Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No it's not snowing~~

But it must seem like it is after all the posting I've been doing. I'm even shocking myself!  On Saturday and Sunday, I was able to work on a stitchery piece designed by Nancy Woodson at  Liberty Primitves and Needlework   .   She does some beautiful stitching and offers wonderful free patterns from time to time, 
I got as far as I could.  AAPG had their retreat weekend and the theme was samplers. I'm an acorn lover, so this felt like it was a good time to stitch this one up.  Hoping to finish it up soon. Not much more to go. Might just be what I'm taking to Thursday's hook-in. Something simple and not so much to carry. Why is it that hookers carry so much stufffff???  

On Sunday afternoon, I went out to dinner with my girlfriends and George was outside on the deck playing with his toys.  This is actually borrowed from a friend.  He kept moving it around the deck trying to get a signal.  George is into Ham Radio. This piece of equipment he told me was to get a signal off of our computer so he can connect to the computer up on the mountain using ours. Something like that. I know there is more involved.   Interesting, eh?  Happy he has his hobby too :)  I thought for sure he was trying to reach Mars lol. 

And we have had a visitor since last Thursday.  Craig and Lake went to the beach and asked if I could babysit.  I said sure. Spike is no problem at all. The most quietest guinea pig I have ever known.  No squealing, not a peep out of him.  They will be picking him up tomorrow sometime.

Work was very busy today. Linda got a new cabinet in for displaying her magazines. It's really super. I will get a picture of it on Thursday. But when that happens, then everything gets moved around. LOTS of moving around.  And lots of laughing today.  We did very well at moving the heavy things ourselves.  We found out with a wet floor, things move easily..... We were sweeping and mopping since we were moving a lot of stuff around.  When it came time to moving the large pieces, Linda was behind the piece pushing, and I was in front of it with the wet mop.  Can you picture "curling" in the Olympics? That's what we looked like. I was mopping she was pushing, and that piece just glided LOL.  Oh how we laughed. Sure wish it were on video!

Have a wonderful hump day tomorrow!!


moosecraft said...

Curling with furniture?!?!?! LOL! You guys are silly! :-) I'm familiar with what George is doing... though we haven't tried it here... Actually our local repeater is getting some serious upgrades...

Lisa said...

Thanks for the laughs! I can picture the two of you. Cleaning and moving furniture usually isn't all that fun. You both made it very interesting. I too wish you had a video. I am so jealous that you have a group to hook with. I am not sure where to look to find a group near me. I love the acorns. I will look forward to seeing it when it is done. Have a great day!!

acorn hollow said...

Great blog I just found you tonight.
I too love acorns. They are falling like crazy pinging off everything. Sounds like you made cleaning fun. It dosen't feel that much fun when I am doing it.