Sunday, June 27, 2010

She's gone home......

My Dear Sweet Mil has gone home to be with God.  Harriet passed away yesterday in the hospital after being there for a few days. She fell last week in her kitchen and broken her arm and femur right below the hip. Operated on Thursday, and despite after a 3 hour operation, and  being in pain, was doing ok. At 91, she was the strongest person I knew. A true fighter. Always told me she was going to be here when Christ returned.  Well, now she's with Him. Welcomed with open arms.  On Friday night, I went back to be with her and we were able to talk a little and giggle together when she couldn't think of the word she was looking to say. She would always crinkle up her face in frustration, but we worked through it. Then a smile would come over her face when I finally figured it out. We got a phone call Saturday morning that she had a decent night, but in the morning, her oxygen levels were dropping. We went right over, and I'm glad we were there. She did not suffer, it was very peaceful. 

George will be heading back to NJ on Monday to make the arrangements. She will be buried next to her husband.  Today is a hard day for me.  I told George this morning, that after being needed every day, and then all of a sudden nothing...... well, It's just very hard. I know with time it will get easier.  Time is a funny thing, isn't it?  Life is so short. I am so thrilled to have had Harriet in my life for 24 years.  Not only a mil to me, but a very, very dear friend. I could talk to her about anything. And now I feel so empty.
Please keep George in your prayers that he will have safe travels tomorrow and that things will go smoothly for him.

Her wishes were to have the message of salvation spoken at her service. She wanted everyone to come to know Jesus.  She lived for the Lord every day of her life. I just love the simplicity of the song by Chris Rice... Come to Jesus.  I hope, along with Harriet, that everyone knows where they will be spending eternity.  We would love to see you all in Heaven one day....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My swap gifts ~~

Had a busy day today with work.  Linda's Daughter Nicole came with her 4 children.  God Bless you Nicole!  I don't know how some do it.  God was good to me and knew that 2 was all I could handle.  And I've told my daughter that if she was first, she would have been an only child lol. Her and her brother are sooo different which is wonderful.  But to have 4 with 4 different personalities, WHEW!  I loved meeting them.  Hope to see them again before they head on home.

Took my mil some dinner and sat with her for a bit.  She had kind of a rough day, but not too bad.  I just would like to know how you can give direct orders to a doctor and he not follow them. I spoke yesterday to him face to face, he wrote down what I had said, I watched him write it down, and STILL he did not follow any of it. Hmmmm is all I can say.  If I were to say any more, my fingers would be pounding too hard and I would break the keys on the keyboard. Then there wouldn't be any more posts, no more emails, no more googling, nothing... and I can't let that happen. So let's leave it at that lol.  I'm undecided as of now if I will call him tomorrow or not. Perhaps I'll cool off for a few days and then rethink it. Prayer is a good thing :)

Ok, on to what my title of this post is about.  We had a wool swap this month with our group AAPG (usaprim on ebay).  I forgot to take a picture of what I sent Jo. Was too concerned about getting it out on time.  Hope she liked what I sent her.
Betty had my name, and what a box of goodies I received!  We were to give a strawberry of somekind, a piece of wool, a cheery card, something handmade, and a white elephant gift.
Well, her cheery card still has me giggling. She wrote inside and explained that she has a house full of boys and this was their kind of humor.  I don't know Betty, it sure had me laughing pretty hard. I must like it too lol!!  Inside the box there was a sweet little basket with 2 pieces of wool in it. They are both from Judy Cripps. One is a yummy chocolate brown and the other is a plain one for me to dye. Can't wait!  There was a fabric covered box with one of her beautiful cross stitched pieces on the top (I just love everything about it). Inside the box was a velvet strawberry pin cushion with wool leaves. Just gorgeous!! I am a lover of pin cushions. And I enjoy using them all.  You never know when you will need a pin, so they are all over my house.  There was also a doodle pad with crayons and some sharpies (I'll be sketching up some new patterns ! ).  Betty, I love everything. Thank you sooo very much! 

No time to hook tonight. Will get on the exercise bike in a bit to let out the frustration from earlier. I may be riding through the night lol. 

Hope the rest of your week is frustration FREE!! 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

Hoping everyone out there had a wonderful Fathers day either :  Spending time with your Dad if he is close by, talking with him on the phone if he's further away, or just remembering the good times if your Dad has passed like mine.  I had a quiet time to reflect on my Dad today. It put a smile on my face, and I hope no matter what way you spent it, you had a really great day too!

Just wanted to share my rug with you too.  I was able to finish the top this past Thursday. I just kept hooking and hooking.  Very happy with the results. Hope I can get the bottom part to turn out like I have planned in my head.  Wanted to pick up the hook this weekend, but had other plans. 

My son and his girlfriend came over on Saturday for a picnic.  And I finally got to meet Lake's mom.  She came also.  We all had a nice time.  Verna left after a few hours. She lives about an hour away.  But Craig and Lake stayed quite a long time.  I truly enjoyed every minute of their stay.  They don't come over very often, so this was a real treat!

George came down stairs this morning to a table set for a King.  Nicole asked me the other day if I had saved the menu she had made last year for him. Geesh, silly question.  Of course I did!  So I got it out and she had it on the table with his place setting.  I was still in bed.  Imagine that lol!  They had their alone time.  Craig celebrated Fathers day with him yesterday while he was here.  I think George enjoyed his weekend :).

This coming Friday  is Craig's 23 Birthday!  He was talking about going out to dinner on Thursday evening.  Will have to see how George's workload goes in the beginning of the week.  But we'll celebrate it somehow!

Have a fantastic week ~~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wooly Fruit

Very busy weekend. And when I stop and think about what I got done, it doesn't add up to a whole lot. But everything takes up time.  There's that time thing again.  Seems to go so fast.  On occasion I get a day that seems to last forever, but not many. 

Worked outside and inside this weekend.  Then finally got some time to sit and create a few things for the online retreat.  It was fruits and vegetables.  No veggies to be made, but have been eating a ton lately.  Same with the fruits, and that's what I decided to make.

Pears I would say have to be my favorite fruit.  And the Bosc pear is my favorite. It's the ugliest, but has the most flavor to me. My mom got me hooked on them a very long time ago.   So I decided to make 3 pears. A Bosc, a Red pear and a Barlett.  Then decided to put a couple strawberries with them.  I tried black beads on one, but I think they are too big, so the other one I put some black straight stitches.  Just experimenting.  Cut up some grapevine for the stems.  These pears are only 3" tall without the stem. I thought they were cute and very easy to make.

I'm not going to post my rug yet.  I'll wait till I get more filled in.  I don't want you to get bored of seeing it lol.   I never did get to doing anymore than I did on Thursday night at the hook in. 

My daughter had some papers for me to fill out for Band camp in August with the High School.  It really hit me as I was filling out the forms.  This is the LAST one I will  ever do!! I already did the sports one for next year.  She's a Senior in the Fall.  Come September, I will be filling out the last Emergency card for school. Wow!! I was laughing as I was doing it and George was in the other room.  He said "aint it great"???  Yep!!  Now it's his turn to fill out all the College papers after she graduates lol.  He went through it with Craig, so I'll just let him have this job too.  I was always amazed on the first day of school, how I had homework and the kids didn't.  Sooo many papers to fill out !  Will just need to find someone to do her graduation pictures soon. Looking into that.

Well, off to finish up my weekend by cooking some chicken for lunches tomorrow for work.  Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead~~

Friday, June 11, 2010

Quiet hook in

It was a real quiet day yesterday at Grant Street.  A few showed up here and there.  Jill was able to find a babysitter for her son, so she was there bright and early and stayed until after dinner.  She bought herself a new little toy, so she brought it along to show us.  So cute.  So there was a little of this...... (but the rug you see on the table, she actually finished binding the whole thing!!)  Forgot to get a picture of it.

And a little of that.... (she also brought another rug she is working on to hook) 

It is a Polly Minick pattern.  It has sailboats on it, and will be for her son Isaac.


I didn't get one shot of Beth (Jill's sister), or what she was working on.  Next time Beth! 

Sherry and Archie stopped by, and Sherry wanted to know how to do her whipping.  Pat was kind enough to share her tips with her. 

Here is her chair pad that she'll be whipping. Love the colors.

I didn't get a picture of Pat's rug. It's a secret challenge.  But let me tell ya, it's wonderful.  She did some dip dyeing for it,and it's looking great!

Later in the day, Nancy and Lois stopped by.  Nancy brought her frame with her. 

And Lois is really moving along on her yellow ware piece.

Of course we have to play too :)

Barb's laughing in the background says it all lol.... 

After Jill left, Barb and I looked at each other and figured no one else was coming. So we left together.  Linda said she would be back on Sunday.  I've been praying that things are going well for her and her family. This is never an easy time. 

Today I helped my mil in the morning, and Praise God, I am not going over tomorrow morning.  For the past few days, she has been doing ok in the morning by herself.  I can see she is gaining strength.  I would do anything for her, but the more I do, the more she depends on me to keep doing it.  I have to be stern at times and insist she do things for herself.  We have had some wonderful talks the past 2 days, and she knows how much I love her and how I only want her to keep moving so she can still have the Independence that she so desperately wants to hold on too. 

After I had my time with her, I ran to Walmart real quick to get a new mop and bucket.  Our kitchen floor was in dire need of being mopped.  But when I got home, I stayed outside since it was still on the cool side and did all the weeding.  Had more than I thought!  But it's done....

Then Andrew, Nicole and I went to a store to see if we could find some bargains.  We call it a Bent and Dent.  Nothing too much this time. I'm a stickler when it comes to an expiration date.  They put them on there for a reason lol.  So I passed up on a lot, but came home with a few things.  Nicole felt like driving so I let her. We picked up Andrew on the way.  He bought new shoe laces for his sneakers, and this is what he did with the extra pair.  They actually walked along in the parking lot like this, joined at the head.  Kids lol


I did end up getting my kitchen floor done, and the kitchen cleaned up. Even took down the curtains in there and hung up some tab tops I had.  Not sure if I like them or not.  Will leave them over the weekend and see if they grow on me.  Definitely lets in more light. 

Tonight I will go upstairs and see what I can work on for the retreat this weekend.  I thought it was just strawberries, but it's fruits and vegetables.  God willing, I am looking forward to a peaceful weekend.  Just need to prepare a few meals for my mil and that's it. No place I really need to be.  Let's hope it stays that way :).   I will get another shot of my rug too this weekend for you to see.  I did get more done on the background yesterday.  Happy about that!

Here's hoping your weekend is fun filled and creative ~~~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hook in

Tomorrow is Grant Streets hook in, and I would like to take the time to ask for prayers for Linda and her family. Her mom passed away yesterday and Linda will be heading out to be with her family. 

The strawberry class was cancelled and everyone who signed up was notified. Perhaps they will reschedule in the future and give more people an opportunity to sign up for the class.

I will be at the hook in, so it's hooking as usual.  Please feel free to stop by if you are in the area.  I am hoping to get a lot more done on my background.   Daughter's last day of school is tomorrow also, and wow, it's hard to believe she'll be  a Senior in the Fall.   Can't we just stop time for just a little bit?

Will do my best to take pic's of what everyone is working on.  Have a wonderful Thursday :)

Each day is truly a gift, let us Rejoice and be glad in it........

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pic's I promised

Ok, I'm back.  Finally went through the camera and found a few pic's to post.  Here is my latest update on my rug.  I'm really enjoying doing the background. I know it's the worst part for some people, but with so many different wools, it's actually fun. 

This is Joan's piece that she is doing for a swap with some friends that will take place in the Fall.  The rule was for everyone to use this plaid wool that is in the background.  Just look what Joan did with it!! She hooked it like a plaid and hooked a gorgeous fish in the center.  It is going to be made into a purse. The lining of the purse is on the right.  Wouldn't you love to be the recipient of this piece?? 

Close up of the fish....

Here are our scrolls that we are doing with our dye group.  Before everyone started hooking.


Jewel helping Nancy

Joan making progress

And this is what we got done for the day

My daughter had  a surprise on Monday of last week.  Two little Roman soldiers came to arrest her. They were from Andrew's church.  Oh my how we laughed.  Someone from the church wrote her name down to have her arrested, and that was her boyfriend Andrew. Bail was even set in the amount of $15.00. They either had to pay then, or raise the funds.  All money was going to VBS.  It was so cute.

What was even funnier, was when the woman was done, she then announced that Andrew was being arrested also.  He had no idea. His friend Sam wrote his name down.

There was a little resistance lol. 

And whipping lol.  It was all for a good cause.

So there you have it, that's what has been happening.   On a different side,  the phone rang at 5:30 this morning.   It was the service that my mil has when something is wrong. She had pressed the button, but they could not communicate with her. I went over right away, and she was having some difficulties.  I called my husband to help.  I stayed with her until about 11:00 and then my husband came and is still there with her now. She was still asleep. I will go back in a little bit.  Please keep her in your prayers. We are not sure how she will be as the day goes on.  Decisions might have to be made, or they might not have to.  We won't know until later.

Until next time ~~~~


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Isn't it terrible

I have nothing to say... 

Ok, I'll try and come up with something here. I have been having fun reading everyone else's blog, but just haven't been in the mood to write.  Let's see..... When I have some extra time, I've been hooking.  Getting a bit done as a matter of fact.  Ok, ok, I WILL post a picture of it tomorrow so you can see.  Um, what else. 

The hook in this past Thursday was fun.  Not a whole lot of people, but laughs like you wouldn't believe.  Hardly got the camera out. Will have to see if it has anything good on it tomorrow when I take an update of my rug.  

The Friday before that I went to dye group at Joan's house.  We are starting a new group project. It's a scroll. We did the dyeing for the month before, and this time we actually started hooking.  It will definitely be a lesson for me.  Hm, I think I have some pictures on the camera from that too.  See how lazy I've been? 

Next Saturday I will be taking a class at Grant street Woolworks. It's a sculpting class being taught by Doris Aymar, and the pattern is strawberries.  Plus it's the group retreat for AAPG, and the theme is strawberries.  So I'll have something to show. 

Need to get some water since I just finished my workout on the bike.  I'll be back tomorrow sometime to post some pic's.  I HOPE! :)  

Wishing everyone a wonderful relaxing weekend~~~