Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Took the weekend off

I was a total bum this past weekend.  I guess all the yard work and excitement of the Graduation on Friday did me in.  On Saturday, I did absolutely Nothing, and it was wonderful !!  I laid on the couch all day and watched tv.  I kept looking at my horse rug, so close to being finished with the whipping, but nothing was going to move me that day.  I'm glad I took that time to do nothing.. 

On Sunday, I did manage to go to church and then when I came home, I did some things around the house. I also finished whipping my rug. I then pressed it, and it is now waiting for the label before I hang it. 

Now to the hook in from last week.  We had a surprise visitor in the evening.    I'm going to be really embarrassed here and say her name was Karen.  I will check tomorrow and correct myself on the next post if I'm wrong.  Linda had gotten a phone call from Karen earlier in the day looking for a frame. Linda was going to mail it to her since she lived out near Westminster, MD.  A big surprise when she came in the evening to buy it, and on top of that, she brought Ramona Cann with her.  Ramona has a website here.  What a really nice visit we all had. Linda was helping Karen and I got a chance to sit with Ramona while she sewed some binding onto her rug. I haven't seen her in quite a long time. I met Ramona at the Blue and Gray hooking group. Sure hope they make it back soon~


 This was her first rug, and she is already planning another!

Nettie and Joanne came to the hook in, and here is Nettie and Nancee discussing something on her ipad. Nancee is sewing down the finishing edge.

It turned out wonderful !!

Jill sure is making progress on her rug!!  Hang in there Jill :)

Genny came in the evening and showed us her new rug that her son designed and she is giving it to him and his fiancee.

Joanne is Joanne lol.  Always putting something on her head. Just like a little kid who can't stop touching things. She picks something up and it goes right on top of her head !

Angie finished her very first piece. She bought the kit from Linda. Great job!!

Hard to believe Thursday is almost here again.  I am not sure what I'll be taking to work on. I need to get motivated and start on something to sell for Colonial day. That HAS to be my focus.  I was going to go out tonight and work on the side of the house that I saved for last, but I just didn't have it in me. I had to go pick up some things from the store, and then when I came back, I realized I needed to get some bills paid. So now that they are out of the way, I can concentrate on doing some other stuff.  Hopefully, tomorrow I can at least get an hour or two after dinner spent outside. 

The weather has been so nice these last few days, I sure hope it continues.  I hope it's been the same near you....   Wishing you all a wonderfully creative week ahead!!!


moosecraft said...

You deserved that day off.... and more! Glad you took the time to recharge! Joanne looks cute in her party ribbons! :-) Angie did a great job on her first rug.... love the colors too! We are having beautiful autumn weather... but rained enough to make it too muddy to play outside... hoping to pull weeds this weekend...

Joanne said...

Well at least Sharon said I looked cute - you just said I wear everything on my head!Had a great time last weekend! And about your lazying around - go for it - no on has written in stone that you must work everyday!