Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hook-In update

Man, oh man is it ever cold. We only got a few flurries today, and I know we are lucky compared to other states. I hope everyone is all snuggled up in a warm home today. My heart goes out to all that are homelss, or have to work in this cold weather out doors. I can't even imagine.

Just getting to loading the pictures onto the computer today from last week at Grantstreet. I wasn't sure how many would turn out because of the cold weather, but they were in and out during the day. Beth and Jill came and they are such a hoot. I've probably said that before in another post, but man, can those two get to giggling. You can't help but laugh too. Here is Beth and then I got a shot of the bird she is hooking. Great job Beth!

And here is Jill. She is working on a piece from a group she belongs too. Each person will have a part to hook. She was hooking the yellow ware bowl. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of it. It was looking really nice!
I was pleasantly surprised when Teresa walked in. I was writing back and forth in emails to her about coming. And she didn't think she could make it this week. But she did! Didn't get a shot of her, but she did bring her rug that she has been working on for some time. I won't tell them how long lol. Hey, we've all got rugs that have taken us time, right?? Look how wonderful it is! She wants to finish it and said she will come back to one of the hook ins to sit and work on it! She has a lovely Etsy shop too. Check it out! She makes some wonderful Prim items. Linda did get to sit and hook. I can't wait to take a picture of her rug when it is ALL done!

And Genny showed up later in the evening. She's working on a rug for her daughter.

Nancy came back this week to work on her Polly Minnick rug. She heard from a friend that she saw her on a blog. Well, you made it again Nancy! Can't wait to see the rug finished. It's so close to being done! And the ticking for the finishing is going to look so nice.

Sherry came in the evening and she was working on whipping a piece. I showed her how to whip with the wool strips. She said she liked it.

Well, Joanne was supposed to come this week again, but she woke up to snow! Even though it cleared up later on for her, I'm glad she didn't venture out in it. Better to be safe! We'll see you again soon I hope! But to show you how much we missed you, we wanted you to feel like you were right here with us. WE know how much you like to do this, soooooo........

Here I am...not being able to "think outside the box" !
And I'm not allowed to say who this is.... Can you guess???? lol
Aaaandddd, we got someone else to play. Hmm, can you tell who it is?? Does the apple fall far from the tree LOL?????
He was having so much fun, he had to play some more!

So now you can feel like you were right there with us :).

I had a nice surprise today. A visit from my son Craig. I had a real lazy day. Was going to do so much, but plopped on the couch and watched some tv. When he came in, I got up and by the look on his face, I knew something was up. He has never been the type to be able to keep anything inside. His face shows it all. Then it hit me, and I said NO WAY. I had a feeling. When I was sitting on the couch, I could see out the deck door. And I just happened to see this little Mini Cooper ride by and thought how cute! A few seconds later Craig walked in. I ran to the door. Sure enough, it's his!!! He traded in his 350 Z for it. It's a 2003. Things are getting tough and he's making a few good choices on how to deal with them. This was one of them. When he first got his license, he always said he wanted a Cooper. He is soooo happy, and we are happy for him. I'll have to tease him and call it his "pooper". Linda and her son have one and that's what she calls it lol. Isn't it adorable??? All in all, it was a lazy day, a cold day, a day to do nothing. And that's just what I did. Even slept in late this morning. Will have to make up for it and do something tomorrow after church.
Stay warm everyone, and I hope your week ahead is a productive one!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Clear and Sunny morning~~

Well, at least so far. What a change from the rain we had. My goodness, it rained and rained. But I didn't mind it since I stayed in the whole weekend.

Which by the way, I had a wonderful weekend. And I had it just about all to myself! My husband was up on the mountain doing an amateur radio contest and didn't come home until very late Sunday night. I was already asleep. Daughter was in and out of the house most of the time.

It was a retreat weekend for AAPG. This months theme was to do something we love or love to give. I did some hooking, some stitching, and it was all for gifts. So sorry, I can't show anything. But boy, did I have a good time. The house was so quiet. Only a couple times did I feel I needed some music, so I put my cd's on. I sat in my wool room and just worked away. I did realize though, that I need a comfier chair. My butt is cushioned enough, but not enough to sit ALL day lol. I had some ideas of making the room across the hall, a guest room/hooking room. It's very tiny, but doable I think. Not a whole lot of room in any of these rooms. Well, not as much room as I'd like. I really shouldn't complain. I have a home to keep me warm and dry.

The week is starting off really good. Had a great day at work yesterday. Did a whole bunch of dyeing. Nothing better than a boss to tell you "dye what you want"! Fun, fun, fun.......
And I'll be doing some more today!

Joanne will be coming out again on Thursday, weather permitting. Looking forward to spending time with her at the hook in. I have an idea of what I'll be working on, but it's another gift. One of these days I'll work on something that I can show! Should be in another week or so anyway. We have another challenge in the group for a hooked rug. The challenge is to do a background color that would be out of our comfort zone. More challenging for us. I chose the color of my background. Something similar to it. And there were two patterns to choose from. Maria Barton desgined them and we had a choice. One had a sheep and a cat on it and the other was a horse and rooster. I chose the horse. I'm anxious to start it. Another part to this challenge is the help of everyone who is participating. We are to send each person 5-10 strips of the color background they have chosen. I have mine all ready to be mailed out today.
I missed my dye group on Friday because of the weather. It was sleeting in the morning and I didn't want to take a chance going over the mountain. Disappointed, because it cleared up a bit later. Others were able to make it, and I'm glad. I took the time that day to do some major cleaning, which was good. That meant I had no distractions for the weekend.
Saturday night, I took my daughter out for a bite to eat for dinner. (seeing I wasn't cooking! lol) Nice time to chat with her. And Friday night and Sunday night I had cereal for dinner. That to me is a relaxing weekend, and pure heaven since dinner is not my favorite meal of the day. Breakfast is.
So, nothing to show, but that's ok. It was a fun time and I did get things done. Hmm, wondering when George has another contest lol...... He did do pretty good he said. Made over 200 contacts from Saturday to Sunday, and that all calculates into points, and it sounded like a pretty high number. I don't understand it all. Considering the weather, I'd say it was good. He'll have to wait and see how he did. Everyone has to verify their stuff and then submit it. Wishing him luck! He's already been in the QST magazine for winning a few other contests, and has received some awards that he has hung downstairs in his shack. Yes, it was my weekend, but feel I need to brag a little on him lol.

Wishing everyone a nice and warm, dry, sunny day~~ (for as long or as little as it lasts)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Gifts, finished pieces and being picked on~~

The weather is crazy today. It's sleeting out there right now. Just went out to get the mail and had to watch my step. I was supposed to go to Dye group today, but opted not too because of the mountain I go over. It will be a day of cleaning for me. I am going to have the weekend to create, and don't want anything to distract me.

On Wednesday this week I met my friend Beth for dinner. We still hadn't exchanged our Christmas gifts. So it was nice to catch up with her, have some good pizza and just enjoy a few hours together. She gifted me with some lovely things. The wool that everything is laying on is a wool skirt all opened up. I can't wait to over dye it! Also some camel wool, a primitive light (Beth it is black lol), sheep, some ornaments for my tree, an old box of dye, a pin keep pattern, dmc chart, a coned shape tree that Beth made with buttons (I love it!), an old hooked piece that she found on her thrifting travels. She finds the best stuff! And a pin cushion that has wedges on it. It's all so wonderful Beth, thank you so much!

Yesterday was the hook-in. I got there later than usual. Had to take care of my mil because of the dye group today which I didn't make it too :(. Had a couple surprises happen. I was busy in another room and when I came out, I looked at Linda because she was sitting straight ahead. I could see someone sitting to the right, but didn't look at first. I had my mind occupied on some things, and it wasn't registering. When I did look, I was shocked. Joanne came! She never said a word about coming, so it threw me for a loop.. So good to see her!! but she did not have a good morning. She had lost her wallet after stopping somewhere. By the time she realized it and went back, she couldn't find it. I felt awful. She took all the necessary steps to stop activity on cards and stuff. It was about 2-3 hours later, she received a phone call. A woman had found it and she was such an honest soul, that everything was still in there! There ARE good people in the world! Her and I took a ride to go get it. What a relief! Joanne and I also exchanged Christmas gifts. I ran home to get hers lol.

I am always complaining of being cold, and she was so sweet to get me a cuddl dud shirt! Guess I can't complain anymore lol. There is a heavy iron star hook, a prim snowman, velvet stocking ornament, a gift card to Joanne Fabrics that was in a little stocking (can't wait to go shopping!), and a little dried flower arrangement on a wooden tap that they use for tapping trees for syrup. Very sweet. Ok, now to explain the Kashi bag lol. A while back when Joanne was at the hook-in, Linda was calling me all kinds of names, except the right one. I had told Linda that my Uncle used to call me Kasha (which in Polish is Kathleen). Also loved the definition when I looked it up which meant Pure, Beloved of God. Anyway, Linda was calling me Kashi and Joanne was laughing. I just said call me Fiber! lol Thank you Joanne for such lovely gifts. They are all wonderful! (the kashi bag is my new hooking bag lol)

There was actually some work going on at the hook in.

Nancy had stopped by, and we got to see what she was working on. It's a PollyMinnick pattern. Lovely blue background!

Marian and Pat were busy talking away. I never did get a shot of Pat's Baltimore quilt rug she is working on :(. Next time Pat!

And here is Marian's heart rug she is doing. We love it!

The other surprise yesterday was Tonya walking through the door! It was good to see her. She had business in the area, so she put her hooking in the car and stopped in! Sorry for the pic, I have to learn to snap before they blink lol.

Here are 2 of her rugs. Love how she does her hit or miss.

And this one she finished whipping while she was there. Just gorgeous!
Joanne was busy finishing whipping this one. I just love the color wool she used to whip it. Sooo nice! She also finished a little mug rug that I didn't get a shot of.
And here she whipped her snowman face tree skirt. Too cute!

Now for being picked on. Linda's son Aaron has been visiting with her and he stopped by to have a few laughs. Now I need to stand publicly corrected on how I pronounce his name. They have been making fun of me, mimicking me, just plain old harassing me over how I say it. Well, I did some research and even found a place where I could "HEAR" how they say it. I stand corrected. I admit it, I am WRONG. I'm sure that is what you want to hear. Are you happy now Aaron (pronounced air-en)?? Soooo instead of calling you Aaron and having to think before every time I say it, from now on you'll be AJ. No more picking~ But seriously, Isn't he a cutie :) ??? I even got a surprise in the mail yesterday from some furry little friends. Miles, Riley and Jonesy sent me a Valentines Day gift. How sweet was that??

So the night was over from hooking, and we all decided to leave early, and yes it was really early for a Thursday night. We didn't want to chance the weather that they were calling for. Had no idea what time it was supposed to start and Joanne and Tonya both had a distance to drive.
We were all putting our coats on and low and behold I think Joanne saw a mouse! Actually I have no clue what she was looking at LOL. Just fit the picture! It was a wonderful day that had a happy ending because of an honest person. Thank you to Jeanie for finding Joanne's wallet and calling her to return it!
Now it's time to get my things done around here so I can have the weekend to create. This weekend is our retreat for AAPG. I will be doing some gifts, so I doubt I'll be posting any pictures. If I have time, I'll see what else I can come up with.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finding the time, or not

I'm trying, I'm really, really trying to find the time to post on here. But some days I just don't feel like uploading pic's etc. I can't seem to find that happy medium yet with trying to get everything done that needs to be done. And when I get those "few" extra minutes or even hours, I don't feel like doing anything. That is sad! I was geared up for this weekend to get a lot done. And in all reality, I did get a lot done. But it doesn't feel that way, because I have nothing to show for it. It's all "stuff" that needed to be done. Whether it pertained to the house cleaning (which I did a lot of and it's still not all done, but I'm saying it is), or running errands, etc. I don't feel like I've sat down hardly at all this weekend, and here it is mid afternoon on Sunday. Everything just seems to take "time"! And it's sad when I think "ooh, I'll just stay home from church on Sunday to catch up on things". I've done it and don't like it. Sunday should be a day of rest. Need to work on that! Sure there are times when I do have things planned that I can't attend, but I don't like missing it because of laziness. So glad I went today. We are starting a new topic in Sunday School. I'm looking forward to next week.

This past Thursday Linda had her hook-in at the shop. There were quite a few people coming and going throughout the day. What a fun time. And laugh??? That is an understatement. Whew, my mascara was gone by the end of the night. Too, too funny! I'm still giggling when I think about it.
I only took one picture that day and it was a rug of Doris'. I asked her if she would mind me taking a picture of it and she didn't, but she told me she hadn't yet put it on her blog. I respect that and will not post it here. You'll have to keep an eye on her blog for that one. After that picture, I put the camera away and forgot to bring it out again.

Even with all the laughter, and the people coming and going, I did manage to hook. And I finished it before I left that night. I won't tell you what time that was LOL. I haven't finished it off yet, but the hooking is done. It is intended to be a candle cuff to wrap around a larger jar candle. Still undecided if it will be used that way, or just to lay around as a mat. I think I'm leaning more to that. It's just a little piece. First time I've done a #5 in a very long time. Felt like spaghetti to me. Will be a cute little Valentine's Day addition to lay around. Along with all the "stuff" that I did for the famliy and home this week/weekend, I did manage to spend a little time picking out some wools to finish off a simple penny rug. They are all cut and ready to be stitched. Maybe tonight? Who knows. I also have a few gifts that need to be taken care of, but won't be able to show them.

This week I am hoping to work a little each night on some things. One of the things I did get done these past few days is clean my wool room. It surely needed it. I have a floor and table again lol. When that room is clean, I can think and create. When it's not, well I may as well just close the door and not even think about creating. There are times when I would walk in there and walk right back out. I would take a look at something I'd like to do, but then see the mess and say forget it. I'm sure you all know the feeling. Since the beginning of the year, I do have to say that I've managed to stay somewhat organized on keeping things together, knowing I would get to them shortly. And I've finished what I've set aside. That feels good.

Time to get off of here now and head upstairs and pick out some floss while it's still daylight. Would hate to pick a floss, stitch it, only to find out tomorrow it's the wrong color.

Here's to a creative week for all of us!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Don't laugh too hard~~

Brrrr, it's sooooo cold. I don't want to go outside anymore. Not until Spring. Can I demand it? Can I whine enough so everyone has to go outside for me? Naaaah, guess it won't happen. Can sure dream though. I'm sitting here with a blanket around me. I had so much running around to do today, that I'm just plain tuckered out. I think I'll avoid going out all weekend if at all possible.

Ok, I said in my last post that I would pick something out to work on for yesterday at the hook-in. I got out all my patterns and contemplated over several. Some are on the larger side and I guess I wasn't ready to make the commitment....yet. Sooo, I picked a little one. I received this in a swap a few years ago. It's a candle cuff. With Valentines Day coming up, and our retreat on the online group is coming up too, I thought why not. Plus I'm happy it's getting done. I really would like to make a dent in the patterns I have this year. I don't have a whole lot, but enough. The reason I said don't laugh too hard is because it's so tiny lol. I decided to use my #5 blade that I got for Christmas. Oh my, that is what I started on when I first started hooking and I used to think it was wide! For a little bit there, I was thinking someone made a mistake and it's really a #3 lol. It just seems so skinny. I enjoyed what I did hook though. Didn't take an after picture for you yet of what I did get done. Might get one this weekend to share. We had some people come through the shop yesterday, and I was busy helping them with what they needed. Wasn't until mid afternoon before I started hooking this. And then I just wanted to relax, so I took my time. Hooked a few loops, rested, hooked a few loops, and rested some more. Guess you could say I really didn't feel like doing too much.
Barb came and worked on some quilting, but other than that, it was just her, Linda and I who were there for the day. We didn't think too many would come out with the threat of snow in the forecast. I was checking like every half hour to see if it started. It was around 9:00 the last time I checked. When I came back in, I figured it was time to get going. There was still no snow. We all decided to leave at the same time. When we walked outside, the snow was falling and the ground was covered. THAT quick! I was surprised. I don't care to drive in snow, so I was extra cautious. I was so thankful that no one was on the road. And I didn't catch one red light. I just kept saying thank you God. Made it home safely. So happy Sherry decided not to come. She had called and was considering it.
Not sure what I'll get into this weekend. Might hook some more on the candle cuff, and might consider starting something else. I don't like doing that. Like to finish what I start. All I know is that I don't want to go OUT if I don't have to.
Enjoy your weekend everyone. Stay warm and keep your hands busy~~

Monday, January 4, 2010


Off to a great start in the New Year. I managed to get all my stuff put away and it's organized, and I know where it is. That's a big plus. Back to work today and I was ready for it. I'm ready to get back in to the swing of a lot of things. I'm itching BIG time to get hooking, stitching, and punching. Just don't know what to do first! Choices, choices......... And I still need to choose what I will work on this Thursday at the hook in.
Have you ever noticed how many things we have to choose from? From the time we wake up in the morning, till we go to bed. Choices, choices... What will I choose for breakfast? What will I wear to work? My goodness, go to the grocery store and you've got tons to choose from. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming. A 10 minute trip to the store can turn into a half hour or more, just trying to choose what is going into the cart. Give a child a choice and it can turn into a really big ordeal. Then you find yourself saying, just PICK ONE!! I have thought more and more about this and decided to try and limit myself to the choices that are put in front of me. I know it won't be easy. I will focus more, and stick to what I am setting out to do and not get side tracked by it all, and above all, finish what I start. I tend to fiddle faddle back and forth. Then nothing gets done! I know I'm not alone on this. If "I" have too many choices, then so does everyone else out there.
Do you tend to hesitate when there are so many choices set in front of you?

Sooooo, tonight I will go through some things on my list and make that choice! And by Thursday, I'll share what that is.
I do have to say that there is one thing that I never have a problem choosing. And that is to choose to be in a good mood or a bad mood. I choose a good mood every morning. I cannot stand negativity. Yes, I have my bad days too, but I choose to start my day off right and choose to get out of that poopy mood as fast as I can when I do have one. I'd rather have wrinkles on my face from too much laughing than have wrinkles on my face from a sour puss!
Hope your choices this week are easy ones to make. But why not start off your day in a good mood? It just may lead to making the rest of your daily choices an easier one!