Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My swap gifts ~~

Had a busy day today with work.  Linda's Daughter Nicole came with her 4 children.  God Bless you Nicole!  I don't know how some do it.  God was good to me and knew that 2 was all I could handle.  And I've told my daughter that if she was first, she would have been an only child lol. Her and her brother are sooo different which is wonderful.  But to have 4 with 4 different personalities, WHEW!  I loved meeting them.  Hope to see them again before they head on home.

Took my mil some dinner and sat with her for a bit.  She had kind of a rough day, but not too bad.  I just would like to know how you can give direct orders to a doctor and he not follow them. I spoke yesterday to him face to face, he wrote down what I had said, I watched him write it down, and STILL he did not follow any of it. Hmmmm is all I can say.  If I were to say any more, my fingers would be pounding too hard and I would break the keys on the keyboard. Then there wouldn't be any more posts, no more emails, no more googling, nothing... and I can't let that happen. So let's leave it at that lol.  I'm undecided as of now if I will call him tomorrow or not. Perhaps I'll cool off for a few days and then rethink it. Prayer is a good thing :)

Ok, on to what my title of this post is about.  We had a wool swap this month with our group AAPG (usaprim on ebay).  I forgot to take a picture of what I sent Jo. Was too concerned about getting it out on time.  Hope she liked what I sent her.
Betty had my name, and what a box of goodies I received!  We were to give a strawberry of somekind, a piece of wool, a cheery card, something handmade, and a white elephant gift.
Well, her cheery card still has me giggling. She wrote inside and explained that she has a house full of boys and this was their kind of humor.  I don't know Betty, it sure had me laughing pretty hard. I must like it too lol!!  Inside the box there was a sweet little basket with 2 pieces of wool in it. They are both from Judy Cripps. One is a yummy chocolate brown and the other is a plain one for me to dye. Can't wait!  There was a fabric covered box with one of her beautiful cross stitched pieces on the top (I just love everything about it). Inside the box was a velvet strawberry pin cushion with wool leaves. Just gorgeous!! I am a lover of pin cushions. And I enjoy using them all.  You never know when you will need a pin, so they are all over my house.  There was also a doodle pad with crayons and some sharpies (I'll be sketching up some new patterns ! ).  Betty, I love everything. Thank you sooo very much! 

No time to hook tonight. Will get on the exercise bike in a bit to let out the frustration from earlier. I may be riding through the night lol. 

Hope the rest of your week is frustration FREE!! 


Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
I hope your blood pressure has returned to normal. It is so frustrating when doctors don't listen. You know your MIL better than they do!!!
Great gifts from Betty.
Pug hugs :)

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
That's a bummer when you not only have to deal with your MIL's needs but also the non-supportive behavior of her doctor. Just don't ruin that keyboard! Think calming thoughts!!!
Hope the rest of your week is easier!

Joanne said...

Sometimes you have to wonder how doctor's made it thru med school - no common sense and can't follow a simple instruction.

Great gifts from Betty - the AAPG girls are the best with their gifts and Betty is extrememly talented!

moosecraft said...

I hope you haven't reached Canada on the bike yet Kathy! I'm so sorry that the doc wasn't any help... sometimes I wonder why they even bother to remain in practice if they are not helping their patients any. Nose pickin' cards are always a great way to make a person giggle! Love all the gifts that Betty sent to you!

primitivebettys said...

I'm glad you liked your gifts. :) They were fun to put together for you & I'm happy the card made ya giggle! Sorry to hear about the frustrations with the doc. You do & care so much for your sweet MIL. :)