Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday already?

Wow, the week sure did fly by. A few days at the shop and then the hook in yesterday.  Seems they are coming faster and faster.  Linda is away on vacation with Rick and the grandkids.  I'm sure they are having a great time, although she did say they had some aweful weather yesterday. 

The hook in went just fine. Didn't have to take any pictures of myself lol.  Willa and Louise made the trip out for a while.  Willa is an amazingly fast hooker, and is using up her worms.  Amazing what she creates.  She started this yesterday and fnished it before she left.

Louise is working on the scroll that I am also doing.  (Joan, I told her I was taking this picture as proof that she has been working on it  lol )

Here is what is on the other side of the foundation that Willa was hooking. This one will be for a stool.

Marian also made it. It's been quite a while since her last visit. Summer sure does keep you busy!  (forgot to get a picture of her, sorry).  She is making some coasters. 

And Nancy stopped by. Haven't seen her in quite a while either. She was finishing up her rug.  Notice the blue and white ticking she will use as a finishing edge. Very nice.

Joanne made it for the day also!!  She laughed at me for laughing at her bag of snippets.  I collect them too, but never kept them in such a huge bag lol. 


This is what she is stuffing.

She sure brought enough to keep her busy!!

Look at what she accomplished!! Just needs to put them in the zinc lid..   OH, and there is Sherri in the background.  Never got a shot of her work.

Jackie and Bonnie also came out for some fun.  I could have sworn I got a picture of their rugs, but darn if I can find them on the camera. Perhaps I didn't.  Sometimes I go from one thing to the next.  Will get a shot of them next week for sure!!  I absolutely love their enthusiasm for learning more about rug hooking! 

Pat and Jill came for some relaxing time too. 

I certainly enjoyed myself.  And really happy there wasn't any bad weather to deal with.   I know I said this post was going to be about my mil's paintings. I will get to them soon, I promise.  It's just a busy day today, and wanted to get these pictures on here before I forgot about them. 

It's going to be another busy weekend, starting as soon as I get off here. But I'm not feeling "as" stressed as I have been the last few weeks. So that is a good thing!  I have some goals set for the next few days.  Just hoping I can accomplish it all.  Then I really need to focus on getting some stuff made for Colonial Days in 5 weeks!!  Ok, did I say I wasn't stressed LOL??????   

I did get some hooking done yesterday and finished before the night was over. Now I just need to cut them apart and finish them off. Just hit or miss hooked mats.  Ok Joanne, I will squeeze in another coaster on the excess linen before I cut them apart. She is such a slave driver lol

Wishing you all a relatively humid free weekend...... Keep your hands moving at least, and create something you love.


moosecraft said...

Hurray for another Grant Street success! :-) Looks like everyone was having a nice and relaxing day there. I had no idea Joanne was making so many zinc lid cushions... I could have picked up a bunch for cheap down in NC... I think she's going to smack me...

weaverpat said...

Hey Kathy,
You did such a great job of posting the happenings at Grant Street that i won't have to! It was a good day with lots of talk and some hooking too. LOL!
Hope you get lots of hooking for Colonuial Day done this weekend.

Joanne said...

Hey you make fun all you want about my bag of snippets but remember I used them ALL and some of yours! Thanks for the snippets - and thanks for the wool and chips! But remember about that other thing - i'll get you back! It was a fun day! Hope you get everything you want to done and if you don't - don't beat yourself up about it - just enjoy the fact that you have another day to do it!

Orange Sink said...

I am loving all the rugs and projects! You are such an industrious group! I always thought that Pat was an angel! Now I know for sure( 5th picture from top) she has a halo!
Cathy G

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

What a wonderful way to enjoy time with friends. You gals get so much done and that Joanne is a hoot! Beautiful hooked rugs as always.

weaverpat said...

Hahaha!!! Cathy, I had to look twice and laugh when I saw that! I was sitting in front of the fan and all that showed of it was the outer rim! The 'angel' was hogging the cool air!!!