Monday, March 2, 2009

The weekend, an oops, some dyeing and more..

I guess I'll start by saying "oops" for not posting a picture of the wool that my friends and I did at Joan's dye group with the onion skins. I'll get to that in a minute.
I had a wonderful day Saturday with Beth and Joanne at the York Folk Art Show in York, Pa. The show was quite small in comparison to what it has been in the past and compared to the one they have in the Fall. But it was still enjoyable. I behaved myself and only bought two items. A pattern and a hand forged piece to hang a picture or something from. We saw a lot of wonderful items made from some very talented people. Very inspiring, and I hope to keep working at my things, so I can make more! We walked through the antique part of the show too and then we went to lunch. Ended up coming back to walk through it again, and then ran into some hooking friends from East Berlin that we haven't seen in a while. So nice to see them, and I hope to get out there and hook with them some time soon!
Ok, here are the results from Joan's dye group. I don't have a before picture for this, sorry. We shared our pieces with each other, so we will have similar colors in our project. We haven't started that. That will happen next month.

My friend Joanne had given me some wool when we met on Saturday that she had gotten for free. I told her I had some friends who could use some of it. So it will be passed around. I picked some of the blues and reds this morning and put them in a pot with more onion skins. My friend Genny could use some wool to add to her stash, and I thought I'd "spice" it up a bit for her.
Here is the before and after pic's. I think she'll enjoy them.
So then I decided to do a little with some of the greens she gave me for myself to maybe use as some grass in a rug I'm doing. Here are the before and after pic's. Isn't it amazing what onion skins can do? Always some oohing and aaahing over the pieces when they are done, because you never know what you will end up with. Thank you sooo much Joanne!! All the wool will be put to good use!

When I met with Beth on Saturday before Joanne had gotten there, she had given me some items that she had found. I've been looking for some miniature keys and she found some for me. They are too cute, and I will put them on some pn, or cross stitch pieces I make up. That along with a star topper for my feather tree were in a cute basket that I plan to do a cross stitch piece to add on top. Also in this bag she gave me, was a book on painting furniture, a log cabin christmas tree quilting pattern, a stencil, and 2 boards for me to add my hooked or punched pieces too.

Beth knows that I would like to try my hand at some quilting. I want to hand piece and hand quilt them. And in this bag was a quilting hoop. I was shocked! I asked her why she didn't keep it, and she said because when she starts to quilt it will be by machine! lol. Beth likes a good hunt, to see what she can find. She said this was in with a free pile she got. Can ya believe it?? I will have to make her something with this. Now I really have no excuse to quilt! Just need to get to it, and get some nice prim fabrics. I could also use this frame for rug hooking too for a small piece or if my other frame is in use. Beth, you are too much! I'll have to make you a piece for a big thank you..
Sunday I did a lot of running around, so the rest of the day I was just lazy and sat and watched tv. I was a Bum, yep! Need those days of rest....
It is really, really cold outside today. We missed getting hit by the snowstorm that was here on the East coast. I for one was soooo thankful!!! We had barely a dusting. The roads and grass were clear. Come on Spring!!!!!! Odd to think that next week the time will change, but I will welcome it.
Well, I started hooking this morning, but got sidetracked with the dyeing and then updating the blog here. Guess I'll go and relax and get some more hooking done. Will hope to post a picture of that in the next day or so. (don't hold me to that Joanne lol).

May you all have a wonderful week....


Joanne said...

Wow - love that onion skin over that "bold" wool! love what you did! Now i wanna play with my skins!

Hooked on Primitives said...

Those greens and all are just the best!! FUN!!! Cathy

weaverpat said...

Wow! The onion skin over the greens is fantastic! I guess I better start saving some. If you get a chance, please come to the hook-in on Thurs. and bring your dyed stuff for show-n-tell.