Friday, October 9, 2009

Another year older....

What a week it has been. Started the week on Sunday by sharing my mil's birthday with you. That was such a fun day. Started my work week on Monday and it was a busy, busy day. Monday's usually are. We had customers in the rug hooking shop and Linda was busy cutting and sewing orders. Tuesday was my Birthday, and when I woke up, I thanked God for being another year older. I am thankful for each day, but when that birthday hits, I'm just estatic! I thought to myself, this is going to be a good day. I like to make that choice when I wake up. I always opt for a good day. I'm a true optimist. I honestly can't imagine waking up every morning thinking the worst of things. If you do, you are bound to have a bad day. Who wants that? Even if things go wrong for me during the day, at least I'm already in a better mood to handle whatever comes my way.

I came downstairs to get ready to take Nicole to school, and on the kitchen table was my husbands Birthday gift to me. I was in total shock. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine of getting one. This was scrolling across the screen.

I just stood there in awe! George had been working on this. He built it for me. (Him and my son are gifted in doing that!) He even said it would be great to take with me to hook-in's etc., Isn't he sweet! . The pink cordless mouse was my gift from Nicole. I just love it. Fits so nice in my hand, and works great! They both gave me cards that made me cry. That is always a given, because I ask for one lol. So I did what the screen said. I tried it.. I sent George an email at work to thank him! Told him he done "Good"!! lol

I went to work, and Linda gave me a really cute card . She had given me my gift about a month ago at one of her hook-ins. A VERY generous gift. A Miller Hook ! I absolutely love it and use it all the time. I decided to wait and share it with you now. Thank you sooooo much Linda, it's wonderful and really makes pulling those loops easier! Along with this, she also made me a gorgeous wreath with some bittersweet on it. It is in a picture below with something that Joanne had given me. They are all out on my porch!
Barb who has come back to help Linda with some sewing also gave me a gift. She celebrated her birthday the same day as my mil. She gave me a set of coasters that absorb the moisture. I have never tried them. They look really nice. And along with that, she gave me some chocolate. Thanks Barb! She even brought in a donut for all of us in the morning.!
After work, I met George for dinner and we had a nice time eating, chatting and relaxing. Even shared dessert! I stopped at Kohl's on my way home since we had two cars. I had a good coupon, but didn't find much. I really hate shopping for clothes. I guess you can say that's when I'm my grumpiest lol. But I made sure I came home with a smile on my face.

Wednesday was a busy day with dyeing wool at work. I got quite a bit done. (have I told you how much I love my job??) Then after work, I went out to dinner with my friend Donna. We went out to Gettysburg to eat at the Pub. Well, we got out of our car, put the money in the meter and these kids were outside and THEN they told us it was closed. They were having a meeting. Ooooh, how disappointing, since we were going for a piece of peanut butter chocolate cake! Sooo, we went down the road to get some fried pickles! Then we had our dinner. Even shared some dessert too! Donna brought my present into the place and she just makes me laugh. Right now we are the same age. We are the same age for 11 days lol. Her birthday is on the 17th. Told her I am taking her for that cake for her birthday! The two of us are going to be doing a 2 week exercise dieting right "after" her birthday lol. So for my birthday, I got a water bottle, some socks, some gloves (for the cold nights lol), some reeses peanut butter cups to eat BEFORE we start all this (and yes, we have already started to eat some), and a really pretty table runner with a pumpkin and votive to go on it. Oh there was a frame with a picture of me and George with Nicole from her prom. Thank you sooo much Donna! Everything is so nice.. Thursday, Joanne came over so we could go to the hook-in. When I opened the door, Joanne had a mum in her hand, and she had already put one in the chair on my porch.. The one in her hand had an agate pot for it. Sooo nice. I just love them Joanne. She had heard me saying that the mums that I was checking out weren't so hot. So I was thrilled. They are really pretty and look great on my porch!
Along with the mums she gave me a really sweet card, some dark chocolate m&m's (ooh, she knows me well, and the are half gone already. My husband just told me to take them away. Said they are addicting lol), and a beautiful quilt that her mom had made. Her mom is one talented woman!!! Joanne and I were talking about me tea staining it a little for a more aged look. We'll see if I have enough guts to do it! I just love it Joanne, thank you for everything. And thank your Mom!~ (Joanne and I are now the same age too....just until February . Then she'll be older again! LOL) She even treated me to lunch before we went to Linda's. I had a great salad with strawberries, mmmmm. When we got to Linda's, I was very happy to see Genny there. She is who I used to go to church to hook with. I taught her a while back, and she keeps moving forward! Here is the rug she is working on. She is a very even hooker. Very nicely done!

I haven't seen Genny in quite some time since I started working. And before that, she was on vacation in Alaska. She also got a couple of her sisters interested in hooking. I'm sure Genny will be out again and she may bring her sister Cathy with her. Genny was so sweet, she remembered my birthday. She had brought along a gift for me. On her trip, she found a little shop and bought me two patterns, one rug pattern and the other a stitchery, and she made this pillow up the night before the hooki-in! Just love it, thank you for everything Genny, and I can't wait to see you again at GrantStreet!

Linda bought a cake for Barb and I. Oh my, was it good. Moooore chocolate. I have a feeling when Donna and I start our workout, I will be behind her by about 10 paces, OR ahead of her 20 paces because of all the caffeine from ALL the chocolate LOL. Look at this cake!! I have 2 pieces still sitting here waiting for dessert tonight. Thank you Linda!!
Pat came and she was working on her Baltimore quilt pattern rug. She got a lot done since last time I saw her. (she really IS enjoying her time off work, isn't she?)
Soooo pretty! She is deciding on a background color now.

Barb had finished separating her quilt from the last couple weeks, and brought with her some hand work. She is hand piecing some squares for quilting.
Sherry came and was working on her cat rug. I didn't get a shot of it. She had bought some hooked flowers from Linda's shop. I'm sure they will look great in her home.

Joanne had brought this larger tree skirt (larger than her little feather tree skirts) to work on. She was determined to finish this. Now look how much she had left, and then look at the next few pictures. She's amazing!
Of course you can't be at GrantStreet without having lots of laughs. Especially with Joanne around lol. She was making fun of me (nothing unusual)! I had brought my strips all separated in these nets. It was much better than just having them all in a basket. Just grab and hook. Anyway, Joanne was practically falling off her chair with laughter. I kept trying to snap a shot of what she was doing, but the darn camera wasn't fast enough.

All over these silly strip holders...
She couldn't control herself...

She was flinging and flailing my worms. Acting like a cheerleader, and just being....Joanne lol.

So innocent looking, eh??

I left near dinner time to run home and make my husband some dinner. I didn't have anything to leave for him like I usually do. So I went and grilled him some chicken. While I was doing that, my friend and neighbor Rachel stopped over with her daughter Brooke. They came to bring me a gift. I had Brooke (she's 4) help me open it. My table is going to look beautiful!! Thank you Rachel....

When I got back, Joanne was just moving along..
I told you she was fast. She finished hooking it! But Wait (Insert Billy Mayes lol)there will be more...
But there had to be a little fun in between...

Now she'll tell you I put that there, but I've told you before how much she loves to put things on her head, so I'm not saying another word... lol Ok, and YES, she DID whip it too!! Linda had this tree in the back and she brought it out to see how it looked. Awesome, huh??

Joanne had bought one of those hooked flowers too and she was telling us how she will be using it to wave when she yells Bingo! I had to circle the flower, so you could see it. I hope you win Joanne LOL!!

We left earlier than usual that night. And still, she got all that done. I was amazed.
Then today, I had to do some grocery shopping, and help my mil out. Lot's of running, but it was a productive day. When I came home, there was a box on my porch. Ginger from our online group AAPG sent me a birthday gift. That was so sweet of her. When I opened it up, it smelled soooo good. There was a beautiful piece of wool, some wonderful smelling tarts, a little bag with some rusted bells and pins, and a skeleton key in there, and a sweet hand stitched pillow/pinkeep that was filled with something that smelled so good. Ginger, that was really, really sweet of you. Thank you, I love everything!

I certainly am blessed with such wonderful friends. I had a fantastic Birthday week! I wasn't even planning on spreading it out this year like I did last year, but it just worked out that way. Every day was special, just like my family and friends. Thank you, each one of you. You have given me such wonderful memories. And have spoiled me with beautiful gifts. I will treasure everything.

This weekend is dedicated to cleaning, to catch up on what I've missed this week. I'll finish decorating the porch with a couple things and then getting some items for inside the house up from the basement. But one thing that is done is my kitchen table. I swear Donna and Rachel shopped together lol! And I've got Ginger's little pillow and Betty's white pumpkin, and squirrel stitched box on there. I love it. Wish the lighting was better for a picture.>

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. The weather is supposed to be really nice. Enjoy!!!


Joanne said...

If only more people had that optimist outlook to life and waking up determined to have a good day - Wow image the smiles in the world then!

You know Kathy - you didn't have to emphasize how bad my hair is with those woolies! I do have an appointment next week! LOL! Oh my goodness - I was rolling on the floor again about those little webbed holders - Can't say I ever saw those before - OHHHHHHHHH MY GOODNESS - thanks for the belly laugh- I'm still giggling.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Happy Birthday Kathy!!

weaverpat said...

Hi Kathy! Most people try to aviod birthdays.... I've never known someone who enjoys them as much as you, or as LONG! LOL!!!

What a happy week you've had and you are so deserving of it! Your joy rubs off on everyone around you!!!

HUGS to you, lady!!!

moosecraft said...

A joyous Birthday to you Kathy!!! Looks and sounds like a wonderful time was enjoyed by you and everyone that was near you! Keep on smiling! Hugs! ~Sharon

TamboinMO said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a great's to many more to come.

Whimsical Works by Shug said...

Happiest of birthdays to you Kathy and many millions more. Remember, we leave a little more every year we are are.... make it yours!!!!!!!!Your blog buddy! Kim