Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pic's I promised

Ok, I'm back.  Finally went through the camera and found a few pic's to post.  Here is my latest update on my rug.  I'm really enjoying doing the background. I know it's the worst part for some people, but with so many different wools, it's actually fun. 

This is Joan's piece that she is doing for a swap with some friends that will take place in the Fall.  The rule was for everyone to use this plaid wool that is in the background.  Just look what Joan did with it!! She hooked it like a plaid and hooked a gorgeous fish in the center.  It is going to be made into a purse. The lining of the purse is on the right.  Wouldn't you love to be the recipient of this piece?? 

Close up of the fish....

Here are our scrolls that we are doing with our dye group.  Before everyone started hooking.


Jewel helping Nancy

Joan making progress

And this is what we got done for the day

My daughter had  a surprise on Monday of last week.  Two little Roman soldiers came to arrest her. They were from Andrew's church.  Oh my how we laughed.  Someone from the church wrote her name down to have her arrested, and that was her boyfriend Andrew. Bail was even set in the amount of $15.00. They either had to pay then, or raise the funds.  All money was going to VBS.  It was so cute.

What was even funnier, was when the woman was done, she then announced that Andrew was being arrested also.  He had no idea. His friend Sam wrote his name down.

There was a little resistance lol. 

And whipping lol.  It was all for a good cause.

So there you have it, that's what has been happening.   On a different side,  the phone rang at 5:30 this morning.   It was the service that my mil has when something is wrong. She had pressed the button, but they could not communicate with her. I went over right away, and she was having some difficulties.  I called my husband to help.  I stayed with her until about 11:00 and then my husband came and is still there with her now. She was still asleep. I will go back in a little bit.  Please keep her in your prayers. We are not sure how she will be as the day goes on.  Decisions might have to be made, or they might not have to.  We won't know until later.

Until next time ~~~~



weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy,
I will certainly keep your MIL in my prayers. And you and George, too. Making decisions about the level of care for our family members is never easy.

The Roman soldiers are just too cute. What a great way to support VBS!

Your rug is sooo nice. I love the background! Can't wait to see it in person. Maybe Thursday.
Take care!!!

Doris said...

Hope everything is alright with your MIL. This is such a responsibility and making the right decision is often very stressful. Take care of yourself and George!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Your rug is wonderful. I do love the background.

I hope things are OK with your m-i-l. It is so hard to deal with. Making decisions that affect someone else's life is very stressful. You love them and want what's best, but knowing what is best can be a very painful decision. Good luck to you and God bless you for being such a caring d-i-l ~ she is a lucky woman to have you in her life.

Pug hugs :)

moosecraft said...

OMG! The roman soldiers are the best crack up I've had in a long time! What a hoot! LOVE your rug and that fish purse is beautifully clever in the way the wool was used! You always have such great pics to share! Thanks! Prayers for your MIL...

Joanne said...

So sorry about your MIL having a set-back - hope you and George find a solution and she is feeling better.

Wow that's some progress on your rug - so it will be done on Thursday when I come out, right?

Cute Roman Soldiers! So fun!

See you have plenty to yak about!

corinna said...

keeping your mil in my thoughts and requesting all the best

love the rug
and the roman soldiers and their authority cracked me up
what a fun idea for fundraiser

take care of yourself and all yours

TamboinMO said...

Your background is really lovely and your lettering is SO NICE!