Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hooking and a Giveaway

Another weekend, and it's just about over. I've taken it on myself to waste it away too... lol.  Yep, sat on my bum and flipped and flipped and flipped some more through the channels.  George and I did watch a movie on Netflix and then he went to do something and there I still sat. Flipped and flipped and flipped some more.  I was wondering why I was so stiff when i got up!  I did do some grocery shopping yesterday and then went to church this morning. So I did see some sunshine. That was nice.  Friday I had planned on going out, but the wind was so ferocious, that I decided to wait till Saturday. Hence the laziness began on Friday :).

Before I tell you about the hook-in on Thursday at Grant Street Woolworks, I want to tell you about a blog give away. No, not mine, (but I have been thinking about it lately).  This one is from Lori over on Notforgotten Farms.  I have enjoyed her patterns for a long time. Still have a few to stitch up that I bought. Her giveaway will be a little basket of needfuls.  If you are interested, head on over. You can't help but be inspired by her patterns!
Last Thursday was a very rainy day. I suspect it is what kept some away from hooking that day. But the turnout was still good.  Before I got there, I was told they had some who already came and left.  When I arrived, Teresa (not sure of the spelling yet) and Kandace (got the spelling right on this one) were sitting there and hooking.  I was pleasantly surprised to see them. They came by one day to check out the shop.  Kandace bought a beginners kit, and Teresa picked out a free pattern from a magazine to do. I helped with the transferring of it to linen for her. I really think they enjoyed themselves, and I bet we see them again!

Teresa and her pattern
Kandace's pattern
Joanne took a mini vacation and came out to stay for a couple days. She didn't bring any hooking, but did bring her feather trees to make.  What a production line!

Ruth stopped by and worked on her rug. It's a large round piece. Very lovely and she has dyed a majority of the wool for it. Good job!

Louise was in the area  and stopped by with a couple of her friends. It's always good to see her, and she is always yelling at me to put my camera away :).  Can't do that Louise!

The weather is rather pleasant today. A big welcome to that!  Hope it continues and the colder weather is behind us.  My husband announced that the last little bit of snow on the deck is now gone, woo hoo!!  Come on Spring!!   I'm heading off now to sit and hook while George and I watch a movie together.  My  pants are really snug in the back and now I know it's from too much sitting lol.  Will work on that soon.. Need motivation. ..

Wishing you all a fantastic and creative week ahead.   My next post will be an update on my rug and it's progress!


Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Hope you and George watched some good movies. Any recommendations?
As always, thank you for sharing Grant Street. There is so much talent in that room.
We still have a good 6-8" of snow from Thursday/Friday's storm, but with the warmer temps and rain predicted, I'm guessing it will be gone soon. It is so pretty when it first falls, but it can get ugly in a big hurry.
Pug hugs :)

Bobbie said...

Love all the pictures, Kathy. I really enjoy Netflix! I especially love the BBC movies and the Masterpiece Theatre movies. You can't beat the price.

THose rugs are beautiful..can't wait to see your progress..always enjoy reading your blog! I'm going to hop over to Lori's blog see the giveaway!

TeresaM said...

Nothing wrong with a lazy weekend! I sure need one but can't tell hubby that!
Some wonderful looking rugs........I sure want to make it back down there so I can get my chair pad started!

My giveaway is finally over tomorrow and I will be drawing the winner early Tuesday morning!

Julia said...

That's what weekends are for to sit and relax. Soon the warm weather will call you outside for daily walks and the winter butt accumulation will disappear just like the snow.

We still have so much snow here that it will be a while before I can take my daily walks to rid tighten my saggy butts. Great rug photos. JB

Joanne said...

I'm sure it's not you and your dryer that made your pants snuggerly! Enjoy your week my friend!

moosecraft said...

Methinks it's the winter yuckies! That is what the lack of motivation is! We had one day of sunshine and near 70 here a couple of weeks ago and it was sooooooooooo wonderful! I was feeling alive again! lol! So... keep busy and hang in there! Spring will be here soon! Do something sexy to a tractor! *snicker*

Nettie said...

How sweet to spend time with your husband watching TV. John and I love to watch the old Western movies on the encore channel... Takes us back to when we were young kids and watched all the good Westerns. Had to laugh at my grandson Cody he thought the TV was broken when I told him it was stuck on the Western Channel:-) have a great one Kathy ! Hope to see you soon, but I guess it will be for couple of weeks...Started my horse rug, maybe I will have half of it finished when I come to the next hook in.