Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time to catch up~

My goodness where do I start? It's been really busy since last Friday.  And I never even posted about last Thursday's hook in. So I'll just wait till tomorrows and take some more pic's and share those. 

On Friday, I met up with Tanya and we went to Family Heirloom Weavers  in Red Lion, Pa.  I was talking about getting a woven blanket for my bed. Ended up getting one and then a few other things :).  Tanya is a good helper in shopping!  Couldn't wait to put it on the bed. Of course I have a lot to do to the room, and it's a bit embarrassing to show how there is nothing in there, but wanted to show the blanket. I love it! And I bought some fabric for curtains. Just draped it over the window, still need to figure out what style I want to make, so I'll wait till it "speaks" to me...  I also bought a new bedskirt in black. Haven't tried it yet, and not sure if it will be too much or not. Again, we'll see. I'm not a decorator, so it will take a lot of work on my part. I'm always asking people for their opinions. Always second guessing myself. So I hope things come together.
Thank you Tanya for a great day!! Hope to see you soon!

Here is the table topper I bought too. Finished the acorn stitchery sampler last Thursday at the hook in. Still need to finish it into a mat. The tree on top of it was a gift from Genny as an early Birthday gift. It has acorns and leaves on it. She was quite surprised to see me working on the piece I was doing. Great coincidence!
Saturday, I worked around the house. Had a quite a list for myself. Started out by washing my car and cleaning it inside too. It had been too long. Did laundry and all that "fun" stufffffff that needs to be done. Then I had to get ready and prepare something to take to hook on Sunday at Joan's. She was having her annual hook in that falls near her Birthday. Only this time, it was actually the day! Her hook-in is always a blast. She is quite the hostess, even though she should have been sitting and hooking. There are always games to be played and prizes to win. And talk about the most generous soul !!  Lots of her spot dyed wool as gifts, among lots of other prizes. She had word games, guessing games on how many tootsie pops were in the jar, along with a questionnaire to be filled out. Prizes for all the games. She had two of her hooked mats as prizes. One for the lollipop game and one for a donation to the Animal shelter in Adams county. Her heart is for the animals.  She asked on her flyer that you bring supplies, old towels, blankets, etc, or money if you wish. And I wish I would have gotten a shot of the bed of the truck. It was FILLED!!!  Along with that, and an additional contribution from her husband, she collected $507 in additional money for them. I told her that I bet the people who worked at the shelter were wagging their behinds as if they were puppies when they saw her pull up lol!  They also wish she had more than one birthday a year!! I'm so happy for all that was donated.  She also provided us with a very nice lunch! 
Here is Joan on the left talking with a friend. And then I'm just going to share the photos of the day.

The next group of shots are from the rug show in the back room. Joan also asked if we would bring some of our rugs to share.

And then more shots of others.

And this is what was staring at me the whole time I was sitting trying to hook!  The thing is massive...

Thank you Joan for a Wonderful day!!!   I hope you rest up. And again, Happy Birthday!!!

Here is the rug I had worked on Saturday to draw up to take with me. I did hook some, just never got a shot of it. Why do I not take one of my own???  I'll work more on it tomorrow and will take one then to share with you.  This was inspired by the wooden bird I bought a week or so ago.  I have a color plan in mind.. We will see how it turns out.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No it's not snowing~~

But it must seem like it is after all the posting I've been doing. I'm even shocking myself!  On Saturday and Sunday, I was able to work on a stitchery piece designed by Nancy Woodson at  Liberty Primitves and Needlework   .   She does some beautiful stitching and offers wonderful free patterns from time to time, 
I got as far as I could.  AAPG had their retreat weekend and the theme was samplers. I'm an acorn lover, so this felt like it was a good time to stitch this one up.  Hoping to finish it up soon. Not much more to go. Might just be what I'm taking to Thursday's hook-in. Something simple and not so much to carry. Why is it that hookers carry so much stufffff???  

On Sunday afternoon, I went out to dinner with my girlfriends and George was outside on the deck playing with his toys.  This is actually borrowed from a friend.  He kept moving it around the deck trying to get a signal.  George is into Ham Radio. This piece of equipment he told me was to get a signal off of our computer so he can connect to the computer up on the mountain using ours. Something like that. I know there is more involved.   Interesting, eh?  Happy he has his hobby too :)  I thought for sure he was trying to reach Mars lol. 

And we have had a visitor since last Thursday.  Craig and Lake went to the beach and asked if I could babysit.  I said sure. Spike is no problem at all. The most quietest guinea pig I have ever known.  No squealing, not a peep out of him.  They will be picking him up tomorrow sometime.

Work was very busy today. Linda got a new cabinet in for displaying her magazines. It's really super. I will get a picture of it on Thursday. But when that happens, then everything gets moved around. LOTS of moving around.  And lots of laughing today.  We did very well at moving the heavy things ourselves.  We found out with a wet floor, things move easily..... We were sweeping and mopping since we were moving a lot of stuff around.  When it came time to moving the large pieces, Linda was behind the piece pushing, and I was in front of it with the wet mop.  Can you picture "curling" in the Olympics? That's what we looked like. I was mopping she was pushing, and that piece just glided LOL.  Oh how we laughed. Sure wish it were on video!

Have a wonderful hump day tomorrow!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Went for a ride~~

Fought with myself this morning on whether or not to take a ride out to a shop I've been wanting to go to. Finally talked myself into and I'm so happy I did despite the traffic and detour I had to go through..  I had heard a lot about this store called Thymes Remembered. It is in New Oxford, Pa.  I stopped on the way at another little shop. Thought I'd stop back there when I was done, but decided not too. I had spent my limit at Thymes Remembered. The girls there were extremely  helpful and so sweet. I'm looking forward to heading back again soon! I asked if I could take a couple pictures, and they said sure!  I came home with a couple yards of homespun. Have been wanting to make some curtains. Also treated myself to a wooden bird, and some acorns that I put in a bowl  with the potpourri that I bought at Colonial Day.  I almost bought the acorns at Colonial Day but passed, and then Linda said they had them at Thymes Remembered. So I picked some up.  I think I'll be heading back real soon to this store. They have some Heirloom Weavers blankets and throws. I've been wanting one for my bed for quite some time.  I'm glad I'm taking my time thinking about it. I want to make sure. So I have a week LOL!!


Also picked up some of these little pumpkins.  I have some more potpourri, and will put a little in the bowl.

I realized I never did share with you what I got at Colonial Days either.  These pillows below were sewn by Tanya Wishard. She is one of the girls in our group.  At the end of the show, I was doing my own shopping :).

Here is a small pincushion and tiny pillow. The bigger of the two is stuffed with crushed walnut shells. It's so sweet. Her work is so amazing!!  In return for these items, I will be making her a cross stitch piece that she said she liked.  Will get that to her soon...

I also bought this sheep at Colonial Day. It is by Kathy Maker from  Primitive Homespuns .  I like to buy something from her booth every year.  The pincushion was a gift from my friend Beth. I love it!

And I also bought this redware flower pot from Becky Mummert. I always like to get something from her also.

Tonight I've been working on a cross stitch piece for the retreat weekend.  I was having so much fun today, that I got a late start on it.  But it's coming along. I hope to share what little progress I have tomorrow evening. I have a lunch/dinner date with 2 girlfriends tomorrow afternoon. 

And speaking of the group on line, Kelley the group leader suggested a wool shower. If you wanted to sign up, whoever's name was picked, everyone would send the winner some wool. Well, I thought that was a good way to get rid of a little bit. HA, I won. Backfired on me LOL.  Anyway, I have been having so much fun receiving a shower of packages in the mail.  I wanted to keep them all together so I can make something nice out of them. Here is a shot of them!  The girls were so generous!!  Thank you all!

I took some time yeseterday to add a few things to my Etsy shop. The link is on the sidebar if you are interested. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me.

Sure hope you all got a chance to be outside today. The weather was so lovely!