Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hoping to finish ~~ And Christmas party reminder

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It's dreary, raining and we are expecting some snow this evening.  It's not supposed to be too bad and tomorrow should be just fine.  Today is a good day to stay in and work on something if you are having the same weather. Go ahead, enjoy it!

I will be heading out to help Linda out at the shop today though.  And tomorrow is the hook in.  I'm hoping, really hoping to finish this project before the end of the year. I really don't like having projects unfinished. Especially a seasonal one like this.  Last week at the hook in, I was able to really put the motor on the end of the elbow and get some hooking done!  Not too many pictures at all of the hook in, but as usual, it was a truly fun day! 

Here is what I was able to finish ~ Working in an 8.5 cut, it's going pretty quickly.  I would love to have this done, (labeled), rolled up and ready to display next Fall. 

There were lots of trees being made that day.  Nancee and Nancy wanted to know how to make them, and Joanne had enough supplies with her to help them out !

And then some hooking and finishing of other things going on.

My Christmas shopping is just about done. Only a couple little things that will be finished up this weekend. I will also wrap this weekend.  This has to be the first year that I am this far ahead. I told myself that I was not going to stress, and it feels ooooh sooooo good not to. 

Ok, now on to the party reminder.  The Christmas party at Grant Street Woolworks is next week, December 15th.  The hook in will be as usual till about 5:00.  So if you just want to hook, come on out!!  And if you want to stay for the party, just let Linda or I know about it.  It will start around 5:30.  She just asks you to bring something small along for the food table.  There is always sooo much food, so don't go all out!    There will also be games to play.  For one of the games, it involves bringing something, so if you are interested and rather than me going through all the details, just contact Linda or I and we'll go over it with you. It is sooooooooooooooo much fun.  You don't have to play it though.    Really hope to see you all there, and perhaps some new faces :)!!

Well, time to have one more cup of coffee before I head out this morning.  I have to meet Nicole at the Oral surgeon this afternoon to have her wisdom teeth evaluated for removal.  She is hoping to have them done before Christmas (why????) I have no idea. But that is what she wanted.  We'll see how things go.  She has been having jaw pain lately. 

So how are all of you doing with your Holiday preperations?  Tree up, decorations done?  Not doing any at all this year and taking it easy?   We will be getting our tree this weekend.  My porch is done, but nothing else.  That is a plan for this weekend too.   

Enjoy your hump day everyone!!


Julia said...

Wow Cathy, I'm impressed in your readiness for Christmas with all what you have to do. I'm not stressing either this year and cutting back on looking for gifts and I'm giving gift cards instead and making some of my gifts. I'm usually a last minute shopper so I'll be ready as usual at the last minute.

Your harvest rug is looking mighty good. Thanks for the hook-in pictures.

I wish I lived closer, I certainly would make that party. Wishing you all fun you can stan.

moosecraft said...

Your rug is looking mahvelous! Love that wall of wool behind Linda! Sounds to me as if you will have a beaitufully peaceful Christmas this year... isn't it nice to be able to enjoy the spirit of it all instead of being rush and stressed? I did some decorating inside the house... and hope to get our little tree this weekend! :-)

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Had to laugh, my daughter is going to an oral surgeon Fri. and getting all 4 wisdom teeth out. She is on quarters at college, so she is taking finals this week too.
Love your rug!

weaverpat said...

LOL! It looks like Joanne is preparing to stuff a wool strip up her nose!!! Is that some new technique for making feather trees?

Love your rug, Kathy. Since you are ahead with the Christmas preparations, there should be more time for hooking! Hope you get it done by the end of the year.

Joanne said...

Let's see - i guess I will have to hound you tomorrow so you finish your rug! You can do it! I'm sure of it!

TeresaM said...

Your rug is coming along so nicely Kathy!!! I just love it!!! I hope to finish up my shopping this weekend! I did some online shopping today for the grandkids which was very easy!
I started punching the pattern I bought a few weeks ago and just can't put it down!

Hope to see you soon!

barnyardbabies said...

Beautiful color choices. Can't wait to see it finished. I've been very good this year...and wouldn't mind finding that rug in my stocking! LOL.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

So glad for you on getting your shopping done so fast. Your rug is looking so nice. Love the colors.
Hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas party!!!