Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Man...... He did it again!

Yes He did! George fixed my "hot-flash" fan yet again :). He cracked me up when I told him it died again. He had found a fan in the back closet...One of those kinds that doesn't really blow air like imine. (You have to feel the air this little fan puts out to believe it). He tried switching the blades! I never would have thought of that.  Unfortunately, the blades on the other one are bent in such a matter that the motor is reversed, and the air blew backward.  I could have just held the fan backwards. That would have worked too.  But then last night he was down in the basement... "His Shack" and was at his workbench.  He used his equipment to test the motor on my fan. It was...sniff, sniff.... dead.   Sooo, he figured out how to reversse the motor on the other fan and put it in mine. It's all taped up again and working nicely. He said however that he's not sure how long it will last.  Have you ever met a fan with as many lives as this one? LOL  I am sooo grateful !  He's my hero :)   He just laughs when I tell him that..  I wish I would have gotten a better shot of the equipment he used to test this tiny fan. Too funny to me!

And speaking of hot-flashes, my daughter NIcole being a smarty pants as usual, brought me home a gift from the beach.  Gotta love her!

It's such a relief knowing my yard work is done..... for now. That is until it's time to weed, but the heavy work is all over. Thanks to my neighbor for giving me mulch to finish the rest of that side I was working on. He was delivered too much he thinks. So generous of him.  How nice it was to come home last night and not have to worry about it. Now I can focus on maybe getting some hooking, or punching done in the evenings. Last night I just took it easy since I was very stiff and sore from the weekend.  Really hoping tonight I have the motivation and energy to sit and pick up the hook.

It's raining and dreary out right now. I'd rather wake up to some sunshine, but hey, it's another day... And I won't complain about that!

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone. Hope the sun is shining near you and you get lots done today!


TeresaM said...

It's so nice to have a handyman husband! Love your sign.... kids can be so thoughtful! LOL

weaverpat said...

The sun is out and it's warming up. You're gonna need that little fan! Horay for George!

Nettie said...

great Kathy, he is a keeper... Nettie

primitivebettys said...

Glad it is all fixed! :) Relax & hook the rainy day away Miss Kathy.

Brenis said...

ROFL!! Your hot flash fan is killin me Kathy!! It has more lives than a cat, me thinks! :D So glad George could come to the rescue! Hey - I keep meaning to mention this to you, and keep forgetting. Have you tried progesterone cream? I'll send you an email about it. AMAZING stuff!! But only one particular brand. You're making me tired reading about all your cleaning and moving! :) I am in purge mode BIG TIME right now. I think hubby's starting to worry if i am going to start throwing away all his stuff too! LOL! I am just sooo done with the clutter! And tired of waiting to have a garage sale - just want it all OUT OF HERE!!! So... wanna come to my house this week and help? Since you're already in the groove? :) I'll take you to our bingo barn as a reward! LOLOL Huggers!

Julia said...

I'm glad that George fixed your fan, I've got mine fanning me right now. I just came in for a few minutes to cool off before I go back in the hot humidity working on fixing my brick border in the flower bed.

We're suppose to get rain tomorrow so I better go now.
I LOVE that sign. JB

Joanne said...

Glad George came to your rescue again! What a man!