Sunday, February 13, 2011

Still celebrating???

Nooo, not me, but Joanne!!  She is still celebrating her birthday :).  I'm trying to get it to rub off, and so far, so good lol.  What a great day at the hook in on Thursday for everyone who came out.  Joanne came to my house first and we went out for a cup of coffee at the Corner Coffee here in Shippensburg. Then we went to a few stores before heading on out to the hook in.  Waiting for Joanne at the shop were some balloons tied to the chair she usually sits in (I wonder if I would have put them anywhere else, if she would have realized they were for her ? LOL)  I hope she was surprised. I wasn't there when she walked in. I stopped off at the grocery store to get myself a salad for lunch.  I had a dentist appointment early in the morning.. So right after that I ran to the store to get the balloons, take them to the shop and then drive back home and wait for her. It was a morning where I thought I woke up before the birds and the early worm!

Of course everyone had to sing Happy Birthday.......  Linda bought the cake, and it was soooo delicious. Hard to have just one piece!

Was definitely a full house by the time the afternoon rolled around. Love it when there is so much noise you can't hear yourself think.  I was trying to plan my rug and I hear all the laughter in the background. Just makes me giggle!!! 
Nancee was helping Janice with instructions on her whipping.
Joan needs to use the table to support her large rug she is working on.
Another new hooker joined us.  Her name is Nancy too. She was doing a great job pulling her loops.
Jackie worked at finishing her roosters tail.
And then started on the flower.
A close up of Joanne's rug. I'm in love of the background...(you know me and my neutrals !)  Jill gave Joanne a jar filled with kisses for her Birthday :)
Barb was busy hand piecing quilt squares.
Genny finished another chair pad... I'm trying to remember what number this one was....
And here she is starting her last one!  I'm curious to see what her next project will be. Her chairs are now fitted with beautiful chair pads.
Bethany on the left brought Kim next to her to show her how the rug hooking is done. She was pulling loops and looking like a natural. I'm sure she will be back! Kathy was still whipping her rug. I'm thinking by next week if she keeps working on it, she'll have it all done..
Poor Sherry always seems to be at the end of my posts. She is the one who comes the latest, and stays with us till the very end.  And boy was it a LATE night again....  She was just about finished whipping her horse rug. Love the hit and miss background!
She also finished whipping this piece. I like the use of the 2 yarns for the whipping..
Before we were ready to leave for the night, Linda brought out a package that was left for me from my Secret Pal.  I didn't even realize anything was in the copper couldron where they are kept.  She left me a wonderful surprise. I'm looking forward to finding out who she is next Christmas!  One of the candies is already gone and didn't make the picture. Imagine that!  And the card with the lavendar in the bowl had some loose lavendar inside the card. It's going into a little dish.  Thank you Secret Pal if you are reading this!!
 Here is my next rug. It's the same one Joanne is doing.  Kelley gifted me this rug on Linen a while back. I've been itching to start it.  Just wasn't sure of the colors I wanted to use.  I have the basic idea down, but some wools might be tweeked here and there. I am going with a dark background this time. I plan on hanging it in the room where my Night-n-gale is.  I want to keep it simple, so we'll see how it progresses. 
Friday and Saturday I spent cleaning. Even measured out fabric to make valances for the computer room. Still deciding on the style, but I know I have enough of the material to do the 3 windows.
Wanted so badly to hook yesterday, but that never happened. The fatigue is really starting to anger me now. I'm just going to have to push harder to keep moving.  I did watch a good movie yesterday though, and highly recommend it. It was so cute. A real family oriented movie.  Since I missed the beginning, I'm going to rent it on Netflix some day soon. Even my daughter wanted me to get it. She had to go to work and didn't see the rest of it.  It's called Second Hand Lions.

Well, I'm off to church shortly and then after that I'm taking Nicole prom dress shopping.  We at least want to look at a few places. 

I certainly hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  Have you started anything new? Finish up anything old?


Gayle said...

Thanks for all the GREAT rug pictures! Your group is so prolific and work on such fun projects! I just pulled out a UFO last week and have been working on that.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Once again thanks for sharing Grant Street with us!
I love the rug you are going to hook. It's on my wish list of rugs I want to hook. Joanne did a great job on hers, but I'm not surprised.
Second Hand Lions is one of my all-time favorite movies. It's the only movie that I own on DVD. When you rent it, be sure to watch the alternate ending, too. Did I mention I LOVE that movie?
Pug hugs :)

Joanne said...

Hey there - yep still celebrating today! Nettie kept it going! LOL! Love the pics you took and just everyone's faces laughing and smiling in the background! Chocolate! How'd I miss you opening chocolate - not like i didn't have enough of my own between you and Jill and Linda! Thank you again for making my birthday special you stinker!

Nettie said...

Hi Kathy ...looks like I missed all the fun ...but the pain in my jaw was not letting up enough to come... but maybe this week ...glad you took pic ...Joanne said she forgot her camera ....Ha Ha ,told her thats the first thing to go!!!!!

ShabbySheep said...

Now Kathy, If you ask me, I'd say this was the perfect blog post!!! Lots of beautiful pictures & lots of information. What more could we want! Keep it up girl. Reading blogs is such a nice way to spend an evening. I guess I should be hooking Or blogging though!