Friday, November 21, 2008

A Hermit?

Ok, I really dislike the looks of a hermit crab. Daughter had one a number of years back and it gave me the creeps. Yuck! But....I'm becoming a hermit now. Winter is my least favorite season and when the cold weather hits, I become a hermit. I guess I'm in my shell now, all nice and warm. Just hope I'm not as creepy looking as one of those things lol.

Speaking of creepy, my daughter and I had an episode the other morning which woke my son up. We were on our way out the door to go to school and she spies this HUGE, Noo, I mean HUMONGOUS thousand legger on the wall. Well that was it for me. I started screaming, she started screaming, but we couldn't leave the house until it was dead with a capital D! I ran and got 2 fly swatters. I said "here, you swat at it and when it hits the floor, I'll slam it.". Well, that led into a 5 minute "you do it, no you do it" battle. I said I'm right behind you. I got your back LOL. Yeah like I really had her back. I was hoping she'd nail it the first time. She hit the wall and missed it by a foot. I said do it again. She did it again, still a foot away. By this time, I'm hysterically laughing. She's gagging and says she's going to throw up. It was a sight! And do you think my son would come down and help us?? Nooooo. She gave one more swing and it fell to the floor. I thought oh no, now it's my turn. She's already behind me, (she's quick). I got up enough nerve (at this point, now I want to throw up), and I nailed it. Whew, all gone, in a million pieces. Took her to school and when I came back, I was looking all over for more. Never did see any more.

Now I know God created all living things, but seriously, why something like that???? Ewwww!
The rest of the day led me to thinking about what fear really is. It's an emotional response to threats and danger. I wasn't threatened by this "thing" (ok, maybe a little), nor was I in danger. So why? I know I'm bigger than "it", and can end it's life in a second (if you can catch it, they are fast. Again, ewwww). I'm not afraid of snakes or mice, just creepy crawly things. I guess I didn't do a good job at "not" passing on my fears to my daughter. Oh, how we were pitiful! She says she is going to marry a man who can kill the spiders for her. I told her that's great, but WE need to overcome that fear. How? I don't have the answer to that one yet. But will search within for it.

I took my Pomegranate rug to church the other day to hook on it. I meet a friend there and I taught her how to hook. That day she was learning how to do a certain kind of quilt from another woman, so I just sat and listened to them while I hooked. I dyed the wool for the border the night before. I got the outside edge just about hooked and some of the vine done too. Never got to any more hooking on either rug since then. I drew up a few things on weavers cloth to get some punch needle done as Christmas gifts. I really don't like having so many things going at once, but there is no other option right now. I'll just flop back and forth for a while. Had planned on doing some of it last night, but I was bummed. My Jeeps engine light came on Wednesday evening on my way taking my daughter to youth group and now it sits in our garage. It's a true Praise that my husband is soooo gifted in sooo many areas. He will be fixing it. I am now driving his car and he's driving his truck. Thank God for the decrease in price for gas. His truck sucks it up. I can't tell you how much money he has saved us in the 21 years we've been married. A true talent of all trades. I honestly can't think of anything he hasn't done, from plumbing to electrical, all home improvements. He's fixed all our appliances and got many more years out of them, and he sided our old home and put in new windows in the whole house. In all honesty, I think the only thing that stumps him is how to grow a good lawn LOL. Ok, I'm done my bragging on him.

We had a day of snow and wind at times, and thankful there was no accumulation. I'm hoping it's the end of snow for a little while. I don't want to have to drive in any wet stuff when I go to the York Show tomorrow. Got my hair done today and then picked up my daughter from school. She had a fever. I was in the chair when they called to tell me. Nothing I could do then. I figured she's not throwing up, she's not bleeding and there are no broken bones. She can lay down and wait. I knew they would give her some ibuprofen. Seems when I got there, the whole room was pretty full of kids laying down. She was supposed to be in the Dickens Day parade here in town tonight, but she won't be going. And tomorrow she is supposed to be at school by 6:45 to go to Harrisburg and be in their parade, and then come back to the school, have lunch that is provided by them, and then do another parade in Chambersburg. Not sure if she'll even make it. That would be an awful long day for her, and I won't be here, and George will be working in the garage all day. Oh well, we'll see how things go.

Really hoping everyone is staying warm!!! Anyone else become a hermit in the Winter??


Brenis said...

LOL... from one hermit to another... it's all good! :D
I am a terrible hermit in the winter months - BUT i get TONS done while nesting in my toasty home! :) I hope your daughter is feeling better!
blessings, bren

Jake said...

Hermit? No. I am more like a bear. I completely shut down in the cold and HIBERNATE. I begin to wake up with the onset of spring.