Monday, December 30, 2013

A New Year ahead ~~

Wow! Another year is about to unfold. What will it hold for me, my family and friends? I have noooo idea, but it certainly will  be fun to watch!  Will there be changes for us all?  I sure hope so. Big ones, little ones, it doesn't matter. As long as it's a step forward. One day at a time.....and when there is an obstacle in our way, let us not allow it to hold us back. Keep pushing ahead!!

I'm welcoming 2014 with open arms, and I hope you do the same :)  Live every day (to the fullest), Love every day...(even when it's hard), and Learn every day...(your mind will thank you) ~~~

Wishing you All a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

As the time draws near~~~ Merry Christmas

This was a favorite book of mine when I was a child that my Mom would read to us. Oh how I treasure those memories.

As the time gets closer to Christmas this year, I'd like to just say Merry Christmas to you All, and my hope for each of you is that God will Bless you and comfort you and direct you in the path that He has for you, and in ways that you would never imagine!  May it be in leaps and bounds during the next year! I hope you are surrounded with Love from family, friends, pets, and even  strangers that you can give a lending hand to.

Time is flying by, faster and faster as I get older. I approach each day with eyes to see something new, something that I've missed or taken for granted. My kids are getting older, going in directions that I'm so proud of. And I'm sure that direction will change again and again as they continue to grow. All I can do is pray that I will be around to see many of those changes.

I've been keeping busy with stitching still, and hope to get back to hooking in the near future. I'm actually picking up cross stitch patterns that I "had" to have from a while back. It feels good to have completed some of them and added them to my decorations this year.

To each of you... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

On this day and every day, I wish you all many Beautiful Blessings.  Let us be Thankful for everything.... the good and the not so good...  We can't grow without having them both! 
Every day is a Blessing to me, I hope it is to you~~     Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Saturday, October 12, 2013


The rain has stopped for a little bit!  What a messy couple of days with the steady rain that we have had. I know we need it, but it's just soooo dreary.  Not something that puts someone in a happy  mood, or maybe it does. That's what makes the world go round :). 
I'm having such a fun time celebrating my Birthday "month" lol.  If there is no one to share my time with, I find something to smile about. It's really not hard when you have a warped sense of humor ! I laugh at myself all the time. Who doesn't do something stupid at least one time during the day?? And if you can't laugh at yourself, then you are missing out!
Family and friends have made it so special. I thank each one of you!! I try to enjoy each day out of the year, but save October for the "extra" special.  Mostly FOODS that I want to dive into and not feel so horrible about.  I can say that some nights have made me feel miserable, BUT I have a smile on my face lol.  I will behave this weekend with that since I have enough stuff to keep me busy around the house. And that will  keep me out of the kitchen for a while.
Guess I'll start cleaning up my wool room and sewing room for starts today.  Now THAT will bring a smile, just playing and sorting through all my things. Tonight will be for stitching.  I'm trying to push myself to get back to hooking my big rug. I'm sure before the end of the month, some loops will be pulled!
Have a Gorgeous weekend, even if it starts raining again.... shhhhhhhh. (maybe it will hold off~~)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Good day everyone!  It's hard to believe that October is here. The "ish" part is that it's supposed to be 84 degrees today.  The leaves are changing, but the temp is still in Summer mode.  I'm  Not complaining. I wore jeans yesterday and thought this morning, no way. Shorts and sandals for another day!
Keeping busy this week with cleaning and getting some Fall decorations out. Not going to do too much. Just enough to put some color in a few rooms. 
I thought I'd share my last two stitching pieces with you.  I plan on framing them, but then plans seem to change with me from day to day.  I still have to age them some.  I have one more coverlet pattern to do for the grouping. Not when I'll start it, but it may be soon. I've really been enjoying watching/listening to the tv in the evening while doing this. I will be getting back to some hooking soon as well. It's just nice to take a break and switch things up now and then.

Time for another cup of coffee and then get my day going...  Hoping your day is filled with things you enjoy to do!
(and yes..... to some of you who are thinking it......  The celebrating has begun! Each day this month, I will be taking the time to do something for me - as well as doing something for someone else. Whether it be a smile, a phone call, an email, something/anything to let them know I'm thinking of them and that I care for them. )

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Sun is shining and it's a good day~~~

Guess who? Yes it's Me! I'm probably all the way down on your side bar of blogs you follow because of my lack of posting. OR, you've deleted me all together lol.    But yes, it's me!
Sitting here with a few minutes before I get my day going, I thought I'd just write a short post.  Lots to do today. Have to wait patiently for the mail to come and for someone to pick up something they bought from us. But I have plenty of cleaning to do... yuck!  Someone has to do it, and I guess that someone is me..
I have read some of your blogs over the past several months. Popping in and out of here when I can. So many changes to my life and to my family, even to our home. I never know what each day will bring, but I am Thankful when my eyes open in the morning, ready to take on whatever comes my way.
Lately, I've been getting ready for Colonial Day, the show I do with the Black Sheep Rug Hookers each year in East Berlin, Pa. I'm praying for good weather and great sales for all of us!  Eyes are tired and hands are sore, but I'm almost ready. Actually ahead of schedule for me :).
I've been thinking a lot about the blog lately and wanting to get back into it. Hoping  I can share with you some of what has happened this year, but perhaps in shorter posts rather than the lengthy ones I did in the past.
Have a Beautiful day!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

It's a New Year ~~

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope the Holiday's were joyous to you all. I have to say that mine were just as I had hoped for. Spent with family and friends and just pure relaxation. Some stress at times, don't get me wrong, but I thoroughly enjoyed each day.

Now it's on to a new year and here January is over.  The hook-ins are still going on at Grant Street, and we've gotten some new people over the past year. Still always lots of laughs. I had my camera in my  purse this past Thursday, but not being used to taking pictures, I completely forgot about it. I was going to try and get some shots for you.  I'll work on that, and hopefully update here and there on how everyone is doing. 

I'm back to this old blog and giving it one more shot. I'm hoping it doesn't go haywire again, but if it does, then it will just be even longer between posts. What can ya do??

Thought I'd share a picture of the rug I finally finished.  I bought this pattern of Old Nutfield for my 50th Birthday.  I started it shortly after my 50th, and then I lost steam. Holidays, shows, just life, and then burn out set in. Didn't feel like bringing it back out.  Well, my 51st  just passed last October and I decided to pull it out again. I think it was sometime in late November. I think... can't quite remember (getting older lol).  I still have the whipping and label to do, and that will get done shortly. 
Not the best shot, but I couldn't be more pleased. I dyed most of the wools in the background which is a nice rich dark brown.  Size is 30"x64".

Just finished putting away all the wools that have been thrown around, and cleaned up the wool room. What a load off my mind with that done.  Will clean the work room across the hall tomorrow.  Then I think I'll sit down and hook on my current rug and just relax this weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Wishing you all a Great weekend.  Stay warm! This cold weather is Not for me~~~