Sunday, August 22, 2010

So much to say ~~~~~~~

I first have to start off by saying that last Sunday evening my son Craig proposed to his girlfriend Lake.  They will be getting married next October.  I know she likes the Fall and Halloween, so the tentative date is October 29th.  I took a picture off of her Facebook, it was from last year on one of their trips. I'm sure she won't mind. It was hard to choose from. And you will notice in months to follow that her hair changes, but it's the same girl LOL.  She just loves change.   I was going to snap a shot of them together at the yard sale, but I'd say we were all quite tired, and sweaty.  Congratulations to them both!  I'm sure this next year will be full of excitement as they plan their wedding.  A lot will happen next year. Their wedding, Nicole will graduate and I will turn 50!!!!  Wow, what a year to look forward to!

A very hectic last few days..... Started out on Thursday, the day of the hook-in.  That day was the day my daughter Nicole was having her Senior pictures.  I thought I would be there for the Mother-Daughter picture and then they wouldn't need me for anything. Well, I was mistaken. I was helping Debbie by holding an umbrella open for her when the sun was shining in the wrong places.  I have to say that photography is not easy.  I have seen Debbie's work, and she does it beautifully.  Definitely captures what she is looking at. I was able to snap a few shots of her taking pic's of Nicole.

Before we set out to have the pictures taken, we ran into LeeAnn who lives down the street from Debbie and she is also the one who does my hair.  She was walking Harley.  LeeAnn is 5'6 or 5'7.  Look at the height on this "puppy" lol.  He's only a year old or so and still has not finished growing!  Isn't he gorgeous? and what a ham in front of the camera. As soon as I brought it out, he started to pose.
Finally made it to the hook in after 2:00 I believe. Don't remember when. But it was a long morning.  Joan was there and hooking on some of her chair pads that she does for her Church Bazaar.

Graciously she stretched them out for me to get a better pic LOL. All that exercise she does,  makes for one Limber Girl  :) !!
Here is Beth's rabbit's.  She hasn't been there in quite some time, so it was good to see her and talk with her.

And Jill is moving along on the waves in her son's rug. Can't wait to see it more filled in. It's going to look great!!  Love how she poses for the camera :).

Madeleine took some time to work on her rug for a bit.  She aslo had a lemondade stand at the shop. I think she made out very well. 


And Erika is starting on a flower rug and has sculpted the center. She was pleased with the results.


Genny finished her bag. I never got to see it at the fair, so I'm glad she brought it along. She was toting wool in it.

Cherina was cutting wool for her background. She had picked out some dark colors for an Antique black. Hope she fills some in and comes back soon so we can see the progress. Her flowers are going to pop on it.

Bethany is holding Sherri's bags that she is making for gifts. I guess Sherri was giving her some tips on it.

And here is proof when I say we are there past 10 pm.  It is now 12:09 A.M. and Linda decides that she is into her hooking. The woman is a night owl !!!!!!!  I started to put my stuff in my bags, hinting it was time to go home.  I think we stayed another half hour or so, and we called it a night.  I bet Linda would have hooked for a few more hours lol.

Friday I was busy all day fnishing up things for the yardsale on Saturday.  I still had some things at my mil's house that needed to be brought over. That took a couple trips.  I worked into the night and got to bed before 12:00.  And then was up after 4:00 a.m.  It took us over 2 hours to get it all put out in the driveway.  Craig and Lake came over about 5:00.   It was nice and cool in the morning, and I was thankful for that. We could not have asked for a better day.  God was good to us :).   It was a very long day, as we ended it at 3:00 in the afternoon.  But we did extremely well, and were very pleased.  I bagged up all the clothing left over and it's on the porch ready to be picked up by Purple Heart. Gave some things to Lake and her mother and the rest is over my mil's ready for her community yard sale next month.   When that is over, then it's all over. Everything else will be donated.  I am relieved that we got through this weekend. And now it's time to move forward. I have Colonial day to concentrate on which is coming up in 3 weeks!  Today however, I had to do some cleaning. I was in bed by 8:57 last night. My eyes could stay open no more!! I didn't get up till after 8:00 this morning. What an awesome sleep! I certainly had energy to burn today. I made a dent with the cleaning, a dent that I notice, but somebody else would not lol.  It will get done when it gets done.  And I'm still purging, so that is a good thing! 

Till next time ~~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just had to share~~

I have been helping out with the South Mountain Fair for a few years now (my friend Joan got me sucked into, I mean involved with it) , and I  enter my hooked items each year. I even try to do something new each year other than hooked.  Anyway, it is always a LOT of fun. We laugh alot. It's a great group to work with. 

Now I'm not even going to go into the story of how I forgot to show up on Sunday to help with registration. Let's just say my nickname for the last few days was Blondie :).  Unbelievable is all I have to say. One big DUH.  

Ok, so I helped with the registration on Monday night and then yesterday was the judging.  It is usually a very long day, but we were able to get through it relatively quickly this year. It went very smooth.  I am not a judge. I just help. I held a clipboard and kept it straight on there on who won what, someone else displayed them for the judge and when the Judge said which one got which ribbon, Joan did that part this year and she stapled them on.  Like I said it went very smoothly. 

Well, after every category has been gone through and the ribbons have been given out, the Judges need to pick a Best of Show.  There are 3 given out in the Needlework department. One for the Junior's, age 17 and younger, one for the Women's clothing, and then one for everything else. So there are lots of categories to choose a Best of Show.  Well, we were watching what they were looking at, and it came down between 2 pieces.  And here is the winner!

I really was surprised, because there were so many wonderful pieces. Other hooked rugs and quilts and woven items.  I guess the Judge saw something in my rug.  I'm still tickled.  Now let's just hope I don't forget to pick them up this year lol.  Nah, I have a BIG note on the counter, but "If" I should forget this time? Well, I think it's time to call it quits, OR just really dye my hair blonde LOL.

The rest of my week will be busy. Tomorrow my daughter Nicole is having her Senior pictures taken, and there will be a mom and daughter one. So after that is done, I will go to the hook in at Grant Street.  Friday I will finish up with what needs to be done for the yardsale on Saturday.  I don't like to rush time, but I'm really anxious to get this all finished.  Looks like good weather too!  Hoping to have some new pic's for you next week of the hook in tomorrow.  And I think we are going to have a really good turnout!!

Enjoy the rest of your week ~~~

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Simply put ~~

I have had the most relaxing weekend in a long time. Not too much to post. Had a good time at the hook in on Thursday.  No pictures to share at the moment.  Friday I spent the day finishing up tagging some yard sale stufffff.  And Saturday, I met up with Joanne at a Craft show in Lititz, Pa.  The weather was just perfect for ALL those vendors. My goodness, was this show huge. I came away with just a few small items. 
Joanne and I had lunch after we walked the whole thing, and then we headed out.  Stopped at a few road side stands. Got a canary melon that we were able to sample and can't wait to cut it up. Very sweet and delicious. Drove to the Hayloft and picked up a "few" fabrics pieces to bring home.  And ended our day with an ice cream cone.  A perfect day with great company :).

Today was church, and even slept in a bit. Have been just playing around on the computer. Supposed to be whipping the rest of my mats, but you know what?  I think I will just enjoy the rest of the day doing "nothing".  And "if" the mood strikes later, then I will pull out the pieces to whip. 

I would love to experience a few more of these days before the Summer ends and that season with the W begins. I won't say it or spell it lol.

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend as well.....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What is a Gift ?

THIS is a Gift.  A gift from God that was given to my Mother-in-law Harriet, that she used to not only satisfy her own soul, but to bring Joy to everyone who ever saw her paint, and the ones that were lucky enough to buy some of them. I know a lot of Marines bought her paintings when she was working for the Marine Corp Scholarship Foundation. She once told me that she would take one in to hang up, and it would be sold by the days end.  We are thrilled that they will now hang on our walls, and will be passed down to our children, and hopefully their children one day.

Here are 2 of her oils of her  Norman Rockwells done in oil.

She also had a true love for birds. I belive some were oils and some were acrylics. I have them marked down, just can't remember off the top of my head which are which.

Also did some water colors.

She had a bathroom decorated in Lighthouses.. Love the thick rope she used for the frame.

This one she gifted to George and I for one of our Anniversaries.

I remember seeing this elephant the day I met his mother at her house. I just stared and stared at it because of all the detail!

Here are a few of the clocks she painted. Also a lover of barns.

This clock was a gift to George the year we moved here to Pa. for his Birthday. The house on the right is our old home in NJ, the house on the left is the home we live in now. The dog was his when he was a teenager, and the tower and the sketch of the world represent his love for Ham Radio and how he  talks all over the world with it.  By the "on the air" sign you can tell it hangs in his "shack" in the basement above his radios.

Another large painting.

This one didn't come out very clear.  I'm thinking about hanging this one in my bedroom. It is quite large too.

This one has a glare on it, but I think you can see it well enough.

And here is a pastel she did I think in I think 1965.

Throughout the years she had painted many more, sold many and gave many away as gifts. She would paint whenever she could.  We almost always got cards for holidays and birthdays that were painted by her also.

It makes my heart so happy to know that the Gift she was given, had touched so many.  Which makes me think about the gifts that are within us.  We all have gifts. I always here people say, I can't do that, I can't do this. True, I could never paint like my mil, nor would I ever be a singer, a dancer, or a photographer (Jackie :) ), and the list can go on and on.  But I feel we all have creativity of some kind. We just need to bring it out, and work with it. My mil took many classes because she wanted to enhance what she was given. To use it to the fullest of her ability.  And boy did she ever!    I will try to learn something from her and take a class or two in rug hooking when I can to enhance my skill and learn something new. And it doesn't matter if what I do isn't spectacular  to others. I'm doing it because it makes me happy, just like she did.

I can only go forward if I continue with the desire to learn.......  Maybe I could even hook a rug of one of her paintings some day..

Hope you enjoyed seeing them~

Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday already?

Wow, the week sure did fly by. A few days at the shop and then the hook in yesterday.  Seems they are coming faster and faster.  Linda is away on vacation with Rick and the grandkids.  I'm sure they are having a great time, although she did say they had some aweful weather yesterday. 

The hook in went just fine. Didn't have to take any pictures of myself lol.  Willa and Louise made the trip out for a while.  Willa is an amazingly fast hooker, and is using up her worms.  Amazing what she creates.  She started this yesterday and fnished it before she left.

Louise is working on the scroll that I am also doing.  (Joan, I told her I was taking this picture as proof that she has been working on it  lol )

Here is what is on the other side of the foundation that Willa was hooking. This one will be for a stool.

Marian also made it. It's been quite a while since her last visit. Summer sure does keep you busy!  (forgot to get a picture of her, sorry).  She is making some coasters. 

And Nancy stopped by. Haven't seen her in quite a while either. She was finishing up her rug.  Notice the blue and white ticking she will use as a finishing edge. Very nice.

Joanne made it for the day also!!  She laughed at me for laughing at her bag of snippets.  I collect them too, but never kept them in such a huge bag lol. 


This is what she is stuffing.

She sure brought enough to keep her busy!!

Look at what she accomplished!! Just needs to put them in the zinc lid..   OH, and there is Sherri in the background.  Never got a shot of her work.

Jackie and Bonnie also came out for some fun.  I could have sworn I got a picture of their rugs, but darn if I can find them on the camera. Perhaps I didn't.  Sometimes I go from one thing to the next.  Will get a shot of them next week for sure!!  I absolutely love their enthusiasm for learning more about rug hooking! 

Pat and Jill came for some relaxing time too. 

I certainly enjoyed myself.  And really happy there wasn't any bad weather to deal with.   I know I said this post was going to be about my mil's paintings. I will get to them soon, I promise.  It's just a busy day today, and wanted to get these pictures on here before I forgot about them. 

It's going to be another busy weekend, starting as soon as I get off here. But I'm not feeling "as" stressed as I have been the last few weeks. So that is a good thing!  I have some goals set for the next few days.  Just hoping I can accomplish it all.  Then I really need to focus on getting some stuff made for Colonial Days in 5 weeks!!  Ok, did I say I wasn't stressed LOL??????   

I did get some hooking done yesterday and finished before the night was over. Now I just need to cut them apart and finish them off. Just hit or miss hooked mats.  Ok Joanne, I will squeeze in another coaster on the excess linen before I cut them apart. She is such a slave driver lol

Wishing you all a relatively humid free weekend...... Keep your hands moving at least, and create something you love.