Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sneak Peek ~~~~

It's time for the update for PrimitiveHandmadesMercantile this Friday!  Just thought I'd share one of the items that I will be offering this month.  I have 4 items.  2 that are hooked and 2 in cross stitch.  You'll just have to stop by and see the others, along with the details and price!  And you won't want to miss seeing everyone's elses pieces. I know I can't wait :).

One piece of information that is important with my update this month is that I will be gone for a week from April 29th - May 6th.  So there will be a week that I will not be able to take emails for anyone who is interested in any of my items.   (I refuse to take my computer on vacation :) )  

Hope everyone is having a terrific week.  The weather sure has been crazy. Can't wait for the warm weather to stay.  Today was the perfect day to stay in and get things finished up. 

Not sure what I will be working on tomorrow at the hook in.  Will decide that while exercising on my stationary bike later. Trying to get in a few nights a week on the bike. It's nice that I can watch tv while peddling.  Just wish there weren't so many commercials!!  Is it me, or are there more these days?

Keep creating everyone and have a Blessed week~~~~


Penny said...

Love this rug.... and I look forward to seeing your other offerings on Friday!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Beautiful rug!!

TeresaM said...

It turned out great Kathy!!! I'm getting excited for the update too! Love seeing all the new handmades!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Such a wonderful rug....have fun at the hook~in!

moosecraft said...

Very nice mat! And good going on your part to stick with the bicycle routine! The other thing about commercials is that all the channels seem to put them on at the same time.... so even changing the channel to watch a different show is not possible... lol!

From Sherry's Heart said...

Kathy, this is a GREAT rug!!! I LOVE the colors that you chose!!!
I am SO NOT ready for the update!!

Doris said...

Hi Kathy.
Nice rug - lovely colors - you certainly have been a busy "bee." Hope to get to Grant St. one of the days soon. Miss you all.