Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Winter Cheer

I almost completely forgot to post this on my blog. My daughter had my camera for quite a while, and I forgot I had taken this picture with my phone to share.  I shared it in our group AAPG, but then totally forgot to post it here.  We did another swap, and this time it was a Winter Cheer swap.  One of our girls, Rebecca, drew up a few Simplify patterns and we could choose one of them.  Pam had my name and she sent me the sweetest package, and it really brightened my day. A gorgeous piece of red wool, along with the simplify towel, some floss, a little slicer from Pampered Chef, a pattern of some punch needle eggs, and the beautiful hooked mat. I have it laying across the seat of my chair near my desk. I just love it!  Thank you so much Pam :)  Just wish the picture were better. My phone doesn't take the best picture.

It's been a busy couple of days. I can't believe that tomorrow is Wednesday already! Went to get my hair done earlier this evening. It's always nice to be pampered every once in a while. With my long hair, I can hold out a good amount of time before I get it trimmed or touched up. This time it's been 9 weeks! Now I'm good for a while again.

I hope you all are having a great week....  I'm itching to start a new rug soon.  Just can't decide on a color plan yet.......  Will have to buckle down and do that soon. 

Stay warm and stay creative.......


Orange Sink said...

Hi Kathy,
What a great little package to brighten your spirits! I hope you are feeling better after your bout with the migraine. The thyroid could trigger your headaches too. Did I ever mention to you the book I found called The Menopause Thyroid Solution by Mary J. Shomon. I recommend it to anyone dealing with thyroid issues.
Rug hooking helps too ;) but then you already know that! :-))
Cathy G

moosecraft said...

Pam sent you some wonderful cheer! And, good timing too! I hope you are feeling better from that migrane and whatever else was going on there... geeesh! Weatherman said sunshine for the next 10 days!!!!!! whoo-hooooooo!

Doris said...

Hi Kathy, glad to hear you are feeling better. Nothing like a headache on top of the winter blues. Sounds like you also need sunshine and palm trees - Bermuda here we all come. Love the gife package. The Simplify idea was a very sweet one. Have a good week.

Joanne said...

What a great package! So fun to see what everyone did with all the patterns!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
What a great package to receive in the mail. That mat is very sweet!
Hope you are feeling in tip-top shape.
Pug hugs :)

Felicia Martin said...

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