Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hutch update and Hook-In

Lots to share today.   Remember the little hutch?  Here is a before picture of when we first brought it home from my sons house. It belonged to Lake's Mom and they didn't have a use for it. 


Stripping process.

And here it is just about finished!  I went to the store today to pick up some new hardware, and of course whenever this was made, it wasn't standard.  The drawer pulls are 2.5" center to center, and the stores here carry 3". I have looked on line for some and found a few styles. But then I remembered a hardware store in town. They have loads of stuffffff that you can't find anywhere else. I'll be checking into it tomorrow. Sooo, it will be delayed for a bit, but the refinishing is now done.  I am quite pleased with it.  Chose the red color and then antiqued it a bit with some brown shoe polish. The painting was done with more of a dry brush affect. I tried rolling it on, but didn't like it. So I brushed the entire piece. I didn't want a solid paint look. (click on the picture and you might get a better look at the painting)  Looking forward to getting the doors put on, along with the new hardware, and then taken upstairs to the wool room. I'm just hoping it makes it up there. I'm afraid it might stay down here.

Last Thursday, my friend Beth came out to join us at the hook-in.  She is over an hour away in York.  With George being gone for the weekend, Hotel Harris was open for company lol.  So Beth stayed the night, since the hook in is always a late night.  When she arrived, she brought me this old tool chest.  Isn't it great?  I have since put my Primitive Place magazines in it.  Thank you so much Beth!! It has a square that came with it, and when you close the lid, there is a slit for the top of the square to fit in. Soo cool :)

Before I forget, on Friday we went to a bunch of Antique shops and I came home with this little bench.  The stuff on top will change, but I just wanted to get a shot of it.  We had a great day going from shop to shop and stopping for some pizza for lunch. We got home around dinner time!

So back to the hook in.  Here is Beth making some of her yo-yo mats.

And I even got her to hook some of my rug lol.  Beth hooked a long time ago. Still trying my darndest to get her back into it!!!!  Was hoping the feel of the hook would reel her back in :)  (i'm thinking she'll be back)

Joan brought a carpet bag she was working on and showed us the gold leather she will be using as a base. They were discussing how to do the handles as well.

Nancee took the dye class a few weeks back and brought a piece to show us that she did . She was trying to match a piece from that day, but there was an oops.  Isn't it a BEAUTIFUL OOPS???
Still working on her dancing bunnnies.

Linda was working on a mat, and also showing Angie how to hook. She wants to learn.

Jackie finished her Grandson's rug.  Love the spin she put on this pattern.  Jack had a big hand in designing it.

And here is her lastest rug.

We had a full house again. Debbie is here working on a pattern that  her and Kathy next to her drew out.

Amazing with all the people that come, that we actually get work done.

Genny's punch needle project.

Mabel's applique.

Conversations galore.

And even "I" got to hooking. I hadn't picked up a hook since the last hook in, and the week before, I barely did anything.

I was able to accomplish a lot that day.  Then with this weekend being so quiet around here, I was able to hook even more. I have since then completed the two sections above each horse. Hope to get a picture this week to share. I had lots of hooking time, while the paint was drying. 

What a wonderful weekend it was. Productive, and just beautiful weather. I had a great little mini vacation. I'm hoping my husband had a good time out in Ohio.  He went to a Hamfest Convention (Amateur radio).  I'm expecting him home late tonight. 

Well, I think that's about it on catching up.  As soon as I finish this rug I'm working on, I need to get started on pieces for Colonial Day.  Hoping to really get motivated and do a lot!  I need a cheerleader to motivate me. Any volunteers?  lol  I'll even provide the pom-pom's :)

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.  Looks like rain again in the forecast. I'm going to ignore it and just remember this weekend. Maybe then I'll keep on moving! 
Till next time ~~~~

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's almost at the end ~~~

Time is winding down, and soon Nicole will be Graduating from High School. Right now, it's finishing up with the "last of this", and the "last time we'll be doing that" with Nicole and her activities.  

Last night was the Band Banquet.  It's the "Last" Band Banquet we will be attending..... Very bittersweet to say the least.   As they gave out the awards, I could just imagine how each of the other parents were feeling at that moment.  And when they called Nicole's name to receive one of the Outstanding Senior awards, my heart melted a little bit more.  Out of 25 Seniors, only 4  were given of this award. 

Of course we are very Proud of her ~~

Next up is the "Last" Band concert, the "Last" Parade she will be marching in, and then her "Last day of High School.  I can only imagine where life is going to lead her..  Where ever it is, she will do just fine.  So proud of both of our children. 

I hope the sun is shining where you are today ~~

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A finished piece and finishing up ~~

What a great time we had this past Thursday at Grantstreet Woolworks.  Joanne came out yet again! Got to love her for driving this far to join us.  She came to my house first with 2 cups of frozen coffee in hand. Mmmm, how I look forward to my Thursday coffee :).  We sat and chatted for a bit.  She brought some home made brownies for my Daughter Nicole who says she hates Joanne lol.  Nicole asks me "why does Joanne have to bake so good"?  And she will be asking this as she is leaning over the counter eating what she has brought. Last week it was a coffee cake...  Nicole walked away from the brownie that morning, but by the evening she had eaten one lol.  Lets just say there aren't many left. I've had my share, and now I'm trying to get my husband to eat some, so we don't eat the rest ourselves. 

We decided before heading to the hook in to stop at some Antique stores out in the Fayetteville area.  There are a few buildings to go through. It was fun.  I did end up getting a couple small oil cans with longer tips on them. Too cute.  Forgot to take a picture of them.  Joanne had her eye on a red blanket chest. It was sweet.  But it didn't go home with her. Lots of things didn't go home with us that day.    I'm still thinking about the old box I saw that had the pears painted on it. It was done so nicely and so muted looking.  Hey if it's meant to be the next time I go, I just may get it.  I'll look around here first to see where I could put it.

I got to the hook in before Joanne because she stopped for a salad to bring for lunch.  It was just Linda and Jill, and Barb was just pulling in.  We all thought because of the nice weather that people would not come today.  Jill stayed till about 4:00. Her son had a t-ball game that night.  But right after that, the place was filling up.  I guess everyone got what they needed to get done during the day. It was wonderful. Lots of laughing and carrying on.  Have I said before how much I love this group?   The friendships that are building among the girls that come is just wonderful to watch. 

Jackie finished her piece by Wendy Miller.  It turned out awesome.  Linda will be hanging it in the shop for a while.

Joanne was working on finishing up some of her pieces.  She was whipping this piece. Not only is she a fast hooker, but she is a fast whipper!

AND, she was even sewing labels on them :) :) :) :)

I just love watching people share their weekly stories of what has been happening while they are hooking.

And the sharing of tips as well.  Joanne was telling Bonnie about the wool she was choosing and how great it was for over dyeing.  Bonnie took the dye class last week. Awesome to see that it will be put to use! Can't wait to see the colors she comes up with.

AND to singing to someone on the phone that you don't even know who it is....   Oh how funny it was. Joanne was sparked by a conversation to sing a little ditty, and Linda called her son so she could sing it to him.  Joanne sang it, and then walked away and said "who was  that on the phone"? 

We even had 2 girls from Lincoln Nebraska stop by.  Pam was there for family business, and brought her sister along.  It was so nice to see her again. I'm sorry I didn't get a shot of them.  They did some shopping while they were there.   And then Willa and Tanya below showed up in the evening.  What a wonderful surprise.  It's been a while since I have seen them. Tanya was hooking, and Willa was stitching pennies that she will be putting together.  Nice small portable project to bring along.

I did manage to pull some loops. Did not get a picture yet of my rug. I am so busy making sure I take other pictures, and really didn't take that many that day.  I was still struggling with the color placement, but think I figured it out that night. I just kept throwing different colors on the pattern until it caught my eye.  I'm hoping to make time this weekend since it's so dreary out to get some more loops pulled so I can share it with you. 

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment.  Just a yearly mammogram.  Wouldn't normally post it, but if it reminds one other person to get theirs done, then it was written for a reason.   I also went to Lowe's and got some stripper to finish the back wall and top of the little hutch.  My scraper just wasn't cutting it.  It worked this time. I got something different.  Also picked up some paint chips. Ooh, some really nice colors to choose from. I'm already starting to lean towards one color.  Can't wait to make that decision and get started on it. I need to get it upstairs, although I'm thinking it would look cute somewhere down here too. Oh boy, another decision lol. 

Hope everyone who is staying in this weekend because of dreary weather uses their hands to create something for themselves, or for a friend, or..............  Have fun ~~

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dye Class and Mother's Day

Last Thursday, Joanne ventured out here to spend the day. Poor girl was getting over a cold, and I'm surprised she came all this way.... So happy she did.  We had a great day together, (thanks Joanne!). The weather was perfect! She pulled up in my driveway and out she came with 2 Frozen coffee's from the coffee shop in town. Mmmmm. That was a surprise since I thought we were going to head on out there.  We hung out at my house for a bit and enjoyed our drink.  Then we headed out to some Antique shops in Carlisle.  I came home with these 3 items.  The oil cans may end up in a display, or I will use them as a make-do and create something to put on them.  I think the little one is so cute lol.

I also received a Spring card and gift from Mimi in our AAPG group.  Aren't they cute? What a sweet thing to send out. Thank you again Mimi!

Joanne and I sat at the bar at TGIF'S and had a drink to celebrate Cinco de Mayo before heading on over to the shop to do some hooking.  The class was well over by then. I never did get any pictures of the hook in. Some people stayed and hooked, and some went home.  They had another 2 days to do some more dyeing.  It was a 3 day class!  So Friday I headed on over to take some pic's to share with you. I had a doctor's appointment which was right around the corner, so it all worked out.   Oh the girls looked like they were having sooo much fun! 
Here is Joan discussing some things.

Beth and Ruth preparing to do a spot dye.

Bonnie and Jackie in the kitchen doing a dip dye. I didn't want to disturb them, so didn't get a picture of what they did.

Nancee preparing what she will be doing.  I thought it was wonderful at all the hands on work!!

Nancy checking her dyed piece.

Jill doing her spot dye.

And Jackie showing off wool that she said she went home and dyed.  Ahem.....  This is Joan's wool that Joan dyed lol.

Same with this one. Aren't they lovely?

These girls went home with so much wool!  Sherri checking out the piece she dyed.
I take it that the class went extremely well. I never did go back on Saturday to see them again.  I was very busy this weekend.  Finally finished up with clearing out my mil's house.  Still have a room full of stuffff here to put away, but it will get done when I get to it.  I'm really ignoring it right now lol. 
After seeing what I had to deal with, I realized I needed more space to put things.  Out in our garage sat this little hutch that was given to me by Lake and her mom.They didn't want it anymore. It was painted white, and it was chipping off.  I knew this had to get done so I can use it upstairs.  I tried stripper, but it wasn't cutting it. So I took a scraper and went to town.  It is just about done.  I haven't decided which color I will paint it.  I do know that it won't be white, black or beige (yes Joan, no beige).  I am thinking an antique color of, blue, red, or mustard.  It's really a cute little piece.  Guess you will be surprised when I finish it :)

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday on the little hutch.  And on Sunday I took a few breaks.  Nicole surprised me with a gift.  Here is my wrapping.  LOL, she's too funny.  No card and no paper.  That was fine by me.  I had her sweat jacket to unwrap.

 She got me a wonderful CD. I played it outside while I was working away on the hutch.

I took time out for lunch.  Nicole decided to make us chicken parm. Mmm, it was delicious.  I wanted mashed taters since I don't eat them very often at all.  It was certainly a treat for me!

For dessert she made chocolate pudding.  And yes, it is somewhere underneath that whipped cream. I love my whipped cream :) !!

What a wonderful weekend it was.  Very relaxing, even with all the stripping of paint.  I paid for it at night by being sooo sore in the hands, but by next morning I was ok.  I had a lot of time to think about my own Mom and my Mil.  I couldn't have been more Blessed than to have both of them.   And how sweet it was that Nicole took the time to spend most of her day making my day very special.   Thank you Nicole.

Ok, now if you know me, you know I can't just celebrate something one day lol.  On Monday night, I met up with Craig, Lake and her mom Verna at Applebee's to have dinner.  Craig and Lake invited me a couple weeks ago to do dinner with them for Mother's Day.  And how great that we went on an off day. Not crowded at all. No waiting :).  It was a fun time and a great meal.  Craig and I split a dessert. Oh my goodness, was it heavenly!! I also received a pretty frame from them. Forgot to snap a picture of it, darn it. I'm sure I'll have a picture of them soon to put in it.  Thank you Craig and Lake for a wonderful time!

So now the celebrating is over.  Time to finish up things around here.  I have a lot of outside work to do, but again, it will get done when it gets done.  If I can accomplish something little each day, I'll be happy.  Very hard to believe that tomorrow is Wednesday already!  I haven't picked up a hook since last week. Well, there is always Thursday's hook-in for that!  I'm looking forward to it :)

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prom pic's

Took me a while to get the camera back from Nicole. Hers broke, so she took mine to the Prom.  I was over at my mil's doing some work until it was time to go snap a few pic's of Nicole getting her hair done. As I was walking out of the house I get a text from her saying she was all done!   That was fast.  I thought she'd be in the chair for a while.  So I went over anyway, and got a couple shots of her waiting until her friend was done.

Waiting for Sam to come, and of course she is not afraid of the camera lol. 

Dad and Nicole

Me and Nicole

Still waiting for Sam and some more goofing off lol.  George was cleaning up the snowblower to put away for the season.

Sam and Nicole.  Can you tell they were going to have fun? He is a silly one  too lol.

A close up of the flowers. They used Peacock feathers in their arrangement. Love it!

Went over to the Peace Garden at the park for some pictures. Everything was in bloom.  Some people were in the parking lot and Nicole wanted to get on the bike lol.  The guy said go ahead. I'm thinking OH NO... she's in a gown.  She walked over to it, and I thought here we go!  But as she got to the bike and realized she was going to have to hike her gown up, she stopped. Whew! Only my daughter lol.  She then proceeded to sit sideways...

Nicole's Best friend Chelsey and her date TJ

They said they had a wonderful time, and I'm happy for them.  Great way to end the Senior year!  Praying God will lead their future in the way only He has planned for them....

I spent the rest of the day doing outside work of weeding everything.  Realized after I took the Prom pictures that the weeds were really bad, but I just didn't have the time.  Hey, I can only do so much.  I'm thinking one more weekend and my mil's house will be all cleaned out and ready to paint and put on the market. I did dye some black wool for my horse rug, but not sure I'm happy with it. Might have to do some more.  Maybe try some tonight.

Have a wonderful week everyone!  And just a little note......  Thursday, Linda is having a dye class taught by Joan Strausbaugh.  The hook in will be AFTER the dye class. I believe the dye class is over at 3:30.  So come on by after that and join us at the hook in! Hope to see you there.