Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hutch update and Hook-In

Lots to share today.   Remember the little hutch?  Here is a before picture of when we first brought it home from my sons house. It belonged to Lake's Mom and they didn't have a use for it. 


Stripping process.

And here it is just about finished!  I went to the store today to pick up some new hardware, and of course whenever this was made, it wasn't standard.  The drawer pulls are 2.5" center to center, and the stores here carry 3". I have looked on line for some and found a few styles. But then I remembered a hardware store in town. They have loads of stuffffff that you can't find anywhere else. I'll be checking into it tomorrow. Sooo, it will be delayed for a bit, but the refinishing is now done.  I am quite pleased with it.  Chose the red color and then antiqued it a bit with some brown shoe polish. The painting was done with more of a dry brush affect. I tried rolling it on, but didn't like it. So I brushed the entire piece. I didn't want a solid paint look. (click on the picture and you might get a better look at the painting)  Looking forward to getting the doors put on, along with the new hardware, and then taken upstairs to the wool room. I'm just hoping it makes it up there. I'm afraid it might stay down here.

Last Thursday, my friend Beth came out to join us at the hook-in.  She is over an hour away in York.  With George being gone for the weekend, Hotel Harris was open for company lol.  So Beth stayed the night, since the hook in is always a late night.  When she arrived, she brought me this old tool chest.  Isn't it great?  I have since put my Primitive Place magazines in it.  Thank you so much Beth!! It has a square that came with it, and when you close the lid, there is a slit for the top of the square to fit in. Soo cool :)

Before I forget, on Friday we went to a bunch of Antique shops and I came home with this little bench.  The stuff on top will change, but I just wanted to get a shot of it.  We had a great day going from shop to shop and stopping for some pizza for lunch. We got home around dinner time!

So back to the hook in.  Here is Beth making some of her yo-yo mats.

And I even got her to hook some of my rug lol.  Beth hooked a long time ago. Still trying my darndest to get her back into it!!!!  Was hoping the feel of the hook would reel her back in :)  (i'm thinking she'll be back)

Joan brought a carpet bag she was working on and showed us the gold leather she will be using as a base. They were discussing how to do the handles as well.

Nancee took the dye class a few weeks back and brought a piece to show us that she did . She was trying to match a piece from that day, but there was an oops.  Isn't it a BEAUTIFUL OOPS???
Still working on her dancing bunnnies.

Linda was working on a mat, and also showing Angie how to hook. She wants to learn.

Jackie finished her Grandson's rug.  Love the spin she put on this pattern.  Jack had a big hand in designing it.

And here is her lastest rug.

We had a full house again. Debbie is here working on a pattern that  her and Kathy next to her drew out.

Amazing with all the people that come, that we actually get work done.

Genny's punch needle project.

Mabel's applique.

Conversations galore.

And even "I" got to hooking. I hadn't picked up a hook since the last hook in, and the week before, I barely did anything.

I was able to accomplish a lot that day.  Then with this weekend being so quiet around here, I was able to hook even more. I have since then completed the two sections above each horse. Hope to get a picture this week to share. I had lots of hooking time, while the paint was drying. 

What a wonderful weekend it was. Productive, and just beautiful weather. I had a great little mini vacation. I'm hoping my husband had a good time out in Ohio.  He went to a Hamfest Convention (Amateur radio).  I'm expecting him home late tonight. 

Well, I think that's about it on catching up.  As soon as I finish this rug I'm working on, I need to get started on pieces for Colonial Day.  Hoping to really get motivated and do a lot!  I need a cheerleader to motivate me. Any volunteers?  lol  I'll even provide the pom-pom's :)

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.  Looks like rain again in the forecast. I'm going to ignore it and just remember this weekend. Maybe then I'll keep on moving! 
Till next time ~~~~


primitivebettys said...

Your hutch is awesome! You can load it up in the truck & drive it here... then you could stay at Hotel Dekat! :) It is just lovely & I am sure it will be wonderful upstairs or down.

Thanks again for sharing all the other pieces & rugs too!

Courtney said...

That hutch is amazing. So, you paint it and age it with shoe polish! I gotta learn how to do this. Thanks for the peek into a hook-in with all the wonderful projects!

Bobbie said...

Wonderful rugs, Kathy..I really love your rug. I have that pattern, but haven't started it yet. I was in your neck of the woods about 3 weeks ago. Went to a wedding in Villanova..We took highway 30. I had my husband drive by the rughooking shop, but it was all closed was a Friday. Beautiful little town you live in!

I love the is gorgeous..just perfectly prim!

Gayle said...

Your 'new' hutch turned out great with the makeover you gave it - much, much better than it was before! Thanks so much for all the pictures from the hook-in - I love seeing what everyone is working on - so inspiring!

Nettie said...

Wow Kathy... Your hutch turned out beautiful... And the hook in looked like a lot of fun... I miss everybody.... And that Jackie unbelievable how much this lady gets done.... And the rug you are hooking now I already hooked.... That was one of my favorite rugs of all time, it fit perfectly on top of a small cedar chest... I will take a picture for you and post some of my past rugs that you did not get to see.... Hope to see you soon Kathy...
love ya,

moosecraft said...

Way to go on that beautiful hutch, Kathy! Red is a GREAT color choice! I think Joanne will be trying to get it out of your garage too... so you better get it locked into the wool room quick! lol! Your horse rug is hooking up nice! You're always getting so much accomplished...

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
The hutch looks great. You've done a fine job painting it.
Your little bench is very sweet. You need to hook a little piece for the top.
Your horse rug is moving along nicely and you will probably have yours done and bound before mine is bound. I look forward to an updated picture. I had such a problem with that rug!
Thanks for sharing all the talent at Grant Street.
Hugs :)

weaverpat said...

You did a great job on the hutch! It will look lovely filled with wool.

Thanks for the pictures of the hook-in. Your horse rug is looking good. Glad you were able to have a nice relaxed weekend.

Julia said...

Kathy, you did a wonderful job on the hutch. I hope that you can find the hardware you are looking for to complete your project. It will look even better full of beautiful wool.

The hook in looks like a lot of fun as usual. You are really hooking up a storm on the horse rug. Isn't it amazing how much more you can get done when hubby is away. It's like that for me too.

Have a great week and thanks for sharing all those pictures.. JB

Orange Sink said...

Your hutch turned out fabulous! I love that red color!
You must show it filled with wool!
Loved seeing all the rugs and everyone getting so much done! Your horse rug is lookin' great!
Glad to cheer you on with pom poms Kathy... but you can work circles around me girl! I've gotten so slow it's pathetic!
Cathy G

woolyredrug said...

Love the red hutch Kathy! You did and awesome job with it! Fun post...thanks for sharing your busy week!

Good luck with getting ready for your have a cheerleader in MN!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Such a great hutch. You gals sure make some amazing rugs and seem to get so much done! Loved the tool box, too1

Leontien said...

Oh wow that cabinet looks good! I think you call it a hutch though...

Came here from Julia's and i really think my mother in law would like your blog a lot!


rolling tool chest said...

You did a great job on the hutch! It will look lovely filled with wool.