Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hooking and a Giveaway

Another weekend, and it's just about over. I've taken it on myself to waste it away too... lol.  Yep, sat on my bum and flipped and flipped and flipped some more through the channels.  George and I did watch a movie on Netflix and then he went to do something and there I still sat. Flipped and flipped and flipped some more.  I was wondering why I was so stiff when i got up!  I did do some grocery shopping yesterday and then went to church this morning. So I did see some sunshine. That was nice.  Friday I had planned on going out, but the wind was so ferocious, that I decided to wait till Saturday. Hence the laziness began on Friday :).

Before I tell you about the hook-in on Thursday at Grant Street Woolworks, I want to tell you about a blog give away. No, not mine, (but I have been thinking about it lately).  This one is from Lori over on Notforgotten Farms.  I have enjoyed her patterns for a long time. Still have a few to stitch up that I bought. Her giveaway will be a little basket of needfuls.  If you are interested, head on over. You can't help but be inspired by her patterns!
Last Thursday was a very rainy day. I suspect it is what kept some away from hooking that day. But the turnout was still good.  Before I got there, I was told they had some who already came and left.  When I arrived, Teresa (not sure of the spelling yet) and Kandace (got the spelling right on this one) were sitting there and hooking.  I was pleasantly surprised to see them. They came by one day to check out the shop.  Kandace bought a beginners kit, and Teresa picked out a free pattern from a magazine to do. I helped with the transferring of it to linen for her. I really think they enjoyed themselves, and I bet we see them again!

Teresa and her pattern
Kandace's pattern
Joanne took a mini vacation and came out to stay for a couple days. She didn't bring any hooking, but did bring her feather trees to make.  What a production line!

Ruth stopped by and worked on her rug. It's a large round piece. Very lovely and she has dyed a majority of the wool for it. Good job!

Louise was in the area  and stopped by with a couple of her friends. It's always good to see her, and she is always yelling at me to put my camera away :).  Can't do that Louise!

The weather is rather pleasant today. A big welcome to that!  Hope it continues and the colder weather is behind us.  My husband announced that the last little bit of snow on the deck is now gone, woo hoo!!  Come on Spring!!   I'm heading off now to sit and hook while George and I watch a movie together.  My  pants are really snug in the back and now I know it's from too much sitting lol.  Will work on that soon.. Need motivation. ..

Wishing you all a fantastic and creative week ahead.   My next post will be an update on my rug and it's progress!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not a whole lot going on

 I never did post from last Thursdays hook-in.  Tons of fun which can be seen over on Joanne's blog She did a good job of showing what all happened that day. It was a fabulous turnout with lots of great rugs and friends.
I had a pretty good weekend. One thing I will try to avoid at all costs is going to a WalMart on Saturday again. That was brutal. In a very small town like I live in, I think that is when everyone goes. Won't make that mistake again. At least not for a large grocery order like I had.  It was a relaxing weekend though and I did manage to get some more hooking done on my rug.  I think I'm turning into the 10 minute a day hooker. I have been trying to put in a few minutes here and there. Getting one lollipop flower done, or a leaf, something. One step closer to being done.  My hands can't take it like they used too with the hooking. Even happens with cross stitch or punch needle, sewing, etc. I get pains and cramps, so I take many breaks. I used to sit for hours and hook. Wrong thing to do :(.  Even though I would stretch them, it still wasn't a good idea. We all learn from our mistakes, right? So here is what I've done so far. I am sooo enjoying this rug. Thank you Kelley for the gift! She gave me the pattern.  It's been done by so many, and  I love seeing all the different color plans for it. Mine will have a dark background. Some browns and blacks. I've been a little concerned about the stems and leaves, but when I held some of the wool up to it, I think it will work. If not, easy enough, I'll just find some other greens and rip. Did I hear a Gasp?? lol   Ripping out what I hooked does not bother me in the least. I know some, ok many of you would never do it. But if I'm not happy, then it comes out. Will hook quite a bit of background before I decide.  Just realized that you can see what my background will be. It is in the circle of the basket. And I have some even darker ones than what's in there.

Well, it snowed yet again......  Last night it came down with the freezing rain/sleet whatever you want to call it first, and then the snow came later. I'd say we got a good 5 inches.  I didn't look outside last night, because when I do that, then I worry more. Nicole was working last night.  When she walked through the door, I was very happy.  And the first thing that she said out of her mouth was: It's terrible out there. Just what a mom wants to hear! She said she slid all over the place. Oh geesh, don't tell me any more lol. 

Hubby was up very early this morning using the snowblower. I stayed in bed...   I emailed him this morning assuming he made it to work ok. Wondering how the roads were and he responded with one word. Slippery. ugh!   I will wait a couple hours and then maybe head into work. Glad he made it in ok. There is so much construction going on with the highway and the chutes you have to go through with the barriers set up. Very scary when there is bad weather (pretty scary on a clear day too at times).  Would be nice if this was the last storm of the winter.... Wishful thinking :). 

It's been a nice relaxing morning, I better get my day started. I think I'll go hook another lollipop flower before I get dressed! Hoping you are all having a wonderful week so far...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Still celebrating???

Nooo, not me, but Joanne!!  She is still celebrating her birthday :).  I'm trying to get it to rub off, and so far, so good lol.  What a great day at the hook in on Thursday for everyone who came out.  Joanne came to my house first and we went out for a cup of coffee at the Corner Coffee here in Shippensburg. Then we went to a few stores before heading on out to the hook in.  Waiting for Joanne at the shop were some balloons tied to the chair she usually sits in (I wonder if I would have put them anywhere else, if she would have realized they were for her ? LOL)  I hope she was surprised. I wasn't there when she walked in. I stopped off at the grocery store to get myself a salad for lunch.  I had a dentist appointment early in the morning.. So right after that I ran to the store to get the balloons, take them to the shop and then drive back home and wait for her. It was a morning where I thought I woke up before the birds and the early worm!

Of course everyone had to sing Happy Birthday.......  Linda bought the cake, and it was soooo delicious. Hard to have just one piece!

Was definitely a full house by the time the afternoon rolled around. Love it when there is so much noise you can't hear yourself think.  I was trying to plan my rug and I hear all the laughter in the background. Just makes me giggle!!! 
Nancee was helping Janice with instructions on her whipping.
Joan needs to use the table to support her large rug she is working on.
Another new hooker joined us.  Her name is Nancy too. She was doing a great job pulling her loops.
Jackie worked at finishing her roosters tail.
And then started on the flower.
A close up of Joanne's rug. I'm in love of the background...(you know me and my neutrals !)  Jill gave Joanne a jar filled with kisses for her Birthday :)
Barb was busy hand piecing quilt squares.
Genny finished another chair pad... I'm trying to remember what number this one was....
And here she is starting her last one!  I'm curious to see what her next project will be. Her chairs are now fitted with beautiful chair pads.
Bethany on the left brought Kim next to her to show her how the rug hooking is done. She was pulling loops and looking like a natural. I'm sure she will be back! Kathy was still whipping her rug. I'm thinking by next week if she keeps working on it, she'll have it all done..
Poor Sherry always seems to be at the end of my posts. She is the one who comes the latest, and stays with us till the very end.  And boy was it a LATE night again....  She was just about finished whipping her horse rug. Love the hit and miss background!
She also finished whipping this piece. I like the use of the 2 yarns for the whipping..
Before we were ready to leave for the night, Linda brought out a package that was left for me from my Secret Pal.  I didn't even realize anything was in the copper couldron where they are kept.  She left me a wonderful surprise. I'm looking forward to finding out who she is next Christmas!  One of the candies is already gone and didn't make the picture. Imagine that!  And the card with the lavendar in the bowl had some loose lavendar inside the card. It's going into a little dish.  Thank you Secret Pal if you are reading this!!
 Here is my next rug. It's the same one Joanne is doing.  Kelley gifted me this rug on Linen a while back. I've been itching to start it.  Just wasn't sure of the colors I wanted to use.  I have the basic idea down, but some wools might be tweeked here and there. I am going with a dark background this time. I plan on hanging it in the room where my Night-n-gale is.  I want to keep it simple, so we'll see how it progresses. 
Friday and Saturday I spent cleaning. Even measured out fabric to make valances for the computer room. Still deciding on the style, but I know I have enough of the material to do the 3 windows.
Wanted so badly to hook yesterday, but that never happened. The fatigue is really starting to anger me now. I'm just going to have to push harder to keep moving.  I did watch a good movie yesterday though, and highly recommend it. It was so cute. A real family oriented movie.  Since I missed the beginning, I'm going to rent it on Netflix some day soon. Even my daughter wanted me to get it. She had to go to work and didn't see the rest of it.  It's called Second Hand Lions.

Well, I'm off to church shortly and then after that I'm taking Nicole prom dress shopping.  We at least want to look at a few places. 

I certainly hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  Have you started anything new? Finish up anything old?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Winter Cheer

I almost completely forgot to post this on my blog. My daughter had my camera for quite a while, and I forgot I had taken this picture with my phone to share.  I shared it in our group AAPG, but then totally forgot to post it here.  We did another swap, and this time it was a Winter Cheer swap.  One of our girls, Rebecca, drew up a few Simplify patterns and we could choose one of them.  Pam had my name and she sent me the sweetest package, and it really brightened my day. A gorgeous piece of red wool, along with the simplify towel, some floss, a little slicer from Pampered Chef, a pattern of some punch needle eggs, and the beautiful hooked mat. I have it laying across the seat of my chair near my desk. I just love it!  Thank you so much Pam :)  Just wish the picture were better. My phone doesn't take the best picture.

It's been a busy couple of days. I can't believe that tomorrow is Wednesday already! Went to get my hair done earlier this evening. It's always nice to be pampered every once in a while. With my long hair, I can hold out a good amount of time before I get it trimmed or touched up. This time it's been 9 weeks! Now I'm good for a while again.

I hope you all are having a great week....  I'm itching to start a new rug soon.  Just can't decide on a color plan yet.......  Will have to buckle down and do that soon. 

Stay warm and stay creative.......

Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to normal?

Well, not sure if I'd call it normal, but I'm back to something.  After being sick, it always takes a while to start feeling yourself doesn't it?  That's the point where I am. Still a lingering cough, but it is getting better each day. That is always a good sign. 

Was happy to make it to the hook in last week. Another good turnout!  And I actually got some hooking done. That felt wonderful.

Here are just some of the shots I got of the day. 

Thelma and her gorgeous cat!
Her Aunt Naomi who either had a Birthday recently or it's coming up. I forget which. She is/will be 89!
Diane is working hard on finishing her rug that was started so long ago. Glad she picked it back up!
Sue is doing great on her first rug hooking piece.
Jill has started a stair riser for her home.
Beth, working on a little chick. She finished it by the time she left!
Nancy making a topper for a stool. Love the colors! The background she chose was a really nice textured red.
Jackie and her next HUGE project.
What a great job with the rooster!

Cathy is finishing up a rug her daughter found. She doesn't like the rug, but is doing her best to just finish it. I think it is turning out great. She says it's just not her...

And here is what I finished working on. No real biggie lol.  Just getting the hook to the foundation.  The chick is for a Basket Bingo for the High School. I have donated a piece the last few years.  They called and asked me to do it one more time since Nicole is graduating this year. I said sure.  The coasters will be  taken to one of the shows that I will be doing this year.  Need to get started, right?    Again, it just felt good to get the hook into the foundation.

This past weekend was a blurr for me.  Friday I wasted my day doing nothing. Just didn't feel like getting anything started.  Then Saturday came and I woke up with a migraine like I've never experienced before. I've had migraines before and I've been miserable. But this time I was minutes away from asking my husband to take me to the emergency room.  It was "that" bad.  I woke up with a bad headache and I quickly took something.  It was if I had taken nothing.  Within a very short time, it was a full blown migraine and I was so sick to my stomach.  I went right back upstairs to bed thinking I could sleep it off.  Well, I laid there for a few hours, nothing was helping.  And the help I needed was downstairs. I tried to get up, but the room was spinning so I laid my head right back down.  I finally heard my daughter moving around in her room, and I started calling for her. When she finally heard me, I told her I needed George.  I told him I didn't know what to do, but then decided to try 3 more ibuprofen and told him to bring me a cup of coffee.  thinking the caffeine would help.  I had no Excedrin in the house, but will get some to have on hand for the future.  Within an hour or so, I was feeling a bit better.  My insides felt like I had been in a fight that I didn't win, so I laid on the couch the rest of the day.  What a day!  So glad to go to bed that night.
Yesterday I felt fine when I woke up. Went to church, the store and then came home and relaxed with the family and watched the Super Bowl.   I'm starting to wonder if my new medicine that I am on for the thyroid is giving me the headaches or not. I have to talk with the doctor about it.  I had my blood work check up, and the thyroid is soooooooo off.  The numbers blew me away. an average TSH level is between .5 and 5.00.  Mine was 73.74 !! (sure does explain a lot of my symptoms, eh?)  I never got a phone call so fast from my lab work before. I had it taken that morning and the doctor called me before dinner!  Soooo, now we are playing the adjustment game again. Ugh.  One of these days it will be right. Just a shame, it takes so long. 

Anyway, that's what I've been up too. Now I need to finish getting ready to head on out to the shop to help Linda.  Hard to believe it's Monday already!  I don't like it when weekends are wasted, and it sure felt like mine was.  I'm just glad to be feeling better and looking forward to a GOOD week!
Wishing you all the same ~~~