Saturday, November 8, 2008

Proddy Pin Class

Today was a treat. I went to a class that Linda had at her shop. While we were at the Brandywine hook-in this year, she spoke with Nan Loncharich who had a table there with her wool flowers, and asked if she would do a class out here in Chambersburg, Pa. Nan wrote a book called "The Rughookers guide to Fancy Flowers and Leaves to make Proddy's Special". Linda had a good turnout for the class! Here are a few pictures of us getting our lesson.

We took a break midway through and Linda had prepared a lunch for us. She had cute little sandwiches of chicken and ham salad, another salad that everyone wanted the recipe for, and pumpkin pie, and I believe there was another apple dessert too. Along with having snacks at our tables to pick on. Linda, you out did yourself, and it was Greatly appreciated!! Everything was delicious.

I stayed afterwards and stitched my label and sleeve onto Mr. Iggy, so he is completed now. There were just a few of us left to sit and chat. I wish I would have gotten pictures of everyone else's pins. Seems people were leaving shortly after class was over. I didn't take too many pictures, because I was trying to pay attention to what I was supposed to be doing. (some of us can't do two things at once lol). So here is the pin I made. I really do like it. It's a bit big for me to wear, but I have a attached it to a bag I take with me when I hook. The kits were already made up and we just chose which colors we wanted. I really liked the Fall colors of this one. It truly was a lot of fun......

Didn't get that far with figuring out my colors for camp this week. Will look through some books tonight to see if something "speaks" to me. I have sort of an idea, just need to bring it out of me. Will post a picture of my pattern sometime this week to share with you. I think it has a lot of possibilities.
Till then.....

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