Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh yes I have~~~

Been hooking. Yep. I better have been, wouldn't you say?  Going to 3 hook-ins in one week?  If I didn't pull loops, there would be something seriously wrong with me.!
It's not a whole lot, but it's a pretty big rug.  I finally decided on something for the bird. Although the tail still needs to be tweeked.  Was totally not what I was thinking. Wanted to stay away from the blue bird, but I liked the color wool I had in my stash.  The 2 flowers on the right are going to be ripped out and different colors will be used.  Just too dull for my background.  Now that I have somewhat of a color plan in mind, I look forward to some hooking this weekend.

It was a very busy day at Grantstreet Woolworks.  I got there around lunch time. And there were a handful of people there.  By the end of the night, Linda and I counted 18 people who came throughout the day. Even had one woman and her husband on their way to Florida stop in for some supplies.  It's wonderful how the shop is growing in leaps and bounds.  Also I will be announcing on my blog when Linda's website will be up and running. She is quite excited about it, and should be!!

There were  a  few new hookers yesterday. So there were patterns to be found, resizing a couple, transferring, wool choosing, teaching to pull their first loops, etc.  I'm glad I got the "few" pictures I did get. Because I didn't pick it up the rest of the day.  Just sorry I didn't get more of what everyone was working on.  Have to focus on doing that more.  I just point and shoot without thinking. Yeah, a room full of people, but what are they working on? I know you are all thinking that.  Sooo next time, I'll be more choosey with my shots. 

Here is Nancee's

And Doris' Santa

I'm really trying to get the right angle, so you can see the sculpting of the beard, mustache, and sleeves, along with the rim of the hood.  Beautiful work!

New gals tracing their new pieces..

Only part of the group that day

And just some time out to catch up on things....

Lots of laughs, which is always good.  It's a wonderful day to get away and just do our own thing.  To be with friends, make new friends, support each other, lift each other up, and leave there feeling rested.... (or just plumb exhausted from being there so late, and so many hard belly laughs lol)

This weekend is our on line retreat AAPG.  The theme this time is "Hooked on Wool".  We are hooking into wool rather than foundation. I have anything planned? No.  Have anything in mind?  No.  Any clue at all?  No.  lol.   I am in the middle of cleaning, which led to my finding my camera, which led to updating the blog, which will lead to something else from here.  AFTER I finish with some cleaning, I will head upstairs and find some looser weave wool and decide what pattern I will draw up and what I will make out of it. I have all weekend to come up with something!  Oh, and I need to find a place to display some old tins that were given to me by Doris yesterday.  Aren't they cute?  Not sure if I have a place for all of them. And if not, I know some Prim friends who would enjoy having a piece or two :).

My main goal this weekend however, is to get all the flowers I have sitting in the laundry room, out into the pots where they belong.  We had some frost in the early part of the week, and I had to bring everything in off the porch.  After that is done, the weekend is mine.  I'll just tend to my mil and then do what pleases me.
So now that you've picked yourself up off the floor (because I posted.....again....) lol, I hope you all have something picked out that you want to do this weekend.
~~~Something that will put a smile on your face ~~~


Joanne said...

Thud...okay i have a bump on my head now too to go with my clogged up head! So many posts! Wowzer!

Anyway - looks like there was a whole lotta hooking going on at Grant Street. Your rug looks great! I'm so happy you pulled a lot of loops! Linda and Jill look so very serious oh my!

Missed everyone at the hook-in!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Great start on your new rug! Grant STreet must be the place to be!!!!

Lori said...

Your rug is going to be fabulous Kathy!! Love what you've done so far and also enjoyed reading about all the hook-ins.

moosecraft said...

Your rug is looking awesome!!! I think we're in the clear for frost now, so plant away! Haven't collected my wools for the retreat either... been having a relaxing time cross stitching the last couple of days... Have a GREAT weekend!

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
Glad you are there to report on the 'evening shift' at Grant Street. LOL!!!
The bird's tail shows up nice on the picture. I don't think it needs to be changed!
Have a good weekend working on your retreat project.
I sure hope the cold nights are over so we don't have to worry about our plants being out.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Oh! I am lovin' your rug. Thanks for sharing it and all the others. Looks like you've been a hookin' fool.
Pug hugs :)