Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Season Updates, Party, and time to say good bye ~~

It's been a while since I last posted. I have been enjoying this Christmas Season by not getting stressed, and just going with the flow. It's been wonderful. I'm going to be sorry when it's over.   So here's a little of what has been going on....

Almost 2 weeks ago, George, Nicole and I went to pick out our Christmas tree. It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time. Hard to get a shot of the two of them with a bumpy wagon ride!

George putting the last of the ornaments on the tree....

Last Thursday Linda had the Christmas party at the shop. Oh my, what a time we had! During the day it was regular hooking as usual, and some people brought something to work on.

And Nancy P. was working on finishing up her piece.

There was soooo much food. This is just one table. There was another, and yet another with desserts on it!

First time it was quiet that day when everyone sat down to eat lol.

There were guessing games to be played....

Then the 3 gift game. With this game, everyone brings 3 wrapped gifts. And everyone is encouraged NOT to buy anything for this.  It's more of a white elephant. Although, someone's rejects, are someone else's treasures!  Well, some of them lol.  Linda giving instructions.

We each picked 3 numbers, and Linda would call out a number. When your number is called, you go up and pick out a package, but you don't open it.

Once you pick your package, you can swap with someone else if you choose too, or you can keep it.  A lot of sneakiness was going on with this part!  Just look at Joan lol.

Linda spying up a package she wanted..

After all the numbers are called, and swapping done, the packages are opened. No way could I get shots of everyone and everything. so just a sampling.

Here a quilter received a Gorgeous hooked rug from her secret pal! Joan had Barb's name. Barb was so thrilled.

Something to keep Linda warm this Winter from Genny!!

Then there was the last game of the evening. I will not show pictures of the actual game... Too many people, too many shots. But I will be emailing individuals that I did capture on camera playing it.  I wish I could have gotten everyone, but there was so much laughing!  Linda starting to explain the game..

Teams ready for a race ~~   And Let me just say that Everyone had a Great time with this!  It's a given when you play this game, that you use the bathroom first.  It is hysterical.

When one of the teams won, I quickly ran over and told them to call out a number. Betty picked the number I had chosen, and I ran to get her the gift.  You see, Last year, I had this snowman that I gave away for the 3 gift game. THIS year, I got it back. How the heck that happened, from having 20 people and 60 gifts, I'll never know LOL.  Soooo, I  in return gave it as a gift for the last game. No way was I going to look at this snowman for another full year!!  Now Betty has it :)

At the end of the night, we opened our secret pal gifts, and found out who had who.  Joanne had me, and I had Joanne. That was really tough keeping it a secret, but I think we figured it out :).  I read her blog the other day and was laughing so hard at a picture she had of me with the "tree skirt" she gave me.  I had to tease her and tell her that I thought it was a "pancho" and that I wore it to work the other day :). I absolutely LOVE all of my gifts, and she has spoiled me rotten all year long. I can't thank you enough Joanne. Unfortunately like Joanne, I started to place all my items around the house, and never took pictures. I'm really slacking in that area lately. Absent minded really.  Like I said, just going with the flow of the Christmas Season.   We then picked names for next year's secret pal.  We have some new people who have joined in!

I received sooo many beautiful, thoughtful gifts. I can't even name them all. From wool, to ornaments, a magazine subscription, gift card, jewelry, polish pottery,  even a #9 blade (Thank you so very much Linda!). Again, so much to list.  Each and every item is loved and appreciated!  Thank you to everyone!

Today I met up with my friend Beth and we spent the day  wandering around the antique stores, had lunch (with desssert :)) and exchanged our gifts to each other. Thank you Beth for everything. I love them all. I have already set the items out.  Will be dying that wool maybe next week! Beth made me the cutest charm to wear on a chain. It's a scrabble tile with my initial, along with many other sweet items  :).

And now it's time to say good bye.... Not to blogging, but to my Harvest Rug.  It's completed (yes, even has a label).  Time to roll it up until next Fall when I will bring it out and display it.  I am soooooooooooo happy that I can put it to rest, and not have it on the back of my mind that I had to finish it.

I hope everyone is as ready as they can be for Sunday.  We will be celebrating it over my Son's house.  All I have to make is a side dish and one dessert. How cool is that?  George's Birthday is Christmas Eve, and it will just be him and I.  I will make him a nice dinner, and we will celebrate his Birthday with the kids on Christmas day. I'm looking forward to the weekend to just turn off and relax. 

The Hook in tomorrow is still ON! So if you just want to get out for a little while, head on over!  Last minute gifts to buy? Head on over!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Soooo close ~~~

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope your week went well for you.  It most certainly goes by fast these days.  The older you get, it sure does fly by.   The hook in was so nice and relaxing yesterday.  I didn't get there until close to noon.  I had some errands to run in the morning.  But I did settle down and put the hook to the foundation very shortly after I sat down.  I did stop at Dunkin Donuts on my way, and got myself a cup of coffee (thanks to Joanne for getting me hooked).  It is a cup of their coffee, but has 1/4 hot chocolate, and the rest coffee. No need for sugar or cream. The hot chocolate takes care of the sweetness. Mmmmm. 

Anyway, here is all I could get done. My hands gave out around 7:30. Just in time to order some pizza and have it delivered.  It was just Linda, Nancee and myself at this point. Great relaxing day!   Sooo close to being finished ~~

And Diane too.... soo close!

And Barb too!  I had asked her if she wanted this top that my Mil had and never finished hand quilting.  She did a wonderful job with it, and will give it to Angie to hang up. I'm so tickled to see it done :)

Didn't take too many pictures, and never did get a picture of the piece Nancee was working on. It's a small piece, but I'm "SURE" she will have it done by next week (oh heck, probably be done by tonight LOL)and will bring it back to show us. Will get a picture of it then. And Linda was hooking up some sheep with wool roving.. soo cute!

This morning I just couldn't resist taking a shot of this on my kitchen table.  Nothing Christmas"y"  about it, but soo pretty :).  Might just have to put something Christmas"y" around it to fit it in with the Season ~

I'm going to be cleaning today, and moving a desk out of the way to put our Christmas tree that we will be getting this weekend.  I want to bring up some decorations too and hopefully finish that. I won't be putting a whole lot out. Have really been going simple with it the past couple years. Weeding out pieces I no longer want and giving them to friends or family.  And if all goes well, I hope to get the wrapping done...  Lots planned to keep me busy! 

Wishing you All a wonderful weekend :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hoping to finish ~~ And Christmas party reminder

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It's dreary, raining and we are expecting some snow this evening.  It's not supposed to be too bad and tomorrow should be just fine.  Today is a good day to stay in and work on something if you are having the same weather. Go ahead, enjoy it!

I will be heading out to help Linda out at the shop today though.  And tomorrow is the hook in.  I'm hoping, really hoping to finish this project before the end of the year. I really don't like having projects unfinished. Especially a seasonal one like this.  Last week at the hook in, I was able to really put the motor on the end of the elbow and get some hooking done!  Not too many pictures at all of the hook in, but as usual, it was a truly fun day! 

Here is what I was able to finish ~ Working in an 8.5 cut, it's going pretty quickly.  I would love to have this done, (labeled), rolled up and ready to display next Fall. 

There were lots of trees being made that day.  Nancee and Nancy wanted to know how to make them, and Joanne had enough supplies with her to help them out !

And then some hooking and finishing of other things going on.

My Christmas shopping is just about done. Only a couple little things that will be finished up this weekend. I will also wrap this weekend.  This has to be the first year that I am this far ahead. I told myself that I was not going to stress, and it feels ooooh sooooo good not to. 

Ok, now on to the party reminder.  The Christmas party at Grant Street Woolworks is next week, December 15th.  The hook in will be as usual till about 5:00.  So if you just want to hook, come on out!!  And if you want to stay for the party, just let Linda or I know about it.  It will start around 5:30.  She just asks you to bring something small along for the food table.  There is always sooo much food, so don't go all out!    There will also be games to play.  For one of the games, it involves bringing something, so if you are interested and rather than me going through all the details, just contact Linda or I and we'll go over it with you. It is sooooooooooooooo much fun.  You don't have to play it though.    Really hope to see you all there, and perhaps some new faces :)!!

Well, time to have one more cup of coffee before I head out this morning.  I have to meet Nicole at the Oral surgeon this afternoon to have her wisdom teeth evaluated for removal.  She is hoping to have them done before Christmas (why????) I have no idea. But that is what she wanted.  We'll see how things go.  She has been having jaw pain lately. 

So how are all of you doing with your Holiday preperations?  Tree up, decorations done?  Not doing any at all this year and taking it easy?   We will be getting our tree this weekend.  My porch is done, but nothing else.  That is a plan for this weekend too.   

Enjoy your hump day everyone!!