Friday, September 17, 2010

A day for me~~

What a great day it is today....  It's going on 11:00 and I am sitting here at the computer just doing what I want to do. I'm not looking at what's behind me, or what's around me. Today is just for me. I have plans for this afternoon to run out for a few minutes, but the rest of the day is mine! I had every intention of starting the cleaning early this morning, but the coffee tasted so good, and I just got comfy in my chair here. (whispering here..... I'm still in my pj's too :) , and loving every minute of it.

So I thought why not take the time and play around with the blog and tell you what happened yesterday at the hook-in at Grantstreet.   It was a very quiet morning. So quiet that Linda and I looked at each other and said "this is it I guess" lol.  I worked on a new punch needle design I drew up. This is all I was able to punch yesterday.....

Linda is always moving things around in the shop. Sometimes we can't find anything when someone asks. Need to remember where we are putting things  :).  Here she opened up a back corner and put her dyed wools and patterns. It really makes the place look so much bigger. (i'm thinking they will  need to put on an addition if she keeps growing lol).

Along with rearraning the shop, Linda has decided to make up a few kits for beginners. Here is a pumpkin mat. The pattern and cut wool in a #8 is in the box, along with the yarn to whip it. She plans on taking a picture of the piece and putting it on the box to identify it by. I believe she said last night she had an order for one already.

Here is another kit she is making up. A hit or miss candle mat.


After taking some pic's of the shop and seeing it was afternoon already, we had a visitor...

Joan was taking a breather, and looking at a new dye book after working on finishing off some chair pads for her Church bazaar below.

Jackie and Genny were admiring them and how she finishes them off.

Genny is also working on chair pads. She has a set of 6 she is doing. All different designs.  She was real pleased with her background. We told her how to bleed her wools and marry them all in a pot  to make them all work together.

And here is another one she was starting.

Joan brought Linda a gift. Just look at this wool!!!!  She's really lucky it was still there last night. I had it in my  hand a couple times :).   Joan is a beautiful dyer. (I want to grow up and be like her :) ).

From having no one in the early part of the day, we certainly had a wonderful turnout come late afternoon into the evening! So I was wondering around and helping when someone needed it....

Nancy is almost done with her rug she designed herself. It just goes to  show, with a little perserverence that if you feel a piece of wool will work wonderfully in your rug and it's a little hard to work with,  it will all be worth it in the end.  The spot died white strip in her flag was a little thicker than normal for her, but it gave such a beautiful effect in her rug. I'm sure by the time the weekend is over, she will have finished that part and then it's smooth sailing. She'll have this done in no time!
Debbie is working on her second piece!  She is doing a great job with the pumpkins!

Cheryl and Sonja (hope I got the spelling right on her name)  took time out from hooking to look at the patterns.

Nancy was showing Sherri a tip to split her embroidery floss for punch needle.

Patty has gotten a lot done on this rug since I saw her last. It looks wonderful!

Wanted to get a close up of the tree.

Jackie is moving along on her pattern and I'm sure she will be ready soon for her next! For a new rug hooker, she has put in a lot of time pulling her loops. And they are very, very even! 

Bonnie was away on a trip, so she is back to finishing up her pumpkin mitten.  We also helped her color plan her next piece. Can't wait to get some pic's of that when she starts it!

Sherri is making some snowmen with punchneedle.  They are going to be really cute when she's done. 

Bethany is now working on her next project.  She says she has a series planned out of different events.

This one has meaning for her and her husband. She said he had some nice things to say about it!


Well, I better get moving on getting some house cleaning done.  I also want to put a couple things up on Etsy a little later on today. Just need to take some pic's of them.  I don't need/nor have the room to put the things out that were left over from Colonial Days . So why not see if someone else could enjoy them and  find a place in there home for them?  I had someone ask in a  previous post where my Etsy shop is.  When I post them today, there will be a link on the side bar.  Thanks in advance for taking a look! And if you ever have any questions, please contact me any time!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone, and I hope your weekend is filled with things you like to do.  Our group AAPG has their retreat this weekend, and this month it's on Samplers. I have an idea or two in mind. Will gather up  my supplies later for that, so I have plenty of time to sit and stitch this weekend!


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Enjoy the day! All the pictures of the hook ~in are always so nice to look at! Such wonderful projects in progress.

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
Looks like a nice group showed up.Everyone's rugs and mats look great!
Glad you are having some time to do what YOU want to do today. Enjoy your weekeend!

Joanne said...

Oh thanks for the pics - it almost feels like i was there! feels like forever since I was at a hook-in there! (Okay okay - maybe not for you guys - but it has been 3 weeks I believe)

Good luck with your etsy sales! I'm sure you will be a sell-out

Enjoy you day - it's beautiful and breezy here in Eastern pA at 12:08 p.m.! (hehehehe)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
I so enjoy you sharing all the pix of Grant Street with us!!! Now that Colonial Days are over, are you working on something for YOU?
Have a great weekened.
Pug hugs :)

moosecraft said...

Sit and slurp that coffee!!! ;-) LOL! Even your post sounds relaxed! Great turnout at Grant Street! The piece of wool Joan dyed for Linda is gorgeous... looks very Monet! And, those kits are so much prettier than any other kit I've seen for rug hooking! Great job! I'm sitting here hooking most of the day... resting up for PA tomorrow! LOL!

katie said...

What an awesome rug show. I loved them all.
Aren't days that are our own wonderful.

Beth said...

wow kathy...glad you finally had a day to do what you wanted.. you deserve it!! all the rugs looked so nice...

Doris said...

Hi Kathy = looks like a full house on Thursday. Sorry I could'nt be there. All of the projects look interesting and so varied!!!