Tuesday, May 25, 2010

From last week~~

Wanted to catch up from last week.  But before I do, I just want to thank all who have been praying for my mil's situation.  We have finally gotten her some help. It's a start.  We had someone come in and assess her and found out what they offer. Well, after talking it over afterwards, we still aren't sure if we will use them or not. But my mil does have someone come in every other week to clean for her. She has been doing it for some time now and she feels comfortable with her. My husband called her the other night to see if she would be willing to go over every day at lunch time and fix her something (she had offered her services to us before).  She said she would and it started today.  She will do it Mon-Fri.  I can't tell you how much that means to me. I can now stop worrying about her lunches.  I go over after work for her dinner and sit with her for a bit before I go home to my family. The other service we are considering maybe one or two days a week for other things that she will need. So it is slowly moving forward.  We want to honor her wishes of not going into a nursing home for as long as we can. So thank you all again, and just keep her in your thoughts that things will continue to move forward.

Now, last week at Grantstreet Woolworks hook in, there was a good turnout.  A few weren't there because of sickness.  We miss you Pat, Doris and Joanne.  Joanne had a doctors appointment and I'm hoping if not this week, then next week she will come back and see everyone :).

This is Brenda's rug. She just needs to whip it.  I still am in awe of her generosity. This is a gift for a friend
who is coming to see her from Germany. She is going to love it!


Kay is working on a checkerboard pattern designed by Pat Wenger. She has it shown on her website, which you can find from her blog.

Ellen comes from W. Virginia to hook with us.   She is working on a geometric. She loves bright colors and is enjoying dyeing. She is going to a 3 day class to learn more about dyeing.

Jill was able to get a baby sitter for the kids. We always say it's a quiet day at Grantstreet when Jill isn't there :).  Her and her sister Beth are such a hoot!!  Beth wasn't able to make it, but I hope we see her soon.
Jill's skinny look lol. 

Linda is giving me that eye.  I think it has something to do with me taking pictures.  Nah, couldn't be :).

Genny is certainly moving along with her star rug for her daughter in law.  She is going to do hit and miss in the border.  Now pay close attention to this picture and the next.......

Can you tell they are sisters?  They just love to peek just enough over their rug lol.  Genny's sister Cathy is doing a rug that has a story behind it.  There are 7 girls (stars) and 1 boy.  The 2 gold stars with the red background are the twin sisters. And the squiggly circle is the brother. I think it's great.  They are really using their imagination when it comes to designing their own rug.

Cathy brought along a gift for Linda.  It is the bigger sheep on the left. Linda already had the baby one.  How sweet is that??

Sherry was finishing up on her two rugs.  Preparing them for binding.

Love them both!!

And here is Linda's rug.  I can't wait to see the other flowers done.....  Just beautiful..

As usual, it was a very very late night for me.  Lets just say it was in the wee morning hours of Friday when I finally crawled into bed.   And the alarm was going to go off at 5:00 to wake my husband up.  I know I closed my eyes, but did I sleep?  It was all a blurr.  My daughter had asked me if her boyfriend could pick her up before school that morning to go to his church yard sale.  I had remembered seeing it, and I knew I wanted to go too.  I told her yes. She was gone by the time I got up.  I rolled out of bed and headed over there before 6:00.  Nothing really struck my fancy, but Andrew brought this little gourd over to me and said you collect them don't you?  I said sure I do. It is really small. Didn't get a picture of it. But on my way out, I stopped to talk with the kids, and I noticed this rather large item all wrapped up in saran wrap.  Didn't pay much attention to it at first, but as we were talking and I got a better look at it, I realized it was a Pilate's machine.  I thought hmmm. I looked inside the wrap and I saw a video tape. You never know if these things are missing parts.  Everything you wanted was by donation.  I thought for $10 it was worth a shot.  Andrew put it in my car and I carried it into the house. Unwrapped it. LOTS of saran wrap lol.  Then I had to figure out how to put it together. It wasn't hard at all. It basically unfolded and I had to do the screws. There is one screw missing, but doesn't interfere with the performance.  It also came with a journal, a basic, intermediate and an advanced VCR tape. I thought I only saw one!  I've done it a few times now. Figured I'd do it every other day and try to do the bike or treadmill on the other days.  It really does do a lot of stretching of the body.  I got a great deal I thought, but will give Andrew more money to put in the Missions plate, or give it to some other part of the church. 
So here it is, with my daughter Nicole on it from yesterday.  Of course I got a "MOM".  What, I needed a pic for the blog :).

Now that my excitement in the morning was over, I had to concentrate on getting ready to go to Jill's hook-in at her house in Maryland.  I had some things I needed to get done in the house etc., but I was there around lunch time.  Oh my, what a gorgeous day it was on Friday for this hook in. She couldn't have gotten better weather.  When I pulled up, everyone was on the front porch outside.  At first I didn't want to hook, but eventually I got some loops pulled.  I was just enjoying being out and in the sun. And there was such a beautiful breeze where we were. 

Look at little Darby.  Part Pug, part Chihuahua.  Glad for spell check on that one lol. She is such a sweetie.

Barb was working on a quilt.

Beth's rug is coming along. Great use of color!

And I just had to throw in a shot of Jill's 17 year old Allysia.  She was making us laugh.  Something was a Nooooooo lol.

I for one did not want to leave.  Jill treated us to a delicious lunch  and dessert.  That, along with the wonderful breeze, good company and lots of rugs... Who would want to leave??  But all good things must come to an end.  Her Fillet Mignon, I mean husband Danny :) came home with their son, and it was time to pick up her other children.  So off I went. I had to visit with my mil anyway.  It was a very long day, and not much sleep. Thank you Jill for opening up your home for us... Aren't they the cutest couple?  :)

Saturday I got to sleep in a little bit. Had some work to get done and then I got the urge to hook some more. Can you imagine?  lol.  I did get more of the background done. It is coming along slowly, but surely. 

I hope to get a lot more done on the rug this week. Will post again with more pic's from this weeks hook in on Thursday. And then I have Joan's dye group on Friday.  Hopefully I won't wait so long to do the posting.  It is supposed to be near 90 tomorrow. I'm smiling BIG time.  I know others don't like the heat, but it is when I'm my happiest :).   (daughter is already asking for the air conditioning lol).  

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.   I hope everyone stays healthy. Get out and enjoy the sun. It does the body good......


Orange Sink said...

I'm glad things are getting better with your Mil situation. It is stressful to have so much on your plate. You handle things so masterfully! Love seeing all the rugs and yours is looking marvelous! Hope you are really ready for this heat wave......it's been stormy and rainy here tonight and has cooled down somewhat but very muggy! Thank-you for your post...... I always enjoy your blog! Cathy G

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
It's so good to hear all the rughooking news! I feel like I've been away forever. Everyone seems to be progressing well on their projects.
Jill's house is such a great place to have a hook-in!

Glad you have made some progress toward getting caretaker help for your MIL. Finding good peop0le to do the job is hard enough. Sometimes getting the Mom to accept it is even harder!
You have such a kind heart!!!

moosecraft said...

OMG! I want Jill's front porch... and Linda's rug (so antique!) and Sherry's horse weathervane rug!!! LOL! Pilates is awesome! I had a machine for awhile, but then quit on it. Took up too much space in my hooking room! LOL! So glad you have help with you MIL... a real blessing! Hugs to you! ~Sharon

Jacque said...

Your MIL is blessed to have you to help.

I loved all the pictures and seeing all the WIP. Thanks for sharing