Friday, June 17, 2011

Indiana Visitor ~~

Is it really Friday?  Not sure where the last couple days went!  Joanne came out on Wednesday this week, and we went to play bingo with Linda. No winning, but still a good time.  Yesterday, I met up with Joanne and Cheryl for lunch.  Cheryl is visiting from Indiana. She came with her Mom and sisters and were staying with an Aunt in the area. They came early in the week and were spending each day going to different places.  So yesterday, they dropped Cheryl off, and we had a wonderful lunch and then headed to the hook in from there.  The last time we saw her was 2 years ago. Funny how Cheryl, Joanne and I all met through an on line group called Wool Snippets.  I'm hoping she gets out this way again soon.  Good seeing you Cheryl, and thanks for spending the day with us :) !
Here Cheryl is talking to Joan about the rug she had made in memory of Terry ( a love of hers that she lost to cancer)

If you look closely, you can see his name written in the lake.  Lovely pictorial in memory of him. All she needs to do now is finish the bears face and she'll be all done!

Joan brought along a small piece that she did of pretzels. Somehow, everyone wanted to eat pretzels after this lol.

She also brought along her leaf rug that she finished. Amazing, huh?

Joan sat down to work on a piece that's been in progress.  Everyone gathered around to take a look. Sorry it's upside down. I was on the other side of the table. It didn't look right when I flipped it.  No loops were pulled though. But it was wonderful that she was able to get out of the house and come and relax and sit for a little while. Her husband Bob recently had surgery and is now home and recovering.  She went home in time to make dinner for him :)   Wishing him well Joan!!

This is what I saw when I walked in the shop.  Nancee working hard at drawing up a new pattern she created.  Oh, the concentration! 

She then put it down on the floor and we were discussing color. By this point, I'm thinking she's telling me to put down the dang camera lol.  I cannot wait to see next week how far she got and what colors she put where!  

Lots of chatting and relaxing going on....

And even somre more hooking after that!  Cheryl is working on a rug that i didn't get a long shot of. It's a Christmas tree with ornaments and a patriotic pot. Very cute..

Beth was very quiet yesterday.  She was hooking away on her new project. She got quite a bit done!

Bert and her sister Genny came in the evening and were able to accomplish some on their rugs.

This is one of Berts. The pattern size was just the rectangle of the angel.  Bert added the block border. This was her first piece!

And here is one she drew up for her second. She is really enjoying hooking.

Jackie and Bonnie came later in the evening also.  Don't know where Bonnie is. Never got a shot of her in any of the pictures, hmm.  Jackie is making great progress on her rug here. Love that  teal background.

And now for a good giggle.  You ready for this???   I had no clue really what colors I needed for yesterday.  I had decided to draw up some 3x5 rectangles and felt I could hook up a bunch yesterday.   Sooooo, I decided to take ALL my rings. I didn't have time in the morning and Wed night after bingo, it was very late until I got to bed.  Sooo, I just grabbed them off the wall and away I went!  These will be made into little pilows.

Joan had gave me this tip when I first started hooking.  All my scraps go on macrame' rings. I use safety pins to attach them.  The rings are all by color.

And here is what I brought ALL those rings for LOL. Go ahead an laugh. I laughed too.  I even left everything in the car lst night and didn't bring it in the house.  Went and got it this morning.  Do ya think I need better planning?????  LOL   This was done in a #5 cut. It's been a long time since I used that size.  I like my #8.5 cut  :).   I didn't have any clue what I was going to put inside the rectangles. If I knew it was going to be a pumpkin, and something else, I would have just taken a few pieces.  I'm still laughing at myself. 

Well, I'm ready to start my day with some house cleaning.  Been sitting here at the computer for a few hours now.  Nicole left with a friend to do some shopping today.  So the house is nice and quiet.  I'm going to turn on some music and hopefully get some things accomplished.    Going out with my friend Donna tonight for dinner. I'm looking forward to it.

Hoping you all have some great plans this weekend ~~~


moosecraft said...

Great projects! I think Nancee needs to sell me her pattern! I love it! I like how you have the scraps on rings... keeps it ready for when you need it! Even if... for a teeny tiny morsel of a hooked pumpkin square! lol!

weaverpat said...

Everyone is working on really nice designs. Wish I could have been there (have a cold).
I remember Cheryl and her memory rug from when she was here before. At that time she had just started it. I'm so glad to see it almost finished!

Nettie said...

Hi Kathy.... Really looks like you had fun time at grant Street on Thursday. Sorry I missed it... Nancee new project looks awesome, as always.... Everyone's design look great..... And Jackie's project looks great as always, are you sure Bonnie was there.... I do not see her on any of the pictures, so she must been hiding in the right places....

Miss you

Julia said...

Hi Joanne. I always love coming for a visit at your blog. There is always so much fun at that studio. I love seeing some of my blogging friends who goes to these hook-ins.

The rugs are all fantastic and the ladies always seem to be so fun to be with.

I've been wondering about this studio at Grant Street as who own it, where it's located and if it's in someone's home or at a Rug Hooking Store. Not that I'll be able to go there but I was always interested to find more about this studio. The wool is to die for and everything looks so organized and tidy and so well decorated all the time especially for special occasions. I just wish that I lived close by. I'm so envious of all the great together time you ladies have there.

I would enjoy seeing studio photos too. Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to the dads out there. JB

Julia said...

Sorry Kathy, I called you Joanne. JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Thank you for once again sharing Grant Street with us!
That memory rug is beautiful and so very special.
Pug hugs :)