Monday, December 6, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, where do I start?  The Christmas decorations are up!  And Joanne is smirking because I was making fun of the bow. It's gingham (nothing against it), it just reminded me of hee haw :).  So Linda put it directly across from me to tease me.  Not sure if she saw me or not throwing Joanne's wool balls into the center. Well, trying too. I don't think I actually made it.
So along with the wreath being hung, the stockings were hung too! lol.  Joan was holding up a piece that Linda had finished. She hung it on the wall which I didn't get a shot of and aslo added hooks and hung old stockings from it that she antiqued with a stain. 
Genny was in a productive mode......  Finishing up her punch needle that she started a few weeks back.
And here it is finished!  She was cutting out tongues of wool after this to put around the outside.
Another piece she brought to share with us that she had finished.  The girl can start and finish a project very quickly!! 
Joanne, whipping, whipping, and whipping some more!

And now taking a picture of them  ALL whipped. She had an order for 11 mug rugs, and brought 10 that needed to be whipped.
Nettie.... Wish I was like her and welcomed the camera!!
Here are two rugs that Nettie finished and brought to share with us.

Joanne took a break and was helping Janice pick out some wools.
And here is Janice's stair riser. Cute!

It was a really nice time at the hook in. Lots of people coming and going throughout the day. I did not get any pictures of the girls from Lancaster that were there in the morning. Joanne, Nettie and I went out to lunch before we went to the hook in, and those girls were already there.  They didn't stay too much longer after we got there. Hopefully they will come back again soon and I can get some good shots.

I had a rough time that day with not feeling too well, and just worked on a gift that I was making for my friend Beth. We were meeting up on Saturday to celebrate Christmas early. I actually left at a very reasonable time that night.  Needed a good night sleep. 
Friday I did the second coat of paint on the walls.  I was sooo happy when that was finally done.!!!!! But everything in the house was still a mess.  Well, one thing at a time.  Saturday I woke up early to head out to East Berlin to meet up with my friend Beth at Becky's Open House.  Becky does Pottery. I was just at her shop the week before and bought a few pieces then.  Of course I had to buy a couple more pieces :).  Already put them away, or I'd snap a picture.  Becky Mummert will be having her open house this weekend also if you'd like to take a ride. Her address is 30 Fish & Game Road  East Berlin, Pa 17316.  The hours she will be open on the 10th and 11th are from 9-3.  Below you will see some pic's of her shop! It's across the driveway from her home.

 Mmm, snacks :)
 If you love redware and stoneware, you would be in heaven! Sooo hard to choose!

 Tried to get a quick picture of Becky on left talking with Beth.

And here is a rug of Becky's that Barb Carroll has on her website as a pattern. The pattern is without Becky's wording on it. How awesome it is that Barb liked it so much that she wanted to carry it!! It's under the newest category.

A shot of the outside of Becky's shop...  So stop on by if you are in the area this coming weekend!

 And her goats...

When Beth and I left Becky's, we headed out to the Black Rose which is an Antique place. Lots to look at. We spent quite a bit of time walking through the isles.  I came home with a small gift for a friend so can't show it.  Then we headed on out to Thymes Remembered in New Oxford, Pa. I posted about this place a while back.  A wonderful Primitive/Antique shop.  The owner even told me that someone had seen their shop on my blog and went to visit them. How great!!  Of course bought a few items for gifts :). 

Beth and I grabbed a bite to eat at a diner and it was great.  We did quite a bit of running around that day. On the way home, I had to stop at my sons and get the carpet cleaner he borrowed.  By the time I got home it was after 7:00. I had left at 8:00 that morning, so definitely a long day.  Beth and I exchanged our gifts. These were what I had added to her bag that I had made.

I am so sorry to say that I don't have a picture of what Beth gave me. While I was putting things away this weekend, I have everything scattered.  She made me a really sweet charm for my necklace. Will try and get a picture of it another day.  Along with that, there was a dish with painted sheep on it,, a fractur picture that was cut paper and painted with water color I believe, a twig basket, an appliqued pineapple, and a wooden shelf with birds that was painted with a graining effect on it. Hard to explain, but I loved everything. I'm sure I am forgetting something else too. Thank you Beth for a wonderful day out!!

Sunday was also a very busy day. Church in the morning and then George, Nicole, Andrew and I went out to find our Christmas tree. OMG, it was sooo cold, and snowing off and on.  We weren't there very long.  But was able to catch a few shots before my hands lost all feeling!!

They have a reindeer there, but I couldn't get him to stand up to get a full shot. 

 Never a dull moment with these two.  Riding on the tractor out to the field.

 Andrew helping George.  George couldn't saw fast enough lol!!

 Look, another Reindeer :)

 She has to share the love lol.

 George and I hung a few and then let them finish up. Of course it was a competition. Each of them had their own side to decorate.  They called George in after they were finished.  Nicole won this year.  (oh, and it's hard to tell the real color, but you can see my painted walls :). I now have to get better lighting in there. )

 I think they were both winners :)

And then it was back to work today.  Did not want to get out from under the covers this morning, but managed to do so.  Good day at work, and then did my grocery shopping afterwards. I haven't done a full shopping load in a few weeks, so it took me some time.  Also stopped at got the splint for my hand for sleeping tonight. I'm hoping it makes a difference. If it does, then I will go get another one for the other hand.  My sleeping has not been very well. I'm hoping very soon that the medicine will let me know if it's working or not.  I'm pushing myself the best I can....

Tonight I was supposed to at least get another box unpacked with Christmas decorations, but that didn't happen. So tomorrow night for sure. If I can do a box a night, I should have it done by the weekend. 

I can say that I'm close to being done with my shopping. Am hoping on Friday to wrap the items and check my list to see what is left to be done.  Nicole and I were discussing when we were going to fit in the baking. HA HA, with her schedule and mine, we are going to have to have several days of baking. A little bit here and there.  But that just might turn out to be a good thing :). 

I'm curious to see what I can get done this week.  I hope you all have a productive one!  Any of you done with your shopping?  Are your gifts wrapped already?  Christmas cards sent?  (I haven't even bought mine yet !) Baking done?  Any of you traveling far this year to visit loved ones? I'd love to hear about it....


moosecraft said...

What a great and busy post! Those tree cutting pics sure did show the cold! lol! The tree looks so much nicer in your warm and freshly painted living room! I bought my cards... need to sit and write them out... tree might be this weekend? Christmas certainly is approaching fast!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
What a great post! So much packed in to it.
As always, thank you for sharing Grant Street with us.
As for me and Christmas....the house is almost done except for the big tree. That usually takes 2-3 days. Then I need to put all the boxes and stuff away. Put the wreaths on the doors (swags are on) and put greens in containers. Hopefully I can get some live ones. Cards are bought but not written. I don't bake. If I do, nobody eats it but me and I sure don't need that! Shopping is almost done ~ no wrapping started. Will have to box and mail a couple of boxes.
Darn! I thought I was doing pretty good but putting it on paper - UGH! I am nowhere near done. Thankfully it is only the 7th :)
Pug hugs :)

Joanne said...

Your tree picking looked like quite the adventure! Sounds like a fun weekend - Becky's place looks like a wonderful place to visit! Hard to tell the color of your walls but looks like you got everything in place

Sheila said...

What a great blog post! Enjoyed all of it and loved the pottery!!!
I am with you Lauren oh so much to do yet .