Monday, November 24, 2008

A morning of hooking

What a cold and dreary day out there. But that didn't keep the girls from coming to the Chambersburg group today. Was nice to see everyone as usual. I snapped a few pictures to share. Forgot to take a picture of my rug, but will save that for another day.

Joyce finished 2 pieces, a doll and a floral. Both were very nice. Loved the outfit on the doll and her hair was adorable. Made with yarn and she used a lace tool of some kind. Was pretty interesting. Never saw one before.

Peggy finished her rug since the last meeting. It turned out great!! And then Thelma brought a braided rug that she had finished as a gift. I was able to watch her today working on another one. She was stitching it together. Never quite knew how that was done, so it was nice to see a visual of it. She did a wonderful job with this.
That was it for the pictures. The girls are working on some really nice rugs, so next time I'll make sure I get more pictures. Marion, that means you too. I want to see how that dog is turning out. Marion said she is going to get this rug done before Christmas. I'm holding you to it now!! No cooking, nothing. She's already given her family notice that this is what she is going to do. So stop reading this and get back to it LOL!! Marion likes it when I update the blog. I'm glad you enjoy reading it as much as I like posting.

Sorry this is short, but now I've got to get back to my punch needle, and I am starting to make mental notes of the things I want to put in my Secret Santa box from Wool Snippets. That is going to be fun. We signed up, and then we were sent an email with a name. We have till Dec. 15th to get our packages sent out. I've done it for the past few years, and enjoy it very much. I also signed up for an ornament swap with another group. Haven't gotten my persons name yet. Need to think of what ornament I'll make. You meet a lot of wonderful people by doing these swaps.

Off to get some work done. Hope this is enough to hold you over Marion till my next post LOL!!

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Joanne said...

Kathy - We need progress photos of YOUR rugs - yes indeedy we do! Your friends are very creative - love seeing their rugs in progress too! It's always so inspiring to see what others are working on!