Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The last loop pulled ~~

Yes indeed, I finally pulled the last loop last night while watching a movie with my husband.  I had every intention of starting the whipping tonight, but I took my daughter to the mall in Hagerstown, and well, when you take a teenage girl anywhere, it's not a short trip! And we don't spend too much time together anymore with her school and work schedule. I took advantage of  "our time".  We had a good time. I returned something and she bought a few things.

Soo I am now home, and ready to get to the whipping first thing tomorrow.  I am going to finish this before the year is over, woo hoo  :)...  I don't have any idea really what my next project will be. My mind is going back and forth between a couple of things.

 I got an email the other day in my daily devotions. It all had to do with making New Year resolutions.  I'm not one to make them. But in this article it talked about making a list. Something to do each month out of the year, and then at the end of the year see what you were able to get accomplished.  I thought about this, and am seriously considering it.  I was thinking of different things. What month I will choose to jot them down in, I don't know yet. But I will pick some easy ones and some not so easy ones.  Some could be a project, work on filling my Etsy shop up,  another could be eat better, exercise, read a book, organize a room from top to bottom, etc.  I'm thinking this could be very do-able for me. Might even develop some better habits, since I have a month to accomplish the task.  If at the end of the year I achieve some, that would be great! And if I don't, that's ok too.  Goals are good. Often we can't grow unless we fail.  I don't want to beat myself up about things I don't accomplish anymore. It is what it is. I'm one person and can't do it all. No matter how much I WANT to do it all, it's just not possible. As I get older, I'm really realizing that, and I'm feeling peace from it. That's all that matters.

Here is my rug all ready to be whipped! After it's whipped, I will steam it again and block it and make it square by pinning it to the floor where I do my steaming. This piece will be going on the chest at the end of my bed

I am sooo ready for a New Year, how about you?  The Christmas lights are down outside. It was warm enough out there today for hubby to do that. Tomorrow I will also take the lights and ornaments off the tree so George can take the tree back to the farm where they dispose of it.  I was going to wait till the weekend, but he seemed to want to get some things done, so I will will do that for him.  The rest of the decorations will stay up till the weekend. 

I hope you all welcome in the New Year safely. If you go somewhere, safe travels to you. George and I will be going to a party for a few hours to be with some friends. Looking forward to getting out and socializing a bit with them. Doubt we will be up till midnight.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what the New Year has in store for me and my family. I just pray it's a healthy one.....

Enjoy the rest of your week. I'll talk with you in 2011 !!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas ~~

Merry Christmas everyone!  I sure hope your day was filled with good times spent with loved ones.  Mine sure was!
Yesterday was George's Birthday.  It has always been a tradition that we go over to his Mom's for dinner and exchange our gifts there. This year was our first without her. I took time this week to think about our times together, and boy do I miss her. But as we know, life does go on. Time to make new traditions. Unfortunately, both kids had to work. So I told George I would be taking him out to lunch. We had a peaceful day. Nicole was home in the morning, so she got to spend some time with George.  We did an early dinner at TGIF's.  It was very nice.  I had gotten him Netflix for his Birthday and had to buy a new dvd player since we had an old one and it wasn't compatible with the online streaming they do.  In the evening, we sat and watched a movie.  I think he enjoyed his day :).

Since no one could make it for his Birthday, we did it today.  He was so funny. Even George was extending his Birthday :).  I have an influence, don't I ?  We were able to sleep in this morning which was wonderful. Our time opening gifts was more of a guessing game. What was in the package?  So we tried to see if we could guess. 

I won't bore you with a lot of pictures... I took a lot, but these were worth sharing. Nicole always passes them out.

 George had no idea he was getting this...

 Nicole was totally surprised with this...


 And for some reason, this was the reaction I got when I opened one of my gifts from George..

 I just got the BIGGEST chuckle over this.... And it WILL be used because I'm always cold.

 I think George's reaction says it all.  (love making my family laugh lol)

 Even Mr. and Mrs. Claus had a reaction... (actually Andrew turned them around yesterday and I didn't notice it until today lol)

Here is another gift that will get MUCH use in the near future....  I gave my husband a list, and boy was he good to me :).  A whole assortment of Pro Chem Dyes ! Along with a beautiful watch, earrings and necklace, and a few other things. I must have been a good girl :).

So Craig and Lake made it over, and they came wearing comfortable clothes. I don't blame them! They were going to her mom's after here. I like a relaxing atmosphere.  Oh, and Craig had no idea what was in the big box behind him.  It was a lawn mower.  He was talking about how he needed one for his new home, but never expected it!

 We had a wonderful meal together.

 And finally George's Birthday cake!

 My adorable kids :)

 Craig and Lake.....
 My men :)

I have had the most wonderful day with my family.  And on top of taking care of my family and their needs, I had a few adopted ones to take care of this weekend too :).  Yes, I volunteered to take care of Crazy Mo, Rex, and Annabelle.  They have been so well behaved, and very talkative!

And just like that Christmas is over. It will be here again before we know it. So now it's time to think of how I can get done even sooner next year. Maybe I'll achieve it, and maybe I won't. But it will be fun trying.

Tomorrow is church and then hoping for time to sit and hook in the afternoon. We have nothing planned. And George doesn't go back to work until after the New Year. Sooo, I'm hoping I can get him to celebrate his Birthday at LEAST a few more days...... (you know I can... the cake will last that long, so why not celebrate ? :) )

Hope Santa brought you all that you asked for and more :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Party Fun ~~~

It's amazing at how fast a year can fly by. Yesterday was the Christmas Party at Grant Street Woolworks.  I got there about 11:00 or so. Can't remember, that was yesterday lol.  Had a lot of stuff to take in, so that took some time.  Finally got it all in and before you knew it, Joanne and Nettie came.  Shortly after that, Linda and I were getting texts and phone calls about the weather and that some would not be coming.  We were very surprised to see the snow falling like it did, so that was to be expected.  I thought for a little bit that it might just be the 4 of us! Which would have been no problem. You can make a party with just 2 lol.  but before you knew it, people started rolling in late in the afternoon.  It didn't keep people away.  For some, it took a very long time to get there! We had a great turnout despite the weather!~

Nettie brought along some of the pieces she has finished. I love when she does that. And she does amazing work. Here is a punch needle piece she did and had framed. The backing is a piece of flannel fabric. Her punching is amazing.

Another piece of hers that is a penny rug.

 I had to get a close up of the needle felted sheep she did.  You just had to see it in person. Beautiful stitching and needlework! Thanks Nettie for bringing them to share.

 Also joining the party early on, were the new additions to the Shop.  Linda had brought them back from NJ. They were her Grandkids, but now Linda is taking over.    Here is Rex....

 Crazy Mo...
 And Annabelle....  Aren't they cute?  Very friendly. Their homes are in the sewing room where Linda and I are most of the day.

 Some hooking was actually accomplished during the day also, before others arrived..

 Joanne is such a fast hooker. None of the hearts were hooked, and I think one of the flowers wasn't hooked. She was trying to figure out what to do with the bird on top.  I didn't get another shot of her rug before she put it away. She had quite a bit of background done too!!

People started to arrive and there was a lot of food to be shared.  There was another table with desserts on it, but the picture didn't come out.

 Here is a cheese ball snowman that Genny made. Isn't it the cutest? I think everyone took a picture of it lol.

 After everyone arrived and we ate, there were games to be played.  Bingo, etc.  And prizes for the winners that Linda generously handed out.

 Another game we played, you were to bring 3 wrapped gifts. White elephant gifts. Linda didn't want you to go out and buy anything. This was to be for fun. There was a table that held all the gifts. When your number was called, you went up and picked up a gift.  You got 3 numbers. So everyone was leaving with 3 gifts. Here are some picking out their gift.  You weren't allowed to open then, but if you wanted to exchange with someone, you could take their bag and give the one you just picked.  I was proud to say that no-one peeked!

When we were all done with our numbers, and done swapping, which was hysterical because there were a few items that were constantly changed back and forth, we started to open our gifts.

There were some really sweet gifts.  Here are my 3 first...

 Some wools....

 Candles that needed to be sniffed..

 Hand made items...

Certainly some extreme silliness to keep everyone laughing.... (if you didn't have sore sides from laughing last night, then there was something seriously wrong)

 More sniffing of candles :)

 And THEN..........
There were some gifts that were TRUE White Elephant gifts....
And Joan's laughter says it ALL....  Of course the owner of the panties took them back lol.  There was a sweet necklace attached to the bag.  That was the attraction to picking the bag in the first place. No one ever suspected what was inside lol.  I just WISH I would have gotten Genny's face when she first peeked in the bag.  I think Joanne had gotten it!

And another FUNNY surprise that Joanne had picked...  I just LOVE her reaction LOL

 This one certainly brought a LOT of LAUGHS as well.  I had received this gift last year as a white elephant from Pam in my on line group.  I was hysterical when I opened it then.... so you can imagine the laughs it brought when Linda received this one!!!!   I was waiting for the right time and place to pass it on, so I hope you are pleased Pam :) Linda kept trying to trade it off, but no one seemed to want to take it home lol.

But I think it grew on her :)  (hmm, wonder if it will show up next year?)

And the last game of the night was the door prize. Nettie won it. 

After all the games were over, there was still more to be done. At the last years party, if you wanted to participate, we did a Secret Pal for throughout the year.  Last night we revealed who we had.  Everyone recieved such wonderful gifts. So nice to sit and watch everyone ooh and ahh. Too many pictures to be taken throughout the room, so I will share what I received.  Genny had my name.  She had spoiled me throughout the year and last night she surprised me with a huge assortment.

 Then there were gifts I received from other friends. Nettie brought me some candles, and had a box of ornaments that she let everyone choose one. So nice of you Nettie, thank you!

From Sherri.... Her stitching in creating these pieces floor me!!  Beautiful work Sherri :)

 From my pal Joan.... h is for harris... will have fun with this one, and had to keep an eye on Joanne with that red wool :)

 My sweet Santa from Jill... It lights up, so cute!

 And my Dear friend Joanne. She told me that I was not allowed to return my gift, so I better like it.  How floored I was when I took out the hooked tote she made me.  It has my initials on it, so I can't return it.  Like I EVER would  :) !!  Still in utter shock, it's beautiful. And the other gifts that were wrapped inside. I just love santa's...

Linda, gifted me with a gorgeous set of high thread count sheets to go on my bed. She had gifted me for my Birthday a Down comforter that I have been enjoying slipping into every night on these cold, cold nights. I will honestly miss it next Summer!  My bed is complete ! Thank you Linda..... I am sleeping soo wonderfully  :)

I certainly am sooo appreciative of each and every gift I received. I'm not a good receiver, I'd rather give. I just want to say Thank You to each of you for such wonderful items that will make me smile and think of you, each time I look at them.  As I sit here with my coffee and stare over everything, I am feeling so Blessed to have these girls in my life, that I can just cry. Call it hormones, call it whatever you want, but I am soooo touched by the love that is shown in this hooking group.  And it's not about the gifts, it's the True caring and support that each one gives to each other.
It's genuine..... it's remarkable.......  and I am so happy to be a part of it. It continues to grow in size, which only means that more sharing and caring will continue. More friendships to be made... That just makes my heart smile..... 
We had more people sign up last night for the Secret Pal. I can only imagine what this next year will bring. More surprises, more smiles....
Have an awesome weekend ~~~~~