Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas ~~

Merry Christmas everyone!  I sure hope your day was filled with good times spent with loved ones.  Mine sure was!
Yesterday was George's Birthday.  It has always been a tradition that we go over to his Mom's for dinner and exchange our gifts there. This year was our first without her. I took time this week to think about our times together, and boy do I miss her. But as we know, life does go on. Time to make new traditions. Unfortunately, both kids had to work. So I told George I would be taking him out to lunch. We had a peaceful day. Nicole was home in the morning, so she got to spend some time with George.  We did an early dinner at TGIF's.  It was very nice.  I had gotten him Netflix for his Birthday and had to buy a new dvd player since we had an old one and it wasn't compatible with the online streaming they do.  In the evening, we sat and watched a movie.  I think he enjoyed his day :).

Since no one could make it for his Birthday, we did it today.  He was so funny. Even George was extending his Birthday :).  I have an influence, don't I ?  We were able to sleep in this morning which was wonderful. Our time opening gifts was more of a guessing game. What was in the package?  So we tried to see if we could guess. 

I won't bore you with a lot of pictures... I took a lot, but these were worth sharing. Nicole always passes them out.

 George had no idea he was getting this...

 Nicole was totally surprised with this...


 And for some reason, this was the reaction I got when I opened one of my gifts from George..

 I just got the BIGGEST chuckle over this.... And it WILL be used because I'm always cold.

 I think George's reaction says it all.  (love making my family laugh lol)

 Even Mr. and Mrs. Claus had a reaction... (actually Andrew turned them around yesterday and I didn't notice it until today lol)

Here is another gift that will get MUCH use in the near future....  I gave my husband a list, and boy was he good to me :).  A whole assortment of Pro Chem Dyes ! Along with a beautiful watch, earrings and necklace, and a few other things. I must have been a good girl :).

So Craig and Lake made it over, and they came wearing comfortable clothes. I don't blame them! They were going to her mom's after here. I like a relaxing atmosphere.  Oh, and Craig had no idea what was in the big box behind him.  It was a lawn mower.  He was talking about how he needed one for his new home, but never expected it!

 We had a wonderful meal together.

 And finally George's Birthday cake!

 My adorable kids :)

 Craig and Lake.....
 My men :)

I have had the most wonderful day with my family.  And on top of taking care of my family and their needs, I had a few adopted ones to take care of this weekend too :).  Yes, I volunteered to take care of Crazy Mo, Rex, and Annabelle.  They have been so well behaved, and very talkative!

And just like that Christmas is over. It will be here again before we know it. So now it's time to think of how I can get done even sooner next year. Maybe I'll achieve it, and maybe I won't. But it will be fun trying.

Tomorrow is church and then hoping for time to sit and hook in the afternoon. We have nothing planned. And George doesn't go back to work until after the New Year. Sooo, I'm hoping I can get him to celebrate his Birthday at LEAST a few more days...... (you know I can... the cake will last that long, so why not celebrate ? :) )

Hope Santa brought you all that you asked for and more :)


Joanne said...

Kathy sounds like a wonderful day - Oh and really don't know what to say - that snuggie has a life of it's own for sure! When I saw that pic of you in it I nearly fell off the chair laughing "Attack of the 50 Foot Snuggie" Thanks for the giggle!

Anonymous said...

Kathy! You took the pigs home?? I think they found a new place forever!! Pink is sooo your color! i love it that craig and Lake came over comfy!! Im missing all of my friends at Grant Street!! Merry Christmas!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! I know how you feel about missing you M-i-L. This was the first without my Mom and my niece gave me this picture book of my Mom that made me cry. What a beautiful tribute to her that she made.
I can't believe it's over. Maybe we can compare notes and be more prepared next year...NOT!
Hugs ;)

primitivebettys said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Merry Christmas Kathy!

Trinity received a purple Snuggie from one of his aunts. He loves it! :)

moosecraft said...

What a beautiful Christmas you had with your family! And, Happy Birthday to George! Love the snuggie! Makes you look like a big pink angel!!! ;-)

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
Looks like you had a wonderful family Christmas. Everyone looks so happy!
Birthday wishes to George!
Enjoy your quiet afternoon of hooking!

Jacque. said...

Kathy, it sure sounds like you had a wonderful day! Family time...what could be better? Happy New Year to you and yours!

Lisa said...

Kathy, I can't believe they laughed at you in your lovely Christmas present. They won't laugh when you are warm and cozy and they aren't. lol. Just kidding, it sounds like a great day with your family. I am glad you had a good day. Hope you can continue the celebrating til after new years. hehe. Lisa

Julia said...

Kathy, Family is so important at Christmas. You can really feel their presence when they are no longer with us or just couldn't make it home for Christmas. This is also my first Christmas without calling my mom.

It looks like you has a very wonderful Christmas.
My husband's name is George and my oldest daughter is Nicole. I love the great photos of the reaction about the presents. Happy Belated Birthday to George.

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Keep warm and stay safe. All the best for the New Year. JB

Julia said...

I meant "you can really feel their absence"