Friday, April 27, 2012

Last 2 weeks ~~

It's the end of April, and time is flying by.  Lists upon lists of things to do and just doing as much as I can in a days time.  Feeling good about what is getting done !

Catching you all up on the last two weeks at the hook in, here are some pictures to share from last Thursday.
Kay has done an amazing job on this HUGE rug!

A little close up for you...

Amy finishing off her first chair pad. She is making 4 of them I believe.

Joanne came to visit us, and so did our East Berlin Girlfriends  last week :). It was a full room!

Diane showing Janice her flying rabbit rug.

And this week, Amy has started on a pig rug for a gift. She even dyed her own pink wool !  I'm so thrilled she had fun with it.

Marilyn is slowing closing in on finishing up her cat rug.

Joan with another large piece!  She has dyed a lot of beautiful mottled wools for this piece.  And Diane working next to her on her flying rabbit rug. We "know" it will be done by the next time we see her. It's THAT close!

Margo coming close to  finishing up her fraktur piece.

Nancy also coming close to finishing up her piece.

Barb went to a quilting camp last week and she was working on putting on the binding yesterday. All that done!

And this one she has finished, just needs the backing.  Joanne, I think you created a big stir in Barb to finish her pieces :)

A notice to all who come to the hook in or are planning on visiting the shop next week.  Linda's shop will be closed next week.  She has asked me to post this for her. She is having problems with her blog.

I have been working on a small wool applique piece for next month's update, and would like to take this time to thank all who have viewed my work, along with the other artists in the Primitive Handmades Mercantile blog.  It's exciting not only for me to sell some of my pieces, but to watch others sell theirs as well.

A Big thumbs up for buying Handmade!!

Wishing you all a Great weekend, and I'll be looking forward to sharing pictures from our trip!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sneak Peek ~~~~

It's time for the update for PrimitiveHandmadesMercantile this Friday!  Just thought I'd share one of the items that I will be offering this month.  I have 4 items.  2 that are hooked and 2 in cross stitch.  You'll just have to stop by and see the others, along with the details and price!  And you won't want to miss seeing everyone's elses pieces. I know I can't wait :).

One piece of information that is important with my update this month is that I will be gone for a week from April 29th - May 6th.  So there will be a week that I will not be able to take emails for anyone who is interested in any of my items.   (I refuse to take my computer on vacation :) )  

Hope everyone is having a terrific week.  The weather sure has been crazy. Can't wait for the warm weather to stay.  Today was the perfect day to stay in and get things finished up. 

Not sure what I will be working on tomorrow at the hook in.  Will decide that while exercising on my stationary bike later. Trying to get in a few nights a week on the bike. It's nice that I can watch tv while peddling.  Just wish there weren't so many commercials!!  Is it me, or are there more these days?

Keep creating everyone and have a Blessed week~~~~

Friday, April 13, 2012

Where have I been?

No where really.  Just being lazy somedays, and somedays finding things to do. The blog has been so far from my mind, and every time I thought about it, I just didn't feel like sitting down to do it.  But I'm back for this week at least :). 

The hook ins have been fun as usual.  This week I have pictures to share of some finished pieces. You always see them in the works, so here are a couple that are done!

Sherri finished these 2 !  ....

Nancee finished her Fraktur!

Didn't want to forget to get a group shot... although hard to do when everyone isn't sitting down lol.  Nancee is starting a new one. Will get a shot of it next week so you can see the full thing. Such a great design!

From last week... Margo received a gift from her Secret Pal... A nice beach towel and tulips.

Another finished piece by Amy!

Her mom Marilyn is doing a great job with this pattern.  Joanne, look at all the color you helped her pick out! She is really enjoying it :)

Deb is moving along on her dancing rabbits.

And here is what happens when you get ALL the way to the hook in and remember everything except the rug you are working on!!  Diane bought a new pattern to start lol.  I think her flying bunny will be done in the next few weeks!

Nancy working on a small fine cut piece.

Sherri working on some hit and miss for the next month update

Genny is another one who finished her Fraktur piece... (makes me want to get mine out and work on it!)

Barb finished another quilt piece... Joanne she wanted you to see!!

And who is to say that cats are the only ones who like to sit on top of hooking frames.  Was laughing so hard last week when I came back to sit down and hook.  Bo didn't want me to I guess LOL.

So Easter came and went. What a Beautiful day it was. Church was wonderful in the morning and the rest of the day was spent with family..   I had everyone here, and did all the cooking the day before. What a joy to be able to relax the whole day! 

I have finished 2 pieces for the next update on PrimitiveHandmadesMercantile and am winding down on my 3rd piece.  I'm actually ahead of the game this month. Hoping to finish the last piece up soon. The next update will be next Friday! Don't forget to take a look!

The weather is going to be getting warmer and it will be time for the weeding. When my back went bad, I was disappointed that I couldn't take advantage of the nice weather to do it then.  Now the weeds are really big! I also have to do my mil's weeding too. Hard taking care of 2 homes. Hoping we can sell her house this year. Would bring such a relief of not having to deal with it anymore.  George is now interviewing Realtors. So keep us in your prayers that this year is the year it sells!

This weekend will be spent doing chores, although my house got a good cleaning right before Easter. Still need to do windows! Sure wish I had the kind that tilt in!!  Going to start today with some of the things that I can get out of the way.  Then tonight I will take time for me.....

Many changes are taking place in my life, and I'm welcoming each new one that comes along. Sometimes it means giving up one to accept another. Even if that means waiting for the next to happen. I'm ok with that, and I'm letting God direct me. Being still, listening and obeying even when it feels like it's the hardest thing to do. All I know is that everything is happening for a reason, even if I don't understand it now. I will some day!

George and I are counting down the days to our cruise.  It's at the end of this month and we cannot wait! We will be celebrating 25 years of Marriage this November and we chose to do it now.  It was on our minds for our 20th, but we couldn't because Nicole was too young to be left alone.  We are going to the Bahamas  for a week ! :)   And we couldn't be more excited!!!  Trying to make lists of what I still need to do..

Well, I hope I have made some people happy by updating again :)   There have been a few who have hinted about me being absent lol.  

Have a Terrific Weekend everyone ~~  I know I will :)