Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring officially here!

Yep, Spring is officially here on Pugh Drive! I know it was on Friday, but each year our friends Donna and Gary have a Spring party to officially welcome it in. That's where we were at last night. It was a blast, and you'll see why in a bit. Each year there is a theme, and we when we got there, Lucy approached us by spraying us with a water bottle, and we had to guess what the theme was. It was "Spring Showers". Donna had this hanging up for us to get our pictures taken, and of course I forgot my camera (how'd I do that??) . Had to run home for that (thank goodness it's just a few doors down), so I missed getting everyone else's. But here is a shot of George and I. Too funny! There are certain traditions we follow each year as we stand around the fire. Donna hands out our little glasses (each year they are different, she's so creative). They are then filled with Puckers and we make toasts to start celebrating the festivities.

The ceremony begins, and Donna gives the girls some suntan lotion to spread on their guys face. Remember now, all this has to do with spring, summer and fun in the sun. Don't want anyone to get sunburned. Here Rachel is getting her husband Ryan.

Poor Gary, Donna gets him sooooo oiled up.She even gets his glasses lol! Here he is wiping it all off.

Ok, now we get our hats. Each year Donna gives us a hat (theme related). And what kind of hat goes well with "Spring Showers"? Yep, shower caps. Here are a few shots of everyone getting there's.

Gary is getting Lucy with the spray bottle later in the day.
Other parts of the ceremony are us using chapstick so the sun doesn't dry out our lips. During all of this we are toasting. As you can see, Puckers has it's name for a reason. Right Lucy lol?? This year Donna had a game set up for us, and oh boy it was hysterical. Some of my pictures didn't come out that well because I was laughing so hard. She set up 2 tables on either side of the pool along with a chair, a pair of bikini underwear and an umbrella. We had to set our drinks on the table. There were 2 teams, men and women. Ok, it was uneven so we picked Sam to join us. He was a hoot. Took it VERY serious. I think I heard he is in his 60's, and can this man run! Ok, the rules were: Run to the table, drink your drink, put on the bikini underwear, open up the umbrella, run around the chair 5 times, take off the underwear and run back and tag the next person. Yes, the girls did win! But boy was it ever funny. Here are a few shots of the fun we had.

And now for the guys side lol.

And yes some of them cheated by sitting on the chair to put their undies on lol.
It was definitely a hoot! My face was hurting from all the laughing. And to end out the ceremonies, it was the offical sock burning to welcome in Spring. We all take off our socks (have learned to wear the worst ones you have) and throw them into the fire.

We then went inside to have some delicious food and desserts. Sitting around, catching up with each other and just enjoying the night. Donna was giving out little umbrellas for our drinks too lol.

And speaking of umbrellas, Lucy can really get you giggling LOL...

It was a wonderful night with good friends, good food, the traditions we share each year, and of course the laughter. What better way to welcome in Spring!! Thank you Donna for a wonderful night!!!

Here is the punchneedle pillow I finished up for Donna. A little thank you for having us all together.
This weekend was also the retreat for the ebay group I belong too. Never got anything made yesterday except for finishing the pillow. I am headed upstairs now to try and get an ornament or two done.
Not sure what this week will bring. Would like to get back into a groove of creating again. This past week George had off, and we were out looking at vehicles. Still trying to make up our minds. Hopefully we can come to a decision soon.
Have a Blessed week everyone! Let your creativity shine through....


Jake said...

Looks like a great time Kathy. What a difference from here, huh? I'm a little jealous. lmao

Beth said...

you guys are crazy but lots of fun!! i love your punch needle pillow i bet she loved it to!! creativity is the key this week (hopefully)!!!!

Joanne said...

Looks like you had a great fun - and I see your bod is already "beach" ready!

Your little pillow is great - love it.

The little umbrella's in the beer were too funny

weaverpat said...

Kathy! What is this??? Partying instead of hooking!!! I am shocked! LOL!!!! Looks like you had a great time. What a cool tradition for you and your neighbors! Hope you can continue for many more years! Lucky hostess to get the cute little handmade pillow!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was fun for all!! You have a very creative friend.

Awesome punch needle pillow. Great colors!