Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No hooking yet

I want to start by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has posted and have kept me in their thoughts and prayers during my shingles episode. It means the world to me. I enjoyed reading them and wanted to post a response, but it hurts to type. Still does, but I can tolerate it longer. I am doing a bit better. Taking the medicine the doctor prescribed and saving the pain medicine for the evenings, or if I know I'm not going to have to drive, then I take one.
The hand is feeling a bit better. The blisters are slowly healing over, still very sensitive to the touch, but nothing like it was in the beginning. I can deal with that by not using it. The pain that hurts the most is in the armpit. ODD I tell ya. The pain is all on one side, and sometimes the skin on my face is sensitive. I just pray that I don't get any more blisters coming out and this is all just symptoms of the pain you get. I'm hoping today since I don't have anything planned that I can just relax and try to find a comfortable position to get relief. Was thinking about picking up a hook today to see how it felt, but I chose to wait another day. I'm going crazy with not doing something with my hands.
Perhaps I will go upstairs later and start cleaning up my wool room. God knows it needs it! I can do a little at a time.
I didn't just want to talk about my "issues" and not say or post a picture about hooking. I wasn't up to going to Blue and Gray yesterday. I'm always groggy in the morning from the pain medicine, and I had to take my mil to the doctor's at 1:00. So I did her grocrey shopping before her appointment so I could get it all done in one day. Today is usally the day I do her shopping. It wasn't too good of a day for her yesterday. Just not much strength. So I had to use what strength I had to help move her. Today I usually hook at church with Genny, but chose not to go today since I haven't picked up a hook yet, and figured I could rest today. Sooo, I plan on going to the hook-in here in Chambersburg on Thursday evening to see Pat and Linda. Whether or not I'll be hooking, well, we'll play it by ear and see what happens. But it will be nice to get out. I hope they will have a good turn out. Sharing with you a little mat I did 2 years ago. My friend Joan gave me the pattern. He had given me the purple spot dyed wool that she had done herself a while before that, and when I saw the pattern months later, I KNEW that the purple wool would be perfect for it. I think it's cute, and look forward to using it each year for Spring and Easter time. (I already have it laying on the back of the toilet, it's the perfect size). Spring is JUST about here!! Was spoiled by some really nice weather this past weekend. I'm ready for it to get here and stay.
Since I am not creating right now, I hope EVERYONE else is!! Have a wonderful creative week....


Sherrie said...

What a cute rug! Do you remember who the designer was? Have a great day.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

I emailed Joan, and it came from Dover Publications. I have the picture, and can send it to you if you email me. Just click on my picture on the sidebar and I'll get it right out to you. Same for anyone else who'd like it too!

moosecraft said...

Love the little chickie mat! So happy and springy! You'll be back to hooking and stitching soon Kathy! Just need a little time to heal, that's all! Hang in there!! Hugs!

Lori said...

HI Kathy!
*Giggle* away !!! I'm sore today, but i'll be fine...us Farmgirls are a strong breed !!!

Thanks for visiting my blog, come see me again!
Blessed be!