Saturday, November 29, 2008

The countdown begins.....

For Christmas that is. Whew, Thanksgiving came and went so quickly. I had a wonderful meal with my family that day. My mil was able to come for turkey, but didn't stay long. She just can't sit very long and likes to be in her recliner at home. Can't blame her. Was very thankful that we were able to share it with her again this year. Our daughter Nicole said Grace which was very nice. We certainly have had so much to be thankful for this year. Finished the night with yet "another" slice of pumpkin pie and coffee before going to bed. I knew I had to be up early on Black Friday, and was able to get close to 5 hours of sleep. Not too bad. Was up at 3:30 on Friday morning and at Kohl's by 4:05. I went there for some towels and flannel sheets for myself. Got a couple small things while I was there, but I really went for those. My friend Joan said they must have been some "really good towels" lol. They were! I didn't feel like it was as crowded as the previous year, and was able to get in and out of places in a reasonable amount of time. That was nice. Made it back home near 9:30 to grab a bite to eat and was back out the door to go to dye group at Joan's house. We had a nice time as usual! We talked about doing a hooking project after the New Year. I'm looking forward to doing it. We are going to learn how to hook wool to look like a plaid, hook wool to look like braiding, and finish off with a braided edge on the piece. Sounds very interesting, and will fill you in on it as time gets closer. Will definitely learn a few things from it, that's for sure.

It was a very very long day yesterday. I was dragging by night time, but wouldn't you know, I was back out in the evening to get a couple more things lol. Came home, did the bills and was ready for bed by 10:00 or so. Got to stay in bed this morning even though the internal clock went off by 6:00 this morning. Was so nice to just lay there.....

Hubby has been working on his vehicle now. Put in a new radiator today. When it rains it pours with vehicles. He's talking about putting in an engine in mine during Christmas break. Not the way I want him to spend his time, that's for sure.

Pretty much am doing nothing today, feels good~. Not much to write about. George and I are going to go to a store shortly and look around. It's a Staple's warehouse. Didn't even know it exhisted until yesterday. Did hear that they will be closing it at the end of this year, so we are hoping to pick up a few deals if we see anything that we "have" to have.

Thought maybe I'd pick up a hook or needle today, but the day isn't over yet. There's always hope! Wishing everyone a peaceful day.......

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post, but I have a feeling that I will be too tired and FULL to sit and type. So I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving now.

Spent the morning in the kitchen today and baked the pumpkin pies and made the chocolate pudding pie. My daughter now says she wants to make an apple crisp. Still haven't tried it, and never even heard of it until I moved here. Was supposed to try it at camp, but forgot all about it! I think Doris had made it. There was a lot of food there. So I went out and got the apples to do that. Anyway, I think we are going to have 25 lbs of dessert to go with the 25 lb. turkey I am cooking. Ooohhhh yeah, I think I'll be full by the end of the day.

I always say a prayer for everyone who has to travel during the holidays. May you get there safely and may you all be surrounded by family, friends, strangers, anyone you can share a kind word with, or offer a bite to eat. Let each other know what you are thankful for, even the simplest things in life are worth sharing.

I for one am thankful for:
My relationship with God, for without it, I would be nothing. His grace and mercy get me through my days. I'll never be able to comprehend the depth of his love for us.
My husband who works so hard to provide for us, and who loves me the way I am.
My husbands job. We all know how tough it is out there right now, so I'm thankful he still has one.
My 2 children who make me smile every day (ok frown too, but that is good also, it means I can feel)
My mil who is still with us at the age of 90, and will be coming over for Thanksgiving dinner!
My home and the heat that we are fortunate to have in this cold weather
My friends near me and on line, who I adore and can turn to when I need a favor or just someone to listen, or grab a bite to eat every now and then and just catch up.
Flannel sheets, hot water, clothes, my hobbies and the eye sight and hands to do them.
There is so much to be thankful for, and I could go on and on. I hope everyone can sit for a moment and just think of what you are thankful for, and to thank the one who has provided it to you. Those two words "Thank You" can mean the world to one person. Remember to say it often.

Will be going out on Black Friday to do some shopping. I do it every year. Not even sure where my first stop will be. I will have George go out and buy a newspaper so I can see the ads. Then I'll plan my shopping from there. Afterwards, which I doubt I'll stay out long, I will be heading over to Joan's for our monthly dye group. I have everything ready. Just need to soak my wool tomorrow night so it's ready to take with me. That group is another thing I'm thankfulf for. Joan is so gracious to let us come into her home so we can share and learn from each other. Thank you Joan!
And Saturday, I'm hoping to just chill out and hook or do something creative, but mainly just stay home!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A morning of hooking

What a cold and dreary day out there. But that didn't keep the girls from coming to the Chambersburg group today. Was nice to see everyone as usual. I snapped a few pictures to share. Forgot to take a picture of my rug, but will save that for another day.

Joyce finished 2 pieces, a doll and a floral. Both were very nice. Loved the outfit on the doll and her hair was adorable. Made with yarn and she used a lace tool of some kind. Was pretty interesting. Never saw one before.

Peggy finished her rug since the last meeting. It turned out great!! And then Thelma brought a braided rug that she had finished as a gift. I was able to watch her today working on another one. She was stitching it together. Never quite knew how that was done, so it was nice to see a visual of it. She did a wonderful job with this.
That was it for the pictures. The girls are working on some really nice rugs, so next time I'll make sure I get more pictures. Marion, that means you too. I want to see how that dog is turning out. Marion said she is going to get this rug done before Christmas. I'm holding you to it now!! No cooking, nothing. She's already given her family notice that this is what she is going to do. So stop reading this and get back to it LOL!! Marion likes it when I update the blog. I'm glad you enjoy reading it as much as I like posting.

Sorry this is short, but now I've got to get back to my punch needle, and I am starting to make mental notes of the things I want to put in my Secret Santa box from Wool Snippets. That is going to be fun. We signed up, and then we were sent an email with a name. We have till Dec. 15th to get our packages sent out. I've done it for the past few years, and enjoy it very much. I also signed up for an ornament swap with another group. Haven't gotten my persons name yet. Need to think of what ornament I'll make. You meet a lot of wonderful people by doing these swaps.

Off to get some work done. Hope this is enough to hold you over Marion till my next post LOL!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Hermit?

Ok, I really dislike the looks of a hermit crab. Daughter had one a number of years back and it gave me the creeps. Yuck! But....I'm becoming a hermit now. Winter is my least favorite season and when the cold weather hits, I become a hermit. I guess I'm in my shell now, all nice and warm. Just hope I'm not as creepy looking as one of those things lol.

Speaking of creepy, my daughter and I had an episode the other morning which woke my son up. We were on our way out the door to go to school and she spies this HUGE, Noo, I mean HUMONGOUS thousand legger on the wall. Well that was it for me. I started screaming, she started screaming, but we couldn't leave the house until it was dead with a capital D! I ran and got 2 fly swatters. I said "here, you swat at it and when it hits the floor, I'll slam it.". Well, that led into a 5 minute "you do it, no you do it" battle. I said I'm right behind you. I got your back LOL. Yeah like I really had her back. I was hoping she'd nail it the first time. She hit the wall and missed it by a foot. I said do it again. She did it again, still a foot away. By this time, I'm hysterically laughing. She's gagging and says she's going to throw up. It was a sight! And do you think my son would come down and help us?? Nooooo. She gave one more swing and it fell to the floor. I thought oh no, now it's my turn. She's already behind me, (she's quick). I got up enough nerve (at this point, now I want to throw up), and I nailed it. Whew, all gone, in a million pieces. Took her to school and when I came back, I was looking all over for more. Never did see any more.

Now I know God created all living things, but seriously, why something like that???? Ewwww!
The rest of the day led me to thinking about what fear really is. It's an emotional response to threats and danger. I wasn't threatened by this "thing" (ok, maybe a little), nor was I in danger. So why? I know I'm bigger than "it", and can end it's life in a second (if you can catch it, they are fast. Again, ewwww). I'm not afraid of snakes or mice, just creepy crawly things. I guess I didn't do a good job at "not" passing on my fears to my daughter. Oh, how we were pitiful! She says she is going to marry a man who can kill the spiders for her. I told her that's great, but WE need to overcome that fear. How? I don't have the answer to that one yet. But will search within for it.

I took my Pomegranate rug to church the other day to hook on it. I meet a friend there and I taught her how to hook. That day she was learning how to do a certain kind of quilt from another woman, so I just sat and listened to them while I hooked. I dyed the wool for the border the night before. I got the outside edge just about hooked and some of the vine done too. Never got to any more hooking on either rug since then. I drew up a few things on weavers cloth to get some punch needle done as Christmas gifts. I really don't like having so many things going at once, but there is no other option right now. I'll just flop back and forth for a while. Had planned on doing some of it last night, but I was bummed. My Jeeps engine light came on Wednesday evening on my way taking my daughter to youth group and now it sits in our garage. It's a true Praise that my husband is soooo gifted in sooo many areas. He will be fixing it. I am now driving his car and he's driving his truck. Thank God for the decrease in price for gas. His truck sucks it up. I can't tell you how much money he has saved us in the 21 years we've been married. A true talent of all trades. I honestly can't think of anything he hasn't done, from plumbing to electrical, all home improvements. He's fixed all our appliances and got many more years out of them, and he sided our old home and put in new windows in the whole house. In all honesty, I think the only thing that stumps him is how to grow a good lawn LOL. Ok, I'm done my bragging on him.

We had a day of snow and wind at times, and thankful there was no accumulation. I'm hoping it's the end of snow for a little while. I don't want to have to drive in any wet stuff when I go to the York Show tomorrow. Got my hair done today and then picked up my daughter from school. She had a fever. I was in the chair when they called to tell me. Nothing I could do then. I figured she's not throwing up, she's not bleeding and there are no broken bones. She can lay down and wait. I knew they would give her some ibuprofen. Seems when I got there, the whole room was pretty full of kids laying down. She was supposed to be in the Dickens Day parade here in town tonight, but she won't be going. And tomorrow she is supposed to be at school by 6:45 to go to Harrisburg and be in their parade, and then come back to the school, have lunch that is provided by them, and then do another parade in Chambersburg. Not sure if she'll even make it. That would be an awful long day for her, and I won't be here, and George will be working in the garage all day. Oh well, we'll see how things go.

Really hoping everyone is staying warm!!! Anyone else become a hermit in the Winter??

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What a great day to stay inside if you are able to! Sooo cold out there. I had to do my mil's grocery shopping and take her to the eye doctor earlier, but I'm in now until I have to pick up my daughter from swimming practice at 6:00. As I'm sitting here typing, it's snowing out. Nothing sticking, but it's blowing crazy! It's been doing that all day. Doesn't last very long. I forgot how fortunate, and thankful I am to be able to move quickly in and out of the car and run inside where it is warm. Not for my mil!! Being 90, there is NO running. Although she says it's on her list of things to do lol. I wish I could just pick her up and carry her!

Not much to say today. Just felt like taking a break from cleaning up. I have done more hooking on my workshop rug, but will post it later this week.
I re-listed a rug on ebay today. It's a snowman and you can see it by clicking on the link in the right hand column.

This coming Saturday I will be going to the York Folk Art Show in York, Pa. It's a great show and I will be meeting my friend Beth there, and Joanne said she will meet up with us too! So that will be fun. Beth and I do it twice a year. Spring and Fall.

Ok, I lied. I just got up to take a picture of my rug. Why not show it now. I'm only going to work on background for the next few days so I don't have it all left for last. I'm really pleased with it. I can't wait to see the antique black background around it all. We'll see how much I can get done in the next few days. So having a picture now will be a good reference to see how far I get. I hope everyone is staying warm! I see that it's warmer in other parts of the country. Wish I were there right now!!! Have a wonderful day.....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

3 Day Rughooking Workshop is over..

I had a Huge treat the last 3 days spending it with a group of hookers taking a class with Cynthia Norwood hosted by the Guild, With Hearts And Hands Antietam Fiber Artists, who meet in Boonsboro, Md. I have only had one other workshop that I attended, and that was 3 or 4 years ago. If you are a rug hooker and have never taken a class with Cynthia, I encourage you to do so. You will not regret it. I went with my friend Joanne and we had a great time. She is a great teacher, and I hope to use some of her techniques in the rug I am doing now, especially the finishing. The whole color planning was so enlightening. She has an eye for color. I had dyed my wool for this, and she put them together in a way that was totally unexpected. I had gone in with one idea, and it went in the total opposite direction. I am sooooo pleased with the way it is turning out. I was very open minded to trying new things. Some I liked and some I wasn't so crazy about. Learned to love what I wasn't crazy about and what I really couldn't deal with, we changed. She was great!

She talked to us about Paisley's and a little of the history of them. Very interesting. I bought a little and am using it sparingly in my rug. I would say most/or all of the women there did the same thing. The talent in this guild that put together this workshop was just awesome. Their rugs just screamed primitive. I am going to do my best at giving the name with the rug. The last picture will be of all of us and the progress that was made over the 3 days. 2 of the girls made such great progress. Joanne only had 2 more tongues to finish and Beth only has background to do. I am really mad that I didn't get a close up of Joanne's today, but you will see how far she got in the group picture. She is in the back row. It has such an old feel to it. I'm sure she will be putting it on her blog shortly. Check it out!

On the second day, Cynthia talked about each of our rugs that we laid on the floor and we heard how we could fix problem areas and just discussed each rug.

Here Cynthia talked about pressing our rugs and showed us an iron she uses. It's called a Eurosteam. It was quite amazing. I think Ron was pretty impressed himself !!
Now I will post the pictures of the class rugs after just one day. Sorry if the colors aren't exact. Make sure to see how much they got done at the end in the group photo after 3 days. These girls are amazing!!

Here is Mary P.'s rug.
This is Ron's rug.

Here is Kay's rug.

This is Jennifer's rug. Here is Joanne's rug.

Here is Caroline's rug.

This is Joan's rug. This is Doris' rug.

And here is Beth's rug.

This is the "other" Mary P's rug. Here is Nada's rug.

And here is my rug. For some odd reason, I don't have two of the girls rugs. Mary Ann's and Tracy's. Sorry girls! I will make sure I point out everyone in the group picture.
From Left to Right back row: Doris, Kay, Beth, Mary P. Cynthia, Nada, Tracy behind her (and still didn't get a shot of her rug, I'm sorry), Joanne (see how much she got done in 3 days!!!), Caroline, Jennifer.
Bottom row: Mary Ann (and her rug I didn't get earlier), Joan, Ron, Me, and the "other" MaryP. Here is a close up of Beth and her rug. Just needs the background..

A great big Thank You to the girls who put together a wonderul 3 days. Lot's of food and laughter, along with sharing, and tons of inspiration for one another. It was a blast and I'm happy I was a part of it. I hope I'm lucky enough to take another class some day.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

As ready as I'll be for Camp

Have been focused on getting some wool dyed for camp that starts on Thursday. Spent the entire day yesterday working on what I feel is what I want in this rug. When I first saw the pattern, I knew it was for me. I have a perfect spot for it on the wall. It is called Nightingale by Katherine Porter, and the size is 36"x31". I just love the tongues in the rounded corners! I'm looking forward to seeing what new things about rug hooking that I can learn from my teacher Cynthia Norwood. I've only taken one other class, and that was 4 years ago. I have her book "Creating an Antique Look in Hand-Hooked rugs" that I will take along with me for her to sign. I'm most interested in learning what she does with her paisley wools. I hear that is what she is famous for, and that she's very good with color. I would like to incorporate some of the paisley into this rug. I did see a rug in her book that I really liked the color plan of, and am trying for something similar. The picture I took of the wool is the closest I can get. Sometimes the colors always come out too bright with the camera. But you can get somewhat of an idea. They are very subtle, primitive colors.

I will be going with my friend Joanne who just came back from the Shelburne Rug Hooking Show in Vermont. She has pictures of the rugs on her blog. A lot of inspiration. She just got back today and I'm sure she is tired. But Joanne, you better be ready for Thursday! I'll come out there and get you myself if I have to LOL!!

It's been another long day today of more wool dyeing and conferences with my daughters teachers. First marking period is already over. I'm ready to hit the hay! So here's the rug and the colors that I've chosen. I feel they will look good, but who knows? By the time I get there, I may be going in a completely different direction! But I do want an antique black background and made sure I got that dyed. The rug has so many possibilities...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Proddy Pin Class

Today was a treat. I went to a class that Linda had at her shop. While we were at the Brandywine hook-in this year, she spoke with Nan Loncharich who had a table there with her wool flowers, and asked if she would do a class out here in Chambersburg, Pa. Nan wrote a book called "The Rughookers guide to Fancy Flowers and Leaves to make Proddy's Special". Linda had a good turnout for the class! Here are a few pictures of us getting our lesson.

We took a break midway through and Linda had prepared a lunch for us. She had cute little sandwiches of chicken and ham salad, another salad that everyone wanted the recipe for, and pumpkin pie, and I believe there was another apple dessert too. Along with having snacks at our tables to pick on. Linda, you out did yourself, and it was Greatly appreciated!! Everything was delicious.

I stayed afterwards and stitched my label and sleeve onto Mr. Iggy, so he is completed now. There were just a few of us left to sit and chat. I wish I would have gotten pictures of everyone else's pins. Seems people were leaving shortly after class was over. I didn't take too many pictures, because I was trying to pay attention to what I was supposed to be doing. (some of us can't do two things at once lol). So here is the pin I made. I really do like it. It's a bit big for me to wear, but I have a attached it to a bag I take with me when I hook. The kits were already made up and we just chose which colors we wanted. I really liked the Fall colors of this one. It truly was a lot of fun......

Didn't get that far with figuring out my colors for camp this week. Will look through some books tonight to see if something "speaks" to me. I have sort of an idea, just need to bring it out of me. Will post a picture of my pattern sometime this week to share with you. I think it has a lot of possibilities.
Till then.....

Friday, November 7, 2008

Punchneedle piece finished

I had a nice relaxing day. The weather was just wonderful here. Could have gone out and did something, but decided to stay inside and get some wool dyed for samples, so I can decide on colors for my camp rug next week. While that was going on, I finished sewing the cording onto my squirrel punchneedle piece. I had planned on backing it with just brown wool, but decided to make a bigger piece out of it and used a piece of cotton print for the back. I also used a piece of muslin to sign it. It is stuffed with snippets from my rugs and some sawdust to give it a nice feel. I'm really pleased the way it turned out. My friend Beth had given me the pattern for my birthday. I have to say that this is the fastest I've ever finished a pattern that was given to me. It was nice and easy to punch up the other day. Glad it was right on top of everything for me to grab. Thank you Beth! It's pretty dark in the house, so I couldn't get the picture just right. Here's the cotton fabric I used.

Tomorrow I will be taking a class to make a wool pin. The name is not coming to me right now, but I'll post tomorrow with the info. She was at the Brandywine hook-in that I attended. My friend Linda asked her to come out to Chambersburg to give a class. I just talked with Linda a little while ago, and she said there were about 14 of us. Nice size! Will have to remember to take my camera...

Hope everyone had an enjoyable day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Praise and a rug to share

I would like to thank all those who gave me well wishes and prayers for my colonoscopy today. My husband took the day off to take me and I was the first appointment of the morning. I made it through yesterday. I do have to say that the woman from the office that called me on Tuesday gave me a great suggestion on taking the prep. I will share it with you because it seemed to be much more tolerable than in the past. I know all preps are different, depends on the doctor you have. I only had to take the fleet phospho soda. That in itself was different than my last doctor. I had to take something else along with that the last 2 times, and I was totally useless the entire day. Anyway, I had to take a tablespoon at a time with 8 oz of liquid 20 minutes apart. There were only 3T per bottle. The other bottle got done 12 hours apart which I only took half of because I was already clear and the doctor said if I was, I didn't have to take it all. I took the tablespoon of liquid and flung it to the back of my throat so it didn't touch my tongue. Mind you, it was still awful, but soo much more tolerable than mixing it in the liquid. Then I just drank my ice cold gingerale down after that. So anyone that has to do one of these, that is my suggestion to try.

Anyway, the test was polyp free and clear. I don't have to go back for another 5 years. What a Praise!! They gave me a paper with a list of places to eat on it. They gave discounted coupons to go out and have some breakfast. Or I could have gone anytime. But George and I went out for some breakfast afterwards. Man, was that ever good!!!

I was able to get a little done yesterday. Wasn't lethargic like I was in the past. I finished whipping Mr. Iggy. My friend Vicki saw him on Maria's site and said she had to have him. It's not as bright in person as the picture shows. She even bought the magazine and handed it to me and said I want that! Just have to label him now Vicki!! I also started a punch needle pattern that my friend Beth had given me for my birthday. Got it almost done. It's a squirrel. Just have the background to do. Will work on that this afternoon. I'm not sure if I'm going to frame it, or make it into a pillow or pinkeep. I'll post it when I'm finished.
That's my update for today. Again, thanks for the prayers. They mean the world to me...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now we wait.....

Well, I voted. Did you? The line was very short. I hit it at a good time. I was number 522 near 10:30 this morning. In and out in no time at all. That was nice.

So now we wait..... Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain. God is still in control. He always has been and always will be. I pray as Americans that we can work together to make our country even better. To be responsible for our own actions, and to work together for the good of ALL people. I really don't have much to say on the matter, other than I voted and I trust in God to guide our new President in the direction that He has planned for us. We are very fortunate to live in a place where we are free. And as Thanksgiving approaches, that is one thing I am very thankful for!

Looking forward to seeing the outcome....

Monday, November 3, 2008

This weather is crazy!

What crazy weather we have been having. Today is wonderful out there. No wonder why everyone is getting sick. Cold, hot, cold, hot. Does not help my cough at all, but I'm surviving. Not much to really talk about today, but I just felt like getting on here for a bit.
The PRHG group that I belong to on Ebay is having their 3rd Annual Snowman's Ball from Nov. 1st - Nov. 30th. I have decided to join in and add a mat that I have hooked on there. Please feel free to take a look. Just click here. You can type in prhg in your search bar on ebay and you'll see all the talent that these girls have. From hand dyed wool, to supplies, to finished pieces.
I'm almost finished the piece I'm doing for a friend and I have some ideas to make a few things for my Etsy shop. Would like to get them up before the end of the month. Will post here when I finish them.
Back to hooking! Hope you all are having a wonderful day.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcoming November

Amazing how the time is flying by. Now the count down to Thanksgiving begins. I thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving, and it is upsetting that the stores don't even recognize it. You are lucky if you find a small section of napkins and paper plates on an end cap some where. Sad, really. We ALL have so much to be Thankful for!

Been battling a cold since last Monday. Geez, how the cough lingers on. Last night was the first night I actually slept through. Thankful for that since yesterday I was not a happy camper when I finally fell asleep and was woken up by the autimated phone call for the election. REALLY need to find the number or website for the do not call list for that for next election. Almost makes me not want to vote. But of course I will.. Even hubby stayed away from me for the first half of the day LOL.

Took my daughter to the mall today to find a Winter coat. We were lucky and found one at Burlington Coat Factory, so that is done. Of course, we had to look around so she could show me some things that she'd like for Christmas. And yes, the Christmas music has begun in the stores. Just getting a chance to sit down before dinner. Had church this morning, barely ate a protein bar for lunch and was right back out the door with her. I'm looking forward to sitting down and hooking right after dinner.
The UFO challenge ended on Friday, and although I didn't finish it entirely, I am pleased with my progress. Kelley is the one who started this for us girls. She has opened it up to the public now to view the rugs. Please take a look when you get a chance.

Some really beautiful rugs and I'm so happy to have been a part of it. Congratulations to the girls who finished their rugs and to the winners who were chosen!! A lot of inspiration to be found, that's for sure...

This week will be spent finishing up a rug that a friend wanted me to do for her. Also I will be having a colonoscopy done on Thursday and would appreciate prayers for that. It's not the most pleasant thing to share, but if just one person reading has never had one and it is time for them or a loved one to have one, then I would encourage you to do so. The procedure itself is nothing. It's just the day before that you have to prep for it that can be annoying. My dear mom passed away from colon cancer at 60 years of age. She caught it when she was 50 and was fine for quite some time. Then it showed up in her lymph nodes and that is what took her. So since she caught hers at 50, I was given my first colonoscopy at the age of 40. This will be my 3rd. I am thankful for going when I did because they found 3 polyps and removed them. Thank God they were not cancerous. I have not had any polyps since and am praying that I will not have any this time either. Again, not the most pleasant thing to share, but I can only hope that it will encourage someone who needs one to get it done. No different than encouraging a mammogram.

I have a few other things that I would like to get done this week, but not sure how they will fit into my schedule, so we'll just have to see. I hope everyone has a wonderful week planned ahead of them!!!! And remember, SMILE!!! It does the body good!!