Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's Her Birffffffday !!

It was Alllllllllll about Linda last Thursday.  Linda celebrated her Double Nickel Birthday (and as my husband would say.... the national speed limit) !   I have a feeling this is going to be a long post :) ~~
I had stopped on the way to the shop to pick up some balloons and grabbed a centerpiece for the table. I think she was more excited about this little Birthday tree than anything lol.

Margo made a cake for the occasion and WOW, what a cake it was.  Raspberry filled, 6 layers! Delicious!

I spent time dyeing some gradation swatches for her.  She likes doing the fine cut, so I thought I would dye some for her to play with. 

Margo gave her some carrots that she had made.....

I knew it was coming... Wait for it .......

They already found a new home!  How sweet they look with her bunnies :)

A sweet chalkware piece from Margo.

This was a self watering piece from Diane. I can just imagine the African Violet that will go in this!

And Candy?  How can there be a Birthday without Candy?

Ok, off of Linda for a minute and on to some hooking. I have a feeling Nancee's piece is going to be done real soon!

And Diane's will be done real soon too!  (by the way... Diane says that Cooper is doing so well. Such a good puppy!)  She couldn't help but tell us all about him lol.

Joan finished hooking her swap piece. Isn't it darling? The little sheep hooked with roving.  Someone is going to be real happy to receive this!

Oh wait, back to Linda again......  Not only did Margo make a cake, but Barb's Daughter brought this by... An icecream cake!

She Did it!! All of them blown out at one time.....  Hmm, wonder what her wish was?

And there has to be more presents and funny cards , right?

A real pretty piece of Bethany Lowe from Sheri.

A sweet picture from Genny.

Ok, back to the group...   Jackie and Bonnie stopped by, and this is what Jackie is working on.  She was picking out some wool to applique something on it.  It's beautiful.

This was a class that Jackie had taught.  I believe Bonnie did this one. So pretty in person.

Deb finished hooking her stained glass piece.  She was hustling around after it was finished to pick out some new wool for her next project.  Love watching the intensity on her face while hooking and then the drive to start another one!

Amy making a chairpad.

Marilyn and her cat!

Alright, alright...  back to Linda...............  Here is the shot of the cake that Margo had made.  And the beautiful arrangement was from Nancee.  So bright, so pretty!

Yes, there really was a hook in.  People did sit and hook. After eating some of Both cakes, and then some pulled pork made by Genny, and snacks, I'd say everyone was yawning and pretty worn out by the end of the day!

Sheri was whipping her little mat.

Joan was whipping her little piece too.

Joanne was being a smarty and not giving me a peek......

But she finally did. It's going to be a gift!

Margo I think was the one that started the yawning. She was having a major sugar crash lol.

But NOT Linda!!!  She must have had an upswing with her sugar.  She made a hipster to carry her airgun out of wool.  Telemarketers have pushed her a bit too far :) lol.  She was making us laugh with taking orders for the carrier.  (never a dull moment at Grant Street)

Describing it to us... and then she went out into the hallway and gave it a whirl.  It's loud!!!

I hope Linda enjoyed her Birffffffday.  We had a good time celebrating it with her.  She was off this weekend to celebrate something else too.  Her Son Danny and Michelle are going to be parents for the first time! The baby shower was today. She was soooo excited, and was sharing with us the gifts that she had gotten them. They were all wrapped so pretty before the night was over.  Wishing them all a wonderful day!!

I did manage to get something done during the hook in.  I started a cross stitch piece I bought a long time ago,  designed by Betty DeKat of PrimitiveBettys.  I'm hoping to enjoy my down time today and finish it up!

And I also wanted to share something else. I received this very Sweet  Spring/Easter package from Sharon .  It was on the table when I came home last Thursday night.  Thought I would be able to wait till the next morning to open it.  Naaaahhhh, couldn't do it.  Had to see what was inside!  Sharon, thank you so very, very much.  I love it all !!! I'll be thinking today what I'll be stitching on that piece of hand dyed linen :).  Sharon stitched up the Easter pillow. It's so sweet. She said the bunny was bought from Daughter nature folkart. The Polish pottery mug is so cute, and I have it on my hutch, and all those worms kept everything nicely cushioned :)

Well, I think I covered it all.  I'm off to relax my back by spending the day stitching and then hopefully starting something else.  I'm already thinking about what I will be making for the next update for Primitivehandmadesmercantile.  But there are still items left if you want to stop and take a look! All the girls are so creative!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

WoolWrights Hook in ~~

This past Saturday Linda was a vendor at the Woolwrights Hook in out in Lancaster. Woolwrights did a Great job that day. Hats off to you all !!

 Getting up at 3:00 a.m. that morning was a bit tough, but I managed.  Linda picked me up at 5:30 and off we went.  We got there by 7:00 and were told where to set up.  Right next to Heavens to Betsy :).  Do you know how hard it is not to stop and look???  Joanne met us there and I was so thankful for her help.  I have a pinched nerve in my back and it was not easy moving.  Before you knew it we had the booth all together.  Joanne hung the rugs hooked by Nancee. Linda was selling Anne Nichols patterns that day.  Along with the patterns, I think she had a lilttle bit of everything from the shop there! 

I'm a bit disappointed that I don't have many pictures. While going through them, I was so sad to see that I caught people with their eyes closed, blurred, etc. I didn't have much time to take the pictures! Really wish I had some of Linda in her booth! When I tell you that Linda was busy, it's an understatement.  When those doors opened, it wasn't long until people put their things down at a table in the other room, and then were out in a hurry to do some shopping.  I think all the vendors did well that day. I'm so thrilled for Linda and the success she had for her first time there.

I did get a snap of Nancee with her rugs.  She deserves a round of applause for getting these hooked up so fast.  I'm happy Linda had them there. It really helped with the sales!

I was only away from the booth for a little bit.  I did take more pictures of the room, but they did not come out, nor did the ones with people that I knew :(.  But you can see that the room was filled. 

They also had a rug show that I tried to quickly snap shots of.  My mistake, because some did not come out.  But at least I got some.  So enjoy!

We had a blast that day. How nice to see so many of you that I really only get to see at these functions. I think that is why I look forward to it each year.  I can't wait till the Fall at Brandywine  :).   Linda will be vending at that one too.  I also want to  Joanne and Nancee for helping with loading Linda's car back up after it was all over.  My back thanks you!!!
One picture that did come out was of a hooker who just didn't want to let go of her wool money to buy a new pair of shoes ... LOL.  This was Becky (aka.. tootles), and her poor shoes were falling apart. We were giving her a good ribbing about not wanting to give up her spending money.  I have a feeling that they were in the garbage when she got home. 

If you want to see more of the Woolwrights hook in, you can visit it HERE  They did a great job at covering it!

I've been trying to baby my back, and this morning was the first time I got up in the morning and I didn't almost fall over. That's a good sign!  I've been icing it and taking some medicine for the pain.  Little by little it will get better..  Rest is the best thing for it right now.

Hoping you are all having a beautiful week.  The weather here has been gorgeous!