Friday, October 30, 2009

Not a dull moment~

Last night was the hook-in at GrantStreet. Joanne drove all the way here again to come hooking with us. Gotta love her for that! We stopped at a couple yard sales, and then went to lunch before heading to Linda's. Yard sales are always fun. I had stopped at this one early in the morning after taking Nicole to school. She lives around the corner from me, and after talking with her, I found out she is originally from NJ too. We had a nice chat. Her name was Faith and she even took me into her house to show me some old things she had. How sweet was that? I ended up buying from her a small washboard and an old ticking pillow. She used to have an antique shop in NJ. After I got home, I was thinking about this jar she had. Well, when I was finished drying my hair, I knew I wanted to go back. Someone there was looking at it, but put it down, so I took it. I took Joanne there, and then ended up buying a cupcake tin and a grater too. Joanne had suggested punching a piece and hanging it from the grater. I like that idea! Not quite sure where they'll end up in the home, but I'll find a spot. When we got to the hook-in, we were pleasantly surprised to see so many cars! My friend Joan had come out to see it for the first time. She brought a rug she did in camp, my goodness, all that detail..... and she was finishing the edges. I like the way she did it with the wool. Dottie (if I got her name right) is doing some knitting next to Joan.
And Pat was there too. She had her Baltimore quilt pattern with her, but I didn't get to see how much further she got on it. Joan also brought me a gift for my birthday! I had to hold on to this for dear life. All eyes were on it lol!! Joan, it's just beautiful, and I can't wait to use it in that "perfect" piece, or pieces. She dyes such lovely pieces~~

Along with the wool, there were a few stitchery patterns, and a piece of backing to stitch on. Hard to see behind the patterns. And Joan has a true love for books. She gifted me with this book also. I can't wait to sit and read it this weekend. Thank you Joan for everything! I love it all! Joanne is quite the baker. I got a quick shot of what she brought for us to endulge in. Oh my, sooo moist, and soooo delicious.

Joanne was working on her rug that she finished hooking. The girl is a fast hooker and whipper! She got it whipped in the time she was here. Just gorgeous!

Doris was looking at a piece of paisley that Linda had. And she ended up buying a piece of it. So soft in color.
Here is what Doris was working on. You are almost done!
Here is Kathy on the left looking at the applique quilt piece her sister Mabel is working on. She showed us a picture of it. It's going to be very big! Two more of their sisters came, Doris and Bert. Bert is the twin of Mabel. Hard to keep it straight lol. And Genny couldn't make it because she was watching her grandchildren. She has them every other week, so hopefully she'll come next week! Kathy is really enjoying the hooking, and I'm guessing she'll have her most recent piece done soon. Sorry I didn't get an update on it.

Here is the quilt that Bert is working on. The deer will be appliqued to the center of this piece she made. She was working on cutting the pieces out with Judy. Boy, I sure did miss getting pic's of everyone who was there.

I finally got a picture of Sherry when she wasn't leaving! I usually get her on the way out. Towards the end of the night, we had a nice time just chatting. (and laughing of course. That is always a given!) If you can get a close look at Sherry's sweatshirt, you'll see the cat face on it. There were 2 0r 3 on the front and 2 on the back. The woman who painted them did an awesome job.

Well, that was it for the pictures. Jill came towards evening, and she needed some help with finding some wool for a project she was going to do today. So we were busy. They were coming at 9:00 or so this morning. She had invited some of her hooking friends over and they were going to learn a little bit of applique. I taught her the blanket stitch last night too. I sure hope it went well. I was invited, but today was so jam packed with running, that I didn't have the time. I hope she took pictures, and posts it on her blog (hint, hint, wink, wink Jill!!) lol. And hmmmm, never even got a shot of Linda last night.
Well, I'm catching up on here for a couple reasons. I'm being a little selfish. I want the weekend to myself, and I don't want to feel guilty for not updating the blog. I want to sit and hook and then work on something that will be for my next post. If anyone was paying attention, I said on my 150th post, I was going to have my first give away. You'll just have to stay tuned to see what I come up with. Could be in a day or two, or up to a week. Depends on when I get time to come back on here to post it.
Wishing everyone a Blessed, Creative weekend!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hook-in and lots of pic's

Time to share some pic's with you from the Brandywine Hook-In that took place this past Saturday. Busy working this week, and it certainly takes time to sit and put all these pic's on the computer and then upload them onto here. Just glad I'm getting the time to do it now.
It's amazing how the weather was the same as last year. Rainy! Didn't care for that, but once you were inside, you forgot all about it.
Linda was kind enough to drive me and Sherry. I was surprised how many people were there when we pulled up. Joanne pulled in just a few minutes after us. Sharon came from NJ, and is a member on the aapg group. It was the first time for me meeting her. Joanne had met her before. I'm so glad she came~~ She said it was her first hook-in! And then Pam (also from aapg) came with her friend Peachie from Delaware!. In the picture from left to right, Sharon, Pam, Peachie, and Joanne. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk more with Pam. Her friend Peachie even won a doorprize!

Pat could not join us that day. She was recouping from a stiff neck and a headache. I sure hope she is much better now~ We missed you Pat!!!!

There was so much going on that day, it was hard to stay focused for me. I was up and about quite a bit. Shopping, talking with people I hadn't seen in a while, shopping some more, talking some more, taking pictures, oohing and ahhing over everyone's rugs, etc. I did sit for a tad bit and got a few loops pulled, but that was it. I was busy just being inspired by everyone else! This was Joanne's rug. I think she said it was called Kathy's garden. I just love it. She got lots of compliments on it too!
And Yes, I did bring chocolate for our table, 2 baskets as a matter of fact! But wouldn't you know it, I walk away for just a few minutes, and Poof, it's gone. That Sherry and Linda sure were hungry! Both baskets, just about empty. LOL, nah, they were just teasing me. I told them I was walking away again, and when I get back, it BETTER be there lol. I tried to sneak a pic of Linda putting it back, but I wasn't fast enough. I think Sharon found a new candy she likes too. The Twix. Joanne was pulling out the rest of them when it was time to go home to give to Sharon. I'm sure she drove FAST lol. I had a picture of Sharon and a rug she bought at the show, but I thought I read on her blog that she wasn't showing it until she worked on it some. But oooh, let me tell you, it's a beauty!!!! I can't wait to see what she does with it.
Take a look at this strip holder! Whew! Here is a rug from someone that I didn't even catch their name. It has so much going on in it. Take notice of the windows. They are made from that fabric you put through the computer and print a picture on it. She said her husband put the grids on it using some kind of program. So many little details throughout the whole rug. It will be just wonderful when it's finished. Here are some shots from around the room.

Nancy was busy helping someone out here, it seems..
And here are my friends from East Berlin!!

Tonya, all the way on the right at the table above is hooking this rug. I was so drawn to it. I just love what she is doing with it!
And here is Diane's rug, but she wasn't at the table when I took it. This one was hooked by some one, who's name just won't come to mind. I apologize for that. It's a beauty.

This year, they had something called Men vs. Fiber or something like that. Sorry if I got it wrong. Here is a gentleman that I talked to for a bit. His name is Don, and he was hooking a stair riser. He was doing a great job. Said he's been hooking for 3 years or so. Here are some of his other rugs.

Ok, now sit back and enjoy the rest of the rugs that I took pic's of. I did not get all of them. They had a rug show, but the rows were so close together, it was hard to get each one. You can't help but get inspired by the works of art that is out there!

This one was really long. I tried to get a few close ups of it too.

These next 4 were all done by the same person. Definitely made to look old.

This is just a bit of what I bought that day. I loved this pattern. And then I bought some of these little pieces of wool. Also bought some of Rebecca Erb's wool, but didn't get a shot of that.

It certainly was a very long day. We stopped for dinner on the way home, but of course we had to stop at a thrift store first lol. I actually found a wool skirt and pair of pants. It was very hard waking up the next day for church, but I made it. Have to admit though, that I've been dragging for a few days. But I would do it all over again......
It's been a busy work week, and now I'm trying to catch up on a few things around the house. Tomorrow is the hook-in at Granstreet Woolworks, and I hope we have a good turnout. Joanne says she is coming again, woo hoo! I know I want to get some hooking done!! After seeing all that beautiful work, I can't wait to finish what I am doing and start another! And before you know it, Christmas will be here. Have to get moving~!
Hope you've enjoyed the eye candy for the day... Enough to keep your mind going, that's for sure! Enjoy the rest of your week~~