Saturday, October 10, 2009

How thoughtful

Seems I'm still celebrating my birthday! I received two packages today in the mail from girls in AAPG. The one above is from Rhonda. A gorgeous piece of wool, a pumpkin mug with some pumpkin spice tea. Some lollipops and a mixture of peanuts and candy corn. What a great combination, and very addicting. A sweet pumpkin too that I added to my others here on my counter in the kitchen. Thank you again Rhonda. I love everything.

The next one was from PatiJane. Another lovely package. 2 pieces of beautiful wool, a candle, a Fall distowel, a pincushion that was made from snippets and put into a silver tart dish, and then two patterns to make pin cushions. I am a lover of pin cushions. Like to make them and collect them. I look forward to making these! There was even a bag of pincushion filler. Thank you PatiJane!! It's all just wonderful! I truly have been spoiled, that's for sure. I didn't want to get back to cleaning after opening them up. But I did. Got some done today, but then got side tracked wondering where I was going to put some stuff. So I stopped, and started listing some of it on my Etsy. You can see it on the side bar. Feels good to put more items up on there. I have been wanting to do that for some time.
I'll get back to finishing the cleaning tomorrow and decorating too. I don't have much, so it won't take long. But at least it will feel like the season has changed, just by adding a few things.
Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!!


Joanne said...

Such warm and cozy gifts- those AAPG girls are wonderful aren't they! So happy you are still getting to celebrate your birthday! Too much fun! I think it will be Christmas before you come down off your sugar high! LOL!

primitivebettys said...

You did get some great gifts! Hummm... something tells me that there is a something that will be a little more late too. ;)

patijanesprimitives said...

So glad you enjoyed your birthday gifts. Have been away from computer for about a week so haven't got to check on anything. Headed to AAPG to check out all that's going on.
Have a great weekend!!!