Saturday, June 5, 2010

Isn't it terrible

I have nothing to say... 

Ok, I'll try and come up with something here. I have been having fun reading everyone else's blog, but just haven't been in the mood to write.  Let's see..... When I have some extra time, I've been hooking.  Getting a bit done as a matter of fact.  Ok, ok, I WILL post a picture of it tomorrow so you can see.  Um, what else. 

The hook in this past Thursday was fun.  Not a whole lot of people, but laughs like you wouldn't believe.  Hardly got the camera out. Will have to see if it has anything good on it tomorrow when I take an update of my rug.  

The Friday before that I went to dye group at Joan's house.  We are starting a new group project. It's a scroll. We did the dyeing for the month before, and this time we actually started hooking.  It will definitely be a lesson for me.  Hm, I think I have some pictures on the camera from that too.  See how lazy I've been? 

Next Saturday I will be taking a class at Grant street Woolworks. It's a sculpting class being taught by Doris Aymar, and the pattern is strawberries.  Plus it's the group retreat for AAPG, and the theme is strawberries.  So I'll have something to show. 

Need to get some water since I just finished my workout on the bike.  I'll be back tomorrow sometime to post some pic's.  I HOPE! :)  

Wishing everyone a wonderful relaxing weekend~~~


Joanne said...

You, Speechless? I'm shocked!
Maybe that rug will be done by tomorrow! LOL

weaverpat said...

Hehehe! I think you get all talked out during the week with Linda and customers, then there's nothing left for the blog!

Can't wait till Saturday and the strawberry class.

moosecraft said...

we all know you've been busy! So busy that you are too pooped to think about it at week's end. That is summertime! Enjoy the sculpting class and your hooking!