Friday, November 7, 2008

Punchneedle piece finished

I had a nice relaxing day. The weather was just wonderful here. Could have gone out and did something, but decided to stay inside and get some wool dyed for samples, so I can decide on colors for my camp rug next week. While that was going on, I finished sewing the cording onto my squirrel punchneedle piece. I had planned on backing it with just brown wool, but decided to make a bigger piece out of it and used a piece of cotton print for the back. I also used a piece of muslin to sign it. It is stuffed with snippets from my rugs and some sawdust to give it a nice feel. I'm really pleased the way it turned out. My friend Beth had given me the pattern for my birthday. I have to say that this is the fastest I've ever finished a pattern that was given to me. It was nice and easy to punch up the other day. Glad it was right on top of everything for me to grab. Thank you Beth! It's pretty dark in the house, so I couldn't get the picture just right. Here's the cotton fabric I used.

Tomorrow I will be taking a class to make a wool pin. The name is not coming to me right now, but I'll post tomorrow with the info. She was at the Brandywine hook-in that I attended. My friend Linda asked her to come out to Chambersburg to give a class. I just talked with Linda a little while ago, and she said there were about 14 of us. Nice size! Will have to remember to take my camera...

Hope everyone had an enjoyable day!


Anonymous said...

Okay Jamie Sommers with the bionic arm - Love how your squirrel turned out - I think it was 5 minutes ago i was reading that you just started punching it!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

How prim! Love the fabric on the back and how you signed it:)