Monday, September 13, 2010

Colonial Day was a success!

What a Beautiful day to be at Colonial Day on Saturday.  The weather couldn't have been any nicer. I will begin by apologizing for the sad pictures. We were swamped from the very beginning. And by the time it slowed down, there wasn't much to take pictures of!! That is how much of a success it was for ALL of us!

We weren't even finished setting up and people were ready to buy.  That in itself can get very confusing, but Beth stepped right in and took charge of that. She does a wonderful job with handling it all. We all take turns throughout the day, but I'm really happy she was there in the beginning. 

 Here is a shot of our booth from across the way. How tough it was trying not to get people blocking things. At least you'll get the idea. We had a double booth this year, and we were pleased at the way the flow went. Didn't feel cramped. 

Here are some close ups of what was in the booth. Again, sorry about the pic's. Between the people and the sunlight, it was hard telling what I was taking a picture of!

Willa's Grand daughter Lilly helped us out. She did an awesome job with helping people and moving things from here to there to keep it filled in when things sold.

Linda provided us with some wool from Grantstreet Woolworks to sell. What a hit that was too!! I know she was pleased when I told her how much we sold :).  I'm sure she will be  having a booth next year with some hand made items and some more wool!!

It was so nice to see soooo many friends and familiar faces come through the booths.  A HUGE thank you to all who complimented on our wares and for those who purchased some. It meant the world to ALL of us!! It's what keeps us going year after year. We had to think, but we believe this was our 5th year. So much preparation, but in the end, it's the smiles we put on people's faces, the eagerness of some to maybe want to learn the artform of rug hooking, or just knowing that our pieces will be given a new home for a long time. That's what makes it all worth while....

Just a shout out to some of you who came to support, and check us out... Joanne, Vicki and Lou, Linda, Sherri, Cathy, Genny, Mary, Nancy, Caroline and Ron, Donna and Carol, and then there are some that are on the tip of my tongue, and the names aren't coming to me....ugh!    I'm glad you all stopped by and I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day there shopping and browsing. 

Joanne had brought me some fabric I asked her to pick up. Between her and Sharon, they were able to get it for me... Thanks you two!   And Mary had brought me some wool that I won on the group we belong too. I will be posting a picture of all that wool very soon to show you.  Love it Mary, thank you :). 

It was a record high in sales for the group as a whole, and also a new record for me personally in sales. I was tickled!  As we looked around at other booths, it seemed that everyone was doing rather well. That is a good sign for the economy.  I hope it continues and that people continue to buy hand made items!!

I came home with just a few pieces.  Some of which will be going on Etsy in the near future. Just need to get shots of them. Now that I have no deadlines to meet, I will be working on some items for the Etsy shop. I've left it empty for too long. So keep an eye open. I will post when I place them in there.

I ended up with a migraine on Sunday, and a pretty bad one at that. I'm sure it was all the anxiety coming to a screeching halt. Everything I had planned for yesterday didn't happen, but you know, that's ok.  Now it's my time. I will craft and create at my own speed. Would love to start some Christmas presents soon. Oh no, not more stress LOL. Nope, it is what it is...... If I don't get them done by Dec. 25th, they will get them after. How's THAT for not stressing LOL?? 

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  Maybe now I'll be posting more on here as well.  Ohhh, so much time, what will I do first?
Stay tuned.......


Jake said...

As a person that takes some pics from time to time, I'd say your pictures are absolutely lovely. It looks like an incredibly wonderful day!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
I'm so happy all your hard work paid off :) Your booth looked wonderful ~ I especially love the pics with the penny rugs.
I hope your migraine is long gone and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief.
Pug hugs :)

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
Zip and I were thinking of you on Saturday. You had a lovely day! I'm so glad you had such a successful day. Isn't it great when all that work goes to people who appreciate it?

Hope you're feeling better and your week goes well!

Orange Sink said...

Your booth looked really great! Love the penny circle rugs and pillows! There is hope for this economy after all! But I think it's the quality and such nice handmades you have that make the sales! Hope you are feeling better and not letting any more stress get to you!
Cathy G

Joanne said...

Way to go on the sales - All your hard work certainly paid off! Can't wait to see what you come up with next to do!

Linda Keller said...

Just wanted to say thanks for this weekend and for promoting the local rug hookings shops. I am sure Carol at Wool Gatherings in East Berlin appreciates it also. I am so happy that all of your group's hard work and efforts were appreciated.

Kathie said...

what is your etsy address? I couldn't find a button for it on your sidebar
loved seeing all the goodies you had at the show

moosecraft said...

You gals had an awesome booth!!! You can see a lot of goodies from a walk by so that for sure would bring people in! Yippee! So happy for you! And, the weather was perfect too! I have to giggle with you mentioning Christmas and all that fun stuff! LOL!

primitivebettys said...

Your booth did look wonderful & was filled with so many GREAT goodies! I'm happy to hear it went so well for you, but sad you had to suffer with a migraine following. I hope you are all better now.



Beth C. said...

This was our 6th year! I looked at my "records" and we did 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and this year! Time flies for sure!

kelley said... glad you had the wonderful weather and great sales at your show...