Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finally getting somewhere~~ And a Big Happy Birthday!

Saturday already? Really?  Guess I shouldn't complain with time flying by when it's been a pretty productive week.   On Monday I was ready to head outside and work on the yard, but hubby told me to take a day off because he was painting the trim work around the new side door of the garage. Needed replacing badly, so we buckled and went and got one.   I was wondering what I was going to do, so I picked up some wool that was on the living room floor and took it upstairs to put away.  You know where this is going?  It was hard to get into the room with all the stuffff on the floor. So I started to pick things up off the floor. It all went spiralling from there. One thing led to another (this was a Good thing!).  I turned on some music and just went to town. Before I knew it, I had moved one piece of furniture to the other side of the room and then brought in the red hutch. Moved my sewing machine and the table it sat on to the center of the room and then drug in my Mil's. Her Necchi machine is in a sewing cabinet, and these items were in the room across the hall.  By the time I would have called my husband up from the basement, I could have these in there, so I did it myself. I plugged the sewing machine in and it made some clunking noises, so I stopped.  Read the manual that she kept with it (from 1984) and saw that it needed oiling.  Linda graciously let me take home her oiling can from the shop the next day and it worked like a charm. I did all the maintenance on it and it's running good! Ok, back to the cleaning. Quite a few things had to be moved around, and I accomplished that. I then decided to take down the drawing table that was my mil's and store that away. I liked it, but it wasn't quite the piece to do some work on.  I thought what could I replace it with? 
I remembered this was out in the garage. Another piece we brought home from my Mil's house. It's going to do just fine for putting my laptop and other items on it. I'm thinking about painting the legs the same color as the hutch. Not sure yet.

I worked on the room for 2 days and got more done than I ever imagined. I'm in the purging mood again, so this is good!  On Wednesday, Joanne came out and Linda, myself and Joanne went to play bingo in the evening. They were winners this week, I'm still with a big "L" on my forehead lol.  It was fun though.   I'm determined to win next week!

On Thursday I wrapped up a lot of loose ends at home before going to the hook in. Nicole was away this week in Virginia with her girlfriend and she called me Thursday and we got a chance to talk for a good bit. I was happy to hear from her.  I was going to text her in the afternoon just to check up, but she surprised me first. She told me that since I was good and didn't text her every day, she decided to call ME.  (I teased her and said "I'm being rewarded") lol. She laughed. 

The hook in was fun as usual. I was however without my camera (Nicole took it). So all these pictures were from my phone.  I didn't take a lot. I just enjoyed the day..

I was able to get 3 more small pieces hooked. Took lots of breaks :)

I received a gift from my Secret Pal that day. And Wow, wow, wow!   In this beautiful beach tote, I just kept pulling out and pulling out more items.  She is definitely spoiling me!

There was a BIG beach towel, chap stick, black bean chips (my favorite), dark chocolate almonds mmmm, some truffles, a drink mix, summer weight P.J.'s (I can't wait to wear them!) and of all things, a Hammock!!  My daughter was just telling my husband that she wanted a hammock.  Now I'll have to fight her for it.  We have 2 trees out in the yard that are close enough together to be able to use it. She is going to flip.  (and hopefully not out of it lol)  Thank you so Very, very much Secret Pal if you are reading this.  I love each and every item!

And I got her again......  Joanne insisting on putting things on her head lol.  She's a pistol !!

Friday, I spent the day returning some clothes I had bought and just looked around in a few stores while I was there. In the evening we met up with our son Craig and Lake for dinner. It is Craig's Birthday today!!!  So we celebrated last night. Great time with Both of them!  Happy Birthday Craig, Love You !!  Hoping you take today and spoil yourself by doing what you want to do :) :) :)  24, wow, time is flying!

George is participating in Field Day today which has to do with Amateur Radio. He does it every year at this time. Another reason why we celebrated last night with Craig.  Right now George is scurrying around the house getting all his stuff together. I won't see him until late tonight when he comes home to sleep and then head up to the mountain again tomorrow. He does this with a few of his friends. I went up there one year to take him something and they were throwing wires up into trees and hanging them here and there. Amazing how they can talk as far as they do with just those little wires. Hey, a man has to have a hobby, right? Glad we both have something we really enjoy.  I went out last night and bought the food they will need, so I think they are set.

Nicole is home and is still sleeping. I'm sure she has lots to catch up on.  I will be doing my own thing today, which will mostly be upstairs sorting, and going through some more stuffff.  Tonight I'm really hoping I can sit and hook. I've got some stitching and punching ideas in my head too, so I need to get them down on paper so I don't forget. I'm not planning on doing certain things too much, because every time I do that, something comes along and interferes. Sooo, whatever happens this weekend will be just fine with me. Curious to see how much if anything I really do get done!!

Wishing each of you a very relaxing, and creative weekend :)


Julia said...

Wow Kathy, you have accomplished much in a short time. It's surprising how much we can accomplish when we gain momentum. Purging is good.

It's nice that Nicole is home. Happy Birthday Craig.Have a great weekend Kathy. JB

weaverpat said...

You had another busy week! I don't know how you get it all done. The little mats are really cute. I think the table would look cute with red legs.

Nettie said...

Hi Kathy....glad you got your room in order,it makes me feel great when I get things accomplished and you really, really did accomplish a lot.... Happy birthday to Craig!.... you do not look old enough to have a 23-year-old...
Wish I could have been at the hook in, miss you girls :-( .... the little mats are really cute...

love you

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Put on your list....Come to Judy's and "redo" her workroom!!!
One of these days I am going to surprise you and come to Grant Street just to meet all the girls and have a fun time with all of you!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
As always, such a newsy post.
I vote for painting the table legs. I bet it felt good to get the hooking room in order. Too bad it doesn't stay that way...sigh.
Hugs :)

moosecraft said...

Wow! So much for the "day off" George gave you! lol! You got a lot of good work accomplished! I was wondering about that red hutch just this past week... Anyways, with all that taken care of, your mind should be clear to create! Craig and Nicole are great kids! I stay away from hanging wires too, Kathy... especially when the potato guns come out... lol!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Amazing week and my you got lots accomplished. Happy Birthday to Craig!!! Have a great week.

Joanne said...

I do not put everything on my head - I do not! Happy Birthday to Craig. Love the table - looks just like the one my Nana gave me! Go for it and paint the legs - if you don't like it - you can repaint!