunflower mat, then did a rug with a Dachshund in the middle that she drew up, and now she is working on a rug that is almost finished. It was a free pattern in a book that she enlarged and adapted it to fit her style. The original had 2 ducks in it. She chose to add 2 Dachshunds to it and a Basset hound. She is doing a fantastic job and it's a pleasure to watch her enjoy hooking it. I've always been meaning to grab a picture of her and her rug, but just never remembered. Didn't forget this time.

Wednesday, I took the time to start hooking the log cabin rug I am doing for Pam. I haven't had a chance to get to it since, but will try to make time Sunday when I can relax. Here's where I am with it so far.
Last night my daughter Nicole had her Winter concert at school. She plays the Tenor Sax. She takes after her dad with the musical instruments. I dabbled at the piano, but never stuck with it. Kind of wish I did. Brandon came over last night so he could go with us to watch her. He lives in another town so he goes to a different school.
Today was a fun day at my dye group. There were only 3 of us this time. Nancy was visiting her son, and Delores didn't come. So Joan, Louise and I did our onion skin dyeing today. We each got together some of our wools in lights, mediums and darks. We had 2 pots going. It was fun to rinsing them and seeing what we came up with. Joan did a great job and layering them in the pot and mushing them all down. Afterwards, Louise and I helped with the rinsing.

Joan was busy washing out the pots while we were rinsing. (ok, Louise was finishing the rinsing. I had to take some pictures lol.)
Joan lives in a sweet home that sits between 2 creeks, and she does an amazing job at taking care of the birds. I can't say I've ever seen so many birdhouses in one area. I went into her living room to take a picture of her Paisley rug she just finished, and saw her outside feeding the birds. In the rain! To watch her is something. She has a routine it seems. She goes from one area to the next. She can take a scoop of birdseed and in one sweep fill the banister for the birds to come and eat up. And man, do they! She has a HUGE heart. Just love that about her..

Got ya Joan!!
Ok, now back to the Paisley. Take a look at the wonderful hooking she did with this one. I just love it. I know she is happy to have the hooking finished. It's been a while in the making. She's not usually a fine cut hooker. I "think" she said she did this in a #4.
Tomorrow will be a day out with my friends Beth and Joanne. I am meeting them at the York Folk Art Show in the morning. We'll have lunch afterwards, and then who knows what!
I hope everyone has an enjoyable, creative weekend!!


Joanne said...

It's about time on the update - just teasing! Cute pic of Nicole and Brandon - like the dye pot in the background! Sounds like a great day dyeing wool - where's pics of the wool? Inquiring minds!
Looking forward to a day out tomorrow!

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
Thanks for commenting on my blog! WOW! The Folk Art Show! My Mom gave me a postcard about it but somehow I forgot. LOL! Tell me all about it when you get back! Looks like a really fun dye day.

Gayle said...

Oh Yeah! We wanna see pictures of the dyed wool! I haven't been in the dye pots for ages - I need to get busy!