Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy week

Yet another week has flown by. I was quite busy this week, and didn't get to do a whole lot of crafting. But I was able to finish up two little pieces. I think I will end up making this into a little pillow, but for now I hung it up temporarily with tape. I have a bowl with some eggs that I'd like to put it in. The other piece was tiny, that is why I made the one above. Didn't want to waste the weavers cloth. Had to fill something in! This one is just 2 1/4"x 1 1/2". The tin was given to me a long time ago from my friend Beth. I have to laugh, and I'm sure she will when I say this is one less thing out of my closet LOL. That closet is soooo full of stuff that needs to have something done with. Especially all those frames, eh Beth lol?? I'm determined to make a dent this year. But my goodness, it's almost April!! I have to start thinking about Colonial Day in September. That will be here before we know it. Funny, I think it is usually April that I start making stuff for that too. It's going to be a busy month for sure! (Focus Kathy, Focus!!!) lol I did a bit of test driving of new cars yesterday and today. A total of 7 yesterday and 1 today. I think that is about it. Now we need to sit down and weigh out the pro's and con's. I did the test driving by myself since George is working and I guess because it will be my car. I have to say it was tiring, but yesterdays weather was so nice, it was quite enjoyable. I took notes on each of them. The guy was very patient. Some of the cars that I thought were at the top of my list are now out of the picture. Amazing when you drive them, how they can burst your bubble. So I'm glad that part is over. I'm sure when it gets down to 2 or 3, I will test drive them one more time. I'm curious to see what we end up with. The exciting part of yesterday was my last test drive. It was a Hyundai. Hope I didn't butcher the spelling of that one. Anyway, a guy came out and handed me this card and said it something for fun if you test drive a car. I said that is what i'm here for and put it in my pocket book. Drove the car, went in side to talk a bit and then he said did you want to scratch off the card. I almost forgot about it. I said sure. He had to get his manager to come over to watch. You could win $10, $100, or $1000.00. Well, I won $100!!! I was tickled. And I think they were too, because all they've been handing out is $10. Not bad for test driving a car! Nicole's 16'th birthday is next Friday, so this will come in very handy. See, God does provide..... In sooo many different ways!
Thursday was such a miserable day with all that rain. It was Nicole's first track meet that day, and I had to help out with the concession stand. Those kids were soaked and freezing. I was at least under the tent, but got wet when I stepped out to watch her run. The relay she was in came in first, but the others weren't her best times. It's just the beginning, and I know all the kids will improve as the weeks go by. Especially when the nicer weather comes.
Monday I have the Chambersburg group to go to. I've been missing so many groups lately with being sick, car troubles, mil's doctor's appointments. I had ordered my #8 townsend cutter blade, and really thought it would have been here by today. I called the people who I ordered it from, and guess it will get here Monday. Soo, I don't know what I'll take to work on yet. I will be figuring that out when I get home from church tomorrow.
Have not been sleeping well. It's really getting annoying. Have been up since 3:00 this morning. I've tried going to bed early, late, it just doesn't make a difference. It's all because of the hot flushes. I started exercising regularly again, so I'm hoping that will make a difference soon. Ahhh, the joys of getting older!

Enjoy the coming week! Get those hands busy..

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Something Blue...

Just a quick post. Had to share. Today I received a package in the mail from Betty. Kelley decided to do a swap in our group that had to do with Blue. Everyone is tired of Winter and we'd like to see the Winter blues go away. So her idea was to send a package containing some blue floss, blue wool, a package of seeds, a cheerful card,and something else blue. Whatever we chose. A great way to welcome Spring! I thought it sounded like a great swap to participate in. Betty had my name, and here is what I received. She made the little stump doll, and the little piece of cross stitch fabric even has my initials. Too Sweet! Thank you again Betty, I love everything. Can't wait to use the blue wool! I even received a package of zucchini ealier last week from her in a sweet little card. I will plant them as soon as the weather permits. I've decided to use the flower bed on the side of my house where I get all the sun as my garden this year. I'm just going to throw a few different things in there and see what happens. I've tried the vegetables on the deck, but that never amounted to anything. I spent time today finishing up 2 punchneedle pieces. Very small ones, but they are done. I have to make a little bowl filler out of one of them, and the other is going to be attached to something. Will do my best to post them tomorrow.

Just talked with my husband about the car situation, and I am planning on going Friday to test drive a few cars. This way we can narrow things down more. Will make up a game plan for that tomorrow so I'm all set to go.

Nicole has her first track meet tomorrow and I will be helping with the concession stand for the first hour. I hear we have a 60% chance of rain. Hope it holds off, or finishes before the meet. I hear they won't cancel unless it's thunder and lightening or a really heavy downpour. So we shall see. This year they have over 100 kids on the team. It's going to be a loooong meet. Wishing her well! She's a sprinter.
Till next time....

Monday, March 23, 2009


Hey everyone,

Happy Monday! After the Spring party on Saturday, I had time to relax on Sunday and get a little stitching done. I didn't get as much as I wanted to get done, but it was something. The ebay group I belong to had their retreat on Saturday and Sunday. Last month, I had much more time to work on things. Can't wait to see what the theme is for next month!
The theme this month were ornaments. I had ideas, but the time I had left to complete them in just didn't allow me to do them. So while I was upstairs staring at all my wool, I picked up the basket that I have scraps in to use on penny rugs. I saw a decent size black scrap and thought I'd stitch a wreath on there. It was relaxing to do. And now that I have the french knots down pat, I had no problem. For so long, I could not make a french knot. Had no idea why. Then Louise showed me. I did it, and it still came out wrong. She stood there and watched me do it. Ends up, I was winding the thread around the needle the wrong way. Who would have thought it would make a difference. Anyway, now I can do them.

The second one I did, I used osnaburg fabric to stitch on. I did it before and it was frustrating to me. Why I did it again, I don't know. I do like the way it looks, and probably had the look in my head. Plus this ornament is tiny. But I like the results. I put an old blue print on the back. I'd also like to mention that I have a used Bliss cutter and blades for sale. I posted a picture on the side bar. If you'd like to see more pictures, just let me know. If anyone is interested, or if you know anyone that might be interested, just email me! I have since upgraded to a Townsend and have no more use for this. It comes with blades #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8. I have the wrench too, but forgot to put it in the picture. I am asking $175 for it all, plus shipping which is $10.35 for flat rate priority mail. I thought I'd try and sell it here first before I put it on Ebay or Etsy.
Off to do some cleaning, oh joy! lol. Will be starting a hooking project shortly. I am hooking a mat to donate to my daughters Band. They are having a Basket Bingo and needed contributions. I did one last year too. I'll post a picture when I get it done.
Hoping your week is a creative one!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring officially here!

Yep, Spring is officially here on Pugh Drive! I know it was on Friday, but each year our friends Donna and Gary have a Spring party to officially welcome it in. That's where we were at last night. It was a blast, and you'll see why in a bit. Each year there is a theme, and we when we got there, Lucy approached us by spraying us with a water bottle, and we had to guess what the theme was. It was "Spring Showers". Donna had this hanging up for us to get our pictures taken, and of course I forgot my camera (how'd I do that??) . Had to run home for that (thank goodness it's just a few doors down), so I missed getting everyone else's. But here is a shot of George and I. Too funny! There are certain traditions we follow each year as we stand around the fire. Donna hands out our little glasses (each year they are different, she's so creative). They are then filled with Puckers and we make toasts to start celebrating the festivities.

The ceremony begins, and Donna gives the girls some suntan lotion to spread on their guys face. Remember now, all this has to do with spring, summer and fun in the sun. Don't want anyone to get sunburned. Here Rachel is getting her husband Ryan.

Poor Gary, Donna gets him sooooo oiled up.She even gets his glasses lol! Here he is wiping it all off.

Ok, now we get our hats. Each year Donna gives us a hat (theme related). And what kind of hat goes well with "Spring Showers"? Yep, shower caps. Here are a few shots of everyone getting there's.

Gary is getting Lucy with the spray bottle later in the day.
Other parts of the ceremony are us using chapstick so the sun doesn't dry out our lips. During all of this we are toasting. As you can see, Puckers has it's name for a reason. Right Lucy lol?? This year Donna had a game set up for us, and oh boy it was hysterical. Some of my pictures didn't come out that well because I was laughing so hard. She set up 2 tables on either side of the pool along with a chair, a pair of bikini underwear and an umbrella. We had to set our drinks on the table. There were 2 teams, men and women. Ok, it was uneven so we picked Sam to join us. He was a hoot. Took it VERY serious. I think I heard he is in his 60's, and can this man run! Ok, the rules were: Run to the table, drink your drink, put on the bikini underwear, open up the umbrella, run around the chair 5 times, take off the underwear and run back and tag the next person. Yes, the girls did win! But boy was it ever funny. Here are a few shots of the fun we had.

And now for the guys side lol.

And yes some of them cheated by sitting on the chair to put their undies on lol.
It was definitely a hoot! My face was hurting from all the laughing. And to end out the ceremonies, it was the offical sock burning to welcome in Spring. We all take off our socks (have learned to wear the worst ones you have) and throw them into the fire.

We then went inside to have some delicious food and desserts. Sitting around, catching up with each other and just enjoying the night. Donna was giving out little umbrellas for our drinks too lol.

And speaking of umbrellas, Lucy can really get you giggling LOL...

It was a wonderful night with good friends, good food, the traditions we share each year, and of course the laughter. What better way to welcome in Spring!! Thank you Donna for a wonderful night!!!

Here is the punchneedle pillow I finished up for Donna. A little thank you for having us all together.
This weekend was also the retreat for the ebay group I belong too. Never got anything made yesterday except for finishing the pillow. I am headed upstairs now to try and get an ornament or two done.
Not sure what this week will bring. Would like to get back into a groove of creating again. This past week George had off, and we were out looking at vehicles. Still trying to make up our minds. Hopefully we can come to a decision soon.
Have a Blessed week everyone! Let your creativity shine through....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Catching up...

I need to get on the ball about doing my posts right away. Hate letting things linger on like this. Monday night I was able to drop off the log cabin rug to Pam. I believe she really liked it. She took me in the room and showed me where she was going to put it. It will fit very nicely there. Perhaps one day, she'll want another rug.
From there I went to Louise's house in East Berlin to meet with the girls. I wasn't sure who was going to be there. It was nice to see them. I tried to get a shot of everyone, but Louise was sitting off to the side. Here is Willa, Becky, Kim, and Vicky. Tonya ,Janice, and Beth couldn't make it. Here is Louise working on her rug. It is turning out really nice. I believe the background was onion skinned.
Willa is working on a really cute design. She is a fast hooker, and knowing her, she'll be done soon.

Here is a close up of it.

Becky is working on 3 dancing bunnies. It will look great when finished.

Kim has been working on this log cabin for a while. She has another floral in a #3 cut going on, but brought this tonight.
Vicky was working on a floral. She chose some really nice colors!
On Tuesday I met with Genny and Betty at church to do some crafting. Genny was working on her rug and Betty brought along some knitting. She is making some dish cloths.

Here it's Wednesday and I thought I'd get some punching in, but George and I went looking at some cars. Paper and pen in hand, we jotted down quite a bit. When we got home, George got on the internet and did some comparisons so we could see it all on paper side by side. That does help a lot. We looked at quite a few. Not ready to test drive any yet. Soon I hope though. Just trying to see what the pricing will be, what we can afford, etc.
Huge congratulations go out to George for getting the Jeep running. I knew it would drive him crazy until he fixed it. He wouldn't give up. He found out that 2 cylinders were bad, and replaced them. It's ready to be traded in now! Way to go George!!
So I guess now we'll sit down and discuss this further and make some decisions soon. I know me, any time we spend a large amount of money, I end up with a headache, sometimes a migraine. Will need to be ready this time and take some medicine before we sign any papers lol.
It sure was a gorgeous day to be outside. A little windy, but the sun was shining and it seemed like everyone was out on the road.
Tomorrow I'm hoping to really make a dent in the punchneedle and maybe even finish it. If not, by Friday for sure. I have to, Saturday is the party.
Hope everyone is enjoying the nicer weather we are having. Till next time......

Monday, March 16, 2009

Finished and onto something new

Well, it's Monday..... So far off to a good start. I was able to complete the log cabin half round on Saturday. She wanted this piece to go over her door in the room where she has all log cabin items. Very sweet room. The finished size measures approximately 11" x 24 1/2". It's all ready to take over to Pam this evening. It worked out well since I will be going out that way this evening to do meet up with the girls in East Berlin. She doesn't live too far from where I'll be. I haven't been able to make it out that way in a long time. Will be nice to see everyone.

Now that I am done with this project, I started a new one. I am doing a punch needle piece for my friend Donna for Saturday. She is having her annual Spring party and I wanted to take a little something for her. Will take a picture of it when I'm done. I am going to take that with me this evening instead of hooking so I can get some done. When this is completed, I need to draw up a design for the basket bingo that my daughters band is having at her school. Last year they asked me to donate a piece, and she said everyone liked it. They asked me to do another one this year. I don't mind at all. I've got to settle on a design yet.

This week will be kind of busy. My husband has off this week. We all know how the economy is these days. Everyone is slow. Thankfully he had a week of vacation to take, so he won't lose the pay. Big praise right there! He is determined to get the Jeep running to be able to trade it in on a newer vehicle. We will be going on Wednesday to start "looking". The plans were to do that today, but the part he needed didn't come in. We got a call early this morning that it is in and that's how he will be spending his day. Snapped a picture of him yesterday while making a list of things he needed to get at the auto store. Sticking his tongue out was the polite way of saying he's had enough of this vehicle LOL. I think I'll be hooking tomorrow at church with Genny. Need to call her later to confirm. I'm also going out with some friends for dinner on Friday evening. Looking forward to that too! So yep, it will be a busy week for me. Should be fun! The shingles really threw me for a loop and I'm finally getting over the fatigue that went along with it.
Off to get my day started. Wishing everyone a terrific week!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hooking, Laughing, Laughing, Hooking

Last night I ventured out to Grant Street Woolworks for their once a month hook-in. We were trying to get them to make it more often! Wink, wink....

I have to tell you that I haven't laughed so much in quite a while. When I got there, it was just Linda and Pat. Then Jill, and her sister Beth came. And so did Patty. It was nice to see what everyone was working on, and YES I did see the eagle rug that Linda finished (well, almost. no label YET lol). It is beautiful in person and you can see it on Pat's blog. Linda is just getting the hang of putting pictures up on her blog.

Pat is working on a basket of flowers and she was doing a great job. She was just starting it and had almost 2 flowers done last night. She was good, she was hooking. The rest of us were laughing too much lol. Jill is working on the same pattern as Pat, and it will be completely different. I didn't get a good shot at Jill's. She is hooking hers in darker colors. I love how they are so different! Jill did a bit of reverse hooking last night because one section of her background was packed too tightly. Linda was helping her here to see if one of the wools they picked would be good for an outline around the basket so the background would not fade into the basket.
Patty was working on a wonderful purse pattern, and I just loved her colors. The background especially looked nice and old and mottled. Very pretty!
Linda was trying to achieve a mottled look with her sheep. The woman can't sit still. She is always up and doing something. Even stands while she is hooking! (not all the time though lol)

I did get to some hooking last night to try out my hand, and I was able to hold the hook in a way that it didn't hurt. Never did take a picture of my own rug. Am almost done with it, so I will show it when it's finished. I took breaks here and there and caught Jill doing a bit of shopping.

And here Linda is determined to make this sheep look the way she wants it to be. And of course still standing lol.
I took a picture of Beth, and well, that is where all the laughing started. Beth doesn't care to have her picture taken. Do ANY OF US??(notice who was "behind" the camera) LOL. So it started a series of how to take a good picture and make you look thinner. I caught a few with her not looking. I think this is a great shot,

and so is this.

And even this one. She was ready for this one though.
Well now the laughing is really starting. And Pat and Patty are just hooking away, most likely thinking we are crazy. Linda got in on it, and although I didn't quite hear the conversation, it must have been something like "if you pull your face tight, you look thinner", hence the next few pictures LOL.

I must have a really good camera because I was laughing so hard, and I'm amazed that the pictures weren't out of focus from shaking. Jill and Beth seem to think that if you take a picture from a higher angle that you will look better, thinner, I don't know what, but here it is. Another great picture of both of you. When Beth saw this picture, she made a comment about Jill. And well, let's say it had something to do with hooking LOL. Too cute Jill! Embrace your beauty ladies!!
Ladies you are too funny. Beth you are beautiful and should have your picture taken more often!
I had an awesome time, and so glad I got out of the house. Next time I promise to take more pictures of what they are HOOKING lol. Beth was working on a snowman which is turning out great and she bought some wool for her background and border. I expect to see a lot of the hooking done by next time! And Jill, you bought some wool for your flowers, and some wool to dye. Looking forward to seeing how much you get done. Patty will be done her hooking I'm sure and will probably have the purse put together. Will love to see how it is all finished. Pat is a fast hooker, and I'm anxious to see what other colors she chooses for her basket of flowers. She's taking one element at a time on this one. And Linda, I hope your sheep is what you have in mind. The wools you picked looked great for it. Can't wait to see it with the flowers around it's neck all hooked.
So that was my night. I was still giggling when I got home. Did take a pain medicine for my arm, but I put the bottle in the cupboard and am just going to try and take ibuprofen tonight instead before bed. Don't like those things at all! I'll be done with the antiviral medicine today and I'm praying nothing else returns.
I'm headed out later at lunch time to meet with my friend Donna and have a cup of coffee. We have a specialty coffee shop here in town that we enjoy. Once I found out that you can have whatever you want with decaf, I was hooked. But we only do it every so often. It's really a dessert when you think about all the calories!
Daughter Nicole has some plans for the weekend and will be away the whole day Saturday. Her boyfriends parents are renewing their vows for their 25th Anniversary. She will be helping with the decorations tonight and then tomorrow is the ceremony and she'll be there all day. So I think I'll spend the time gathering up supplies for the retreat next weekend with my online group. The theme is ornaments. I have some ideas, just need to gather it all up and be ready. Dont' know what else I'll work on, so we'll see how the creative bug hits me.
Hard to believe it's Friday. Just doesn't feel like it to me, but i'm sure some of you are saying TGIF. Hope it was a good week for everyone, and have a great weekend!