Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's almost at the end ~~~

Time is winding down, and soon Nicole will be Graduating from High School. Right now, it's finishing up with the "last of this", and the "last time we'll be doing that" with Nicole and her activities.  

Last night was the Band Banquet.  It's the "Last" Band Banquet we will be attending..... Very bittersweet to say the least.   As they gave out the awards, I could just imagine how each of the other parents were feeling at that moment.  And when they called Nicole's name to receive one of the Outstanding Senior awards, my heart melted a little bit more.  Out of 25 Seniors, only 4  were given of this award. 

Of course we are very Proud of her ~~

Next up is the "Last" Band concert, the "Last" Parade she will be marching in, and then her "Last day of High School.  I can only imagine where life is going to lead her..  Where ever it is, she will do just fine.  So proud of both of our children. 

I hope the sun is shining where you are today ~~


moosecraft said...

Congrats to the Outstanding Senior!!!

Julia said...

Congratulations to Nicole on her outstanding award. Great picture of the three of you. JB

Doris said...

Hi Kathy, These are the moments that leave "holes" in your heart. Congratulations to Nicole - this is the beginning of a long and happy life.

Nettie said...

Kathy .... I know Nicole will feel sad leaving all her friends, and like you said, it is bittersweet.... But just look at what the future holds for such a wonderful person as Nicole.... Oh Kathy you do have the sweetest daughter I...
Looking at the pictures. I do see a resemblance that she favors you... Beautiful and charming!

Love you

weaverpat said...

Please convey my best wishes to Nicole on her graduation. I know there is sadness at leaving school, after spending 12 years there! But she has a bright future to look forward to.

Joanne said...

Not the end but the continuation of a great life! Change is good sometimes! Congrats to Nicole on being "outstanding" and to her proud Mama and Papa!

Brenis said...

Aawww! Bittersweet is right!! So hard watching our babies grow and prepare to leave the nest!! So heart wrenching and exciting at the same time!! Congrats mom and dad for raising such a gorgeous, intelligent, independant young woman! And congrats Nicole on the award and graduating!! Woohooo!!! Here's the start of your adult life that will be filled with such amazing experiences! All the best to you!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Congrats to Nicole on her graduation and the outstanding senior award. What a beautiful pic with mom and dad.
Kathy, thank you for sharing.
Hugs :)