Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Man...... He did it again!

Yes He did! George fixed my "hot-flash" fan yet again :). He cracked me up when I told him it died again. He had found a fan in the back closet...One of those kinds that doesn't really blow air like imine. (You have to feel the air this little fan puts out to believe it). He tried switching the blades! I never would have thought of that.  Unfortunately, the blades on the other one are bent in such a matter that the motor is reversed, and the air blew backward.  I could have just held the fan backwards. That would have worked too.  But then last night he was down in the basement... "His Shack" and was at his workbench.  He used his equipment to test the motor on my fan. It was...sniff, sniff.... dead.   Sooo, he figured out how to reversse the motor on the other fan and put it in mine. It's all taped up again and working nicely. He said however that he's not sure how long it will last.  Have you ever met a fan with as many lives as this one? LOL  I am sooo grateful !  He's my hero :)   He just laughs when I tell him that..  I wish I would have gotten a better shot of the equipment he used to test this tiny fan. Too funny to me!

And speaking of hot-flashes, my daughter NIcole being a smarty pants as usual, brought me home a gift from the beach.  Gotta love her!

It's such a relief knowing my yard work is done..... for now. That is until it's time to weed, but the heavy work is all over. Thanks to my neighbor for giving me mulch to finish the rest of that side I was working on. He was delivered too much he thinks. So generous of him.  How nice it was to come home last night and not have to worry about it. Now I can focus on maybe getting some hooking, or punching done in the evenings. Last night I just took it easy since I was very stiff and sore from the weekend.  Really hoping tonight I have the motivation and energy to sit and pick up the hook.

It's raining and dreary out right now. I'd rather wake up to some sunshine, but hey, it's another day... And I won't complain about that!

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone. Hope the sun is shining near you and you get lots done today!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finally getting somewhere~~ And a Big Happy Birthday!

Saturday already? Really?  Guess I shouldn't complain with time flying by when it's been a pretty productive week.   On Monday I was ready to head outside and work on the yard, but hubby told me to take a day off because he was painting the trim work around the new side door of the garage. Needed replacing badly, so we buckled and went and got one.   I was wondering what I was going to do, so I picked up some wool that was on the living room floor and took it upstairs to put away.  You know where this is going?  It was hard to get into the room with all the stuffff on the floor. So I started to pick things up off the floor. It all went spiralling from there. One thing led to another (this was a Good thing!).  I turned on some music and just went to town. Before I knew it, I had moved one piece of furniture to the other side of the room and then brought in the red hutch. Moved my sewing machine and the table it sat on to the center of the room and then drug in my Mil's. Her Necchi machine is in a sewing cabinet, and these items were in the room across the hall.  By the time I would have called my husband up from the basement, I could have these in there, so I did it myself. I plugged the sewing machine in and it made some clunking noises, so I stopped.  Read the manual that she kept with it (from 1984) and saw that it needed oiling.  Linda graciously let me take home her oiling can from the shop the next day and it worked like a charm. I did all the maintenance on it and it's running good! Ok, back to the cleaning. Quite a few things had to be moved around, and I accomplished that. I then decided to take down the drawing table that was my mil's and store that away. I liked it, but it wasn't quite the piece to do some work on.  I thought what could I replace it with? 
I remembered this was out in the garage. Another piece we brought home from my Mil's house. It's going to do just fine for putting my laptop and other items on it. I'm thinking about painting the legs the same color as the hutch. Not sure yet.

I worked on the room for 2 days and got more done than I ever imagined. I'm in the purging mood again, so this is good!  On Wednesday, Joanne came out and Linda, myself and Joanne went to play bingo in the evening. They were winners this week, I'm still with a big "L" on my forehead lol.  It was fun though.   I'm determined to win next week!

On Thursday I wrapped up a lot of loose ends at home before going to the hook in. Nicole was away this week in Virginia with her girlfriend and she called me Thursday and we got a chance to talk for a good bit. I was happy to hear from her.  I was going to text her in the afternoon just to check up, but she surprised me first. She told me that since I was good and didn't text her every day, she decided to call ME.  (I teased her and said "I'm being rewarded") lol. She laughed. 

The hook in was fun as usual. I was however without my camera (Nicole took it). So all these pictures were from my phone.  I didn't take a lot. I just enjoyed the day..

I was able to get 3 more small pieces hooked. Took lots of breaks :)

I received a gift from my Secret Pal that day. And Wow, wow, wow!   In this beautiful beach tote, I just kept pulling out and pulling out more items.  She is definitely spoiling me!

There was a BIG beach towel, chap stick, black bean chips (my favorite), dark chocolate almonds mmmm, some truffles, a drink mix, summer weight P.J.'s (I can't wait to wear them!) and of all things, a Hammock!!  My daughter was just telling my husband that she wanted a hammock.  Now I'll have to fight her for it.  We have 2 trees out in the yard that are close enough together to be able to use it. She is going to flip.  (and hopefully not out of it lol)  Thank you so Very, very much Secret Pal if you are reading this.  I love each and every item!

And I got her again......  Joanne insisting on putting things on her head lol.  She's a pistol !!

Friday, I spent the day returning some clothes I had bought and just looked around in a few stores while I was there. In the evening we met up with our son Craig and Lake for dinner. It is Craig's Birthday today!!!  So we celebrated last night. Great time with Both of them!  Happy Birthday Craig, Love You !!  Hoping you take today and spoil yourself by doing what you want to do :) :) :)  24, wow, time is flying!

George is participating in Field Day today which has to do with Amateur Radio. He does it every year at this time. Another reason why we celebrated last night with Craig.  Right now George is scurrying around the house getting all his stuff together. I won't see him until late tonight when he comes home to sleep and then head up to the mountain again tomorrow. He does this with a few of his friends. I went up there one year to take him something and they were throwing wires up into trees and hanging them here and there. Amazing how they can talk as far as they do with just those little wires. Hey, a man has to have a hobby, right? Glad we both have something we really enjoy.  I went out last night and bought the food they will need, so I think they are set.

Nicole is home and is still sleeping. I'm sure she has lots to catch up on.  I will be doing my own thing today, which will mostly be upstairs sorting, and going through some more stuffff.  Tonight I'm really hoping I can sit and hook. I've got some stitching and punching ideas in my head too, so I need to get them down on paper so I don't forget. I'm not planning on doing certain things too much, because every time I do that, something comes along and interferes. Sooo, whatever happens this weekend will be just fine with me. Curious to see how much if anything I really do get done!!

Wishing each of you a very relaxing, and creative weekend :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Indiana Visitor ~~

Is it really Friday?  Not sure where the last couple days went!  Joanne came out on Wednesday this week, and we went to play bingo with Linda. No winning, but still a good time.  Yesterday, I met up with Joanne and Cheryl for lunch.  Cheryl is visiting from Indiana. She came with her Mom and sisters and were staying with an Aunt in the area. They came early in the week and were spending each day going to different places.  So yesterday, they dropped Cheryl off, and we had a wonderful lunch and then headed to the hook in from there.  The last time we saw her was 2 years ago. Funny how Cheryl, Joanne and I all met through an on line group called Wool Snippets.  I'm hoping she gets out this way again soon.  Good seeing you Cheryl, and thanks for spending the day with us :) !
Here Cheryl is talking to Joan about the rug she had made in memory of Terry ( a love of hers that she lost to cancer)

If you look closely, you can see his name written in the lake.  Lovely pictorial in memory of him. All she needs to do now is finish the bears face and she'll be all done!

Joan brought along a small piece that she did of pretzels. Somehow, everyone wanted to eat pretzels after this lol.

She also brought along her leaf rug that she finished. Amazing, huh?

Joan sat down to work on a piece that's been in progress.  Everyone gathered around to take a look. Sorry it's upside down. I was on the other side of the table. It didn't look right when I flipped it.  No loops were pulled though. But it was wonderful that she was able to get out of the house and come and relax and sit for a little while. Her husband Bob recently had surgery and is now home and recovering.  She went home in time to make dinner for him :)   Wishing him well Joan!!

This is what I saw when I walked in the shop.  Nancee working hard at drawing up a new pattern she created.  Oh, the concentration! 

She then put it down on the floor and we were discussing color. By this point, I'm thinking she's telling me to put down the dang camera lol.  I cannot wait to see next week how far she got and what colors she put where!  

Lots of chatting and relaxing going on....

And even somre more hooking after that!  Cheryl is working on a rug that i didn't get a long shot of. It's a Christmas tree with ornaments and a patriotic pot. Very cute..

Beth was very quiet yesterday.  She was hooking away on her new project. She got quite a bit done!

Bert and her sister Genny came in the evening and were able to accomplish some on their rugs.

This is one of Berts. The pattern size was just the rectangle of the angel.  Bert added the block border. This was her first piece!

And here is one she drew up for her second. She is really enjoying hooking.

Jackie and Bonnie came later in the evening also.  Don't know where Bonnie is. Never got a shot of her in any of the pictures, hmm.  Jackie is making great progress on her rug here. Love that  teal background.

And now for a good giggle.  You ready for this???   I had no clue really what colors I needed for yesterday.  I had decided to draw up some 3x5 rectangles and felt I could hook up a bunch yesterday.   Sooooo, I decided to take ALL my rings. I didn't have time in the morning and Wed night after bingo, it was very late until I got to bed.  Sooo, I just grabbed them off the wall and away I went!  These will be made into little pilows.

Joan had gave me this tip when I first started hooking.  All my scraps go on macrame' rings. I use safety pins to attach them.  The rings are all by color.

And here is what I brought ALL those rings for LOL. Go ahead an laugh. I laughed too.  I even left everything in the car lst night and didn't bring it in the house.  Went and got it this morning.  Do ya think I need better planning?????  LOL   This was done in a #5 cut. It's been a long time since I used that size.  I like my #8.5 cut  :).   I didn't have any clue what I was going to put inside the rectangles. If I knew it was going to be a pumpkin, and something else, I would have just taken a few pieces.  I'm still laughing at myself. 

Well, I'm ready to start my day with some house cleaning.  Been sitting here at the computer for a few hours now.  Nicole left with a friend to do some shopping today.  So the house is nice and quiet.  I'm going to turn on some music and hopefully get some things accomplished.    Going out with my friend Donna tonight for dinner. I'm looking forward to it.

Hoping you all have some great plans this weekend ~~~

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Took the weekend off

I was a total bum this past weekend.  I guess all the yard work and excitement of the Graduation on Friday did me in.  On Saturday, I did absolutely Nothing, and it was wonderful !!  I laid on the couch all day and watched tv.  I kept looking at my horse rug, so close to being finished with the whipping, but nothing was going to move me that day.  I'm glad I took that time to do nothing.. 

On Sunday, I did manage to go to church and then when I came home, I did some things around the house. I also finished whipping my rug. I then pressed it, and it is now waiting for the label before I hang it. 

Now to the hook in from last week.  We had a surprise visitor in the evening.    I'm going to be really embarrassed here and say her name was Karen.  I will check tomorrow and correct myself on the next post if I'm wrong.  Linda had gotten a phone call from Karen earlier in the day looking for a frame. Linda was going to mail it to her since she lived out near Westminster, MD.  A big surprise when she came in the evening to buy it, and on top of that, she brought Ramona Cann with her.  Ramona has a website here.  What a really nice visit we all had. Linda was helping Karen and I got a chance to sit with Ramona while she sewed some binding onto her rug. I haven't seen her in quite a long time. I met Ramona at the Blue and Gray hooking group. Sure hope they make it back soon~


 This was her first rug, and she is already planning another!

Nettie and Joanne came to the hook in, and here is Nettie and Nancee discussing something on her ipad. Nancee is sewing down the finishing edge.

It turned out wonderful !!

Jill sure is making progress on her rug!!  Hang in there Jill :)

Genny came in the evening and showed us her new rug that her son designed and she is giving it to him and his fiancee.

Joanne is Joanne lol.  Always putting something on her head. Just like a little kid who can't stop touching things. She picks something up and it goes right on top of her head !

Angie finished her very first piece. She bought the kit from Linda. Great job!!

Hard to believe Thursday is almost here again.  I am not sure what I'll be taking to work on. I need to get motivated and start on something to sell for Colonial day. That HAS to be my focus.  I was going to go out tonight and work on the side of the house that I saved for last, but I just didn't have it in me. I had to go pick up some things from the store, and then when I came back, I realized I needed to get some bills paid. So now that they are out of the way, I can concentrate on doing some other stuff.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can at least get an hour or two after dinner spent outside. 

The weather has been so nice these last few days, I sure hope it continues.  I hope it's been the same near you....   Wishing you all a wonderfully creative week ahead!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tears of Joy ~~~

We couldn't be more proud than to have both of our children Graduate.  Tonight it was Nicole's turn :).  And she Graduated with Honors! Pictures say it all. She's happy, and we are all happy for her...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy days, busy nights

That's exactly what it's been like lately.  I'm so tired, I don't know if I'm coming or going.  I went out to buy flowers for the porch one day, turned to look at the bushes that needed pruning, and decided to dig them all out... yep, all of them.  Why oh why do I do this to myself??  I knew from the beginning it was going to be a big job. I had that black plastic edging around the whole house. It served its purpose for a number of years. Then it started to lift and separate. Time for it to come out too. I hadn't mulched in the last 2 years, so it was down to the bare ground also. The weeds on the sides of the house were horrendous.  I found replacements for what I took out. No prickly branches (a plus), nothing huge (another plus).  Ordered the mulch and had it delivered. Didn't want to plant the stuff and not have mulch to put around it right away. Well, to make a long story short, I finished the front completely, and moved to the side of the house. Yesterday I worked  till it was dark and finished the corner of the house and half of the side of the house. Removing all those weeds and those dang vines that are impossible to kill is a nightmare. I will have to keep up with spraying on a daily/weekly basis to try and kill them off for good. Something tells me it's a never ending battle.  Tonight I worked on the other half of that side. The part that was the worst.  I'm achy and tired. Could not wait to take a shower.   Tomorrow I'm headed out to pick up just  a few perrenials. I don't need much. I don't like a lot of stuff , so I keep it very simple.  It will be another long day tomorrow if the weather holds up.

I have not posted in a while, one being the outside work, and the other is that my son changed my whole computer around. I no longer have one program, but another. And I tried and tried to get the pictures saved, and it gave me nothing but a headache. I don't like the way it is set up, so I will have to talk to him to see if I can get the way it used to be. I eventually got just a few on here.   So busy, not much to share.

Here is Pat's rug that she brought to the hook in 2 weeks ago.  Can't believe it's been that long since I posted. Told you I was busy!!  Isn't her rug wonderful?  She was whipping it that day. I'm sure it's all done by now, and she has started something else.

This past Thursday, it was a very quiet day at Grantstreet.  There were only a few people that showed up.  Linda and I were acting pretty goofy to pass some time.  Now I know Linda has a fettish for shoes, but this was a bit much, don't you think??    Actually they are ashtrays.  Linda draped her pant legs over the ashtray part.  We got a good laugh out of them.  They still creep me out!!

There was a big UH OH that happened as well.  I was talking to Sherri who came later in the evening and my fan stopped working. Poor Sherri, I think she thought I blamed it on her lol. I tried to get it back together, but didn't want to make more of a mess, so I put it all in a baggie and took it home to my hubby.

The man can work miracles :) !!!!!  I told him, "I don't care if you have to duct tape it back together, just get it to work!!".  And he did :)  It no longer stays on by itself, I have to hold it, but that's just fine with me. My hot flashes are being taken care of!

Joanne couldn't make it last week, and she had left her frame at the shop.  Had to make it feel like she was there..........  (it's waiting for you Joanne, I kept Linda from selling it lol)

One good thing that happened at the hook in, was that I finished hooking my Horse rug.  I am pleased with it. I will be whipping it at the hook in this week.  No time to do it while working outside.  Rather than a border, I am just going to whip it in the antique black that is in the center. I just wanted a frame around it.

So that is it for this week.  I'm hoping we have a good turnout at Grantstreet this week so I can share more with you.   This weekend I'm hoping to finish up the yard work completely. And I'm not even thinking about the staining of the deck yet!!   Why my husband made it two levels, I have NO idea lol. 
Have a Wonderful week everyone!