Saturday, October 3, 2009

Aaaah sleep..

I got a great night sleep last night. This past week has been very busy, and not enough sleep. But I feel I'm caught up now.

I said I would post a picture of what I won from Kelley's quilt scrap giveaway. My oh my, was I surprised when I opened that box! It was stuffed so tight. There are so many different pieces, along with a Little Quilts book with tons of ideas in there. A magnetic stick (for all those pins I'm going to drop). There were also a few patterns. One was a penny rug, the other was a stocking and another was one to make birds. So prim, and so cute, all of them! Thank you so much again Kelley. I look forward to making some great things from this ALL!!

Thursday night hook-in was quiet this week. I guess everyone is out doing other things. Fall is here and I'm sure finishing up outside work before the cold starts to set in is needed to be done. I know I have to finish pulling up a few plants. Maaaybe I'll get to that today.

It was just Linda and I for most of the day and then Sherry came near dinner time. And then Barb came an hour or so later. I think this phone is glued to Linda's ear at times lol . She is busy punching up a piece for display at the shop. Linda is carrying some of Brenda Gervais patterns now. Barb was still busy cutting away the material from a comforter to make curtains out of. What a job that is. Little by little. But I think she is almost finished with it.

And Sherry is working on a Christmas gift. Good girl for starting it now!

For as tired as I was, I was able to finish my mock braiding. What a great feeling to have it done! Just need to figure out the colors of wool I will use to braid and attach to the outer edge.

I had no choice but to be a party pooper that night. I went home very early and climbed into bed. Friday was another long day for me. My husband gets paid once a month and it was time to do the bills, balance the budget book, go to the bank, grocery shopping, etc. But in the morning I had to take Nicole to the doctor's first. Her back has been bothering her and we got a couple chest xrays done on her to make sure nothing was seriously wrong. She has been lifting weights and exercising, and I think she just pulled a muscle. But better to be safe than sorry. It was also the day that I help my mil with her grocery shopping as well and get her settled. Had about 1 hour to sit before George came home for dinner and then I was right back out the door again.

My friend Vicki had a girls get together at her house and she had crafts set up for us to do. Along with some delicious pizza and snacks. We had a good time. Vicki had these crafts that were already in packages. She is very organized! Here are some pic's of how the night went. Deb was silly with the base of the corn cob pieces.

Here's Vicki. She has been busy gathering supplies to learn rug hooking. I told her to give me a call when she's ready to sit and get started!! Told her she has to come out to Linda's hook-in one Thursday night too...

Nicole is on the right and Melanie is on the left. They are sisters. Lot's of laughs, and just good company. I miss these girls. I met them at church. I no longer go there, but we still try and get together when we can.

Well, I must get my day going. It's noon already and all I got done so far was clean up the dishes. I have some more grocery shopping to do, and then I think I'll stop and see if I can find just a couple mums for my porch. Then it's time to do laundry and everything else that I didn't get to this past week. I want to get some Fall decorations out too. We'll see how much I can get done.
Tomorrow is my mil's 91st Birthday. We will go over there in the afternoon to celebrate it with her. Will make sure to take some pic's to share....
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned for yourselves...


Joanne said...

Well glad you finally got a good nites sleep! Need that now and again to keep running - sounds like a busy week! Tell your MIL Happy Birthday and Many More - Hope you won't be too tired to go to the hook-in on Thursday!

moosecraft said...

Sounds like you don't know which end is up! Sooo busy! Glad you got to get some good rest the other night. Love the mock braiding piece you finished hooking! Very neat technique! Happy Birthday to your MIL! She will be so happy to see everyone! :-)

weaverpat said...

Hey, Lady! That's what WORK does to you! It makes you tired!!! LOL!
And having fun can do it. too! hehehe!
Sounds like you've been doing lots of both.
Your braid looks great!
Hope Nicole is feeling better.
Maybe I'll see you on Thurs.

Beth said...

Hey Kathy... next time I come to rug hooking I need you to show me some punch needle I think Im finally ready!! cant come this week cause of soccer!! :(