Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The last loop pulled ~~

Yes indeed, I finally pulled the last loop last night while watching a movie with my husband.  I had every intention of starting the whipping tonight, but I took my daughter to the mall in Hagerstown, and well, when you take a teenage girl anywhere, it's not a short trip! And we don't spend too much time together anymore with her school and work schedule. I took advantage of  "our time".  We had a good time. I returned something and she bought a few things.

Soo I am now home, and ready to get to the whipping first thing tomorrow.  I am going to finish this before the year is over, woo hoo  :)...  I don't have any idea really what my next project will be. My mind is going back and forth between a couple of things.

 I got an email the other day in my daily devotions. It all had to do with making New Year resolutions.  I'm not one to make them. But in this article it talked about making a list. Something to do each month out of the year, and then at the end of the year see what you were able to get accomplished.  I thought about this, and am seriously considering it.  I was thinking of different things. What month I will choose to jot them down in, I don't know yet. But I will pick some easy ones and some not so easy ones.  Some could be a project, work on filling my Etsy shop up,  another could be eat better, exercise, read a book, organize a room from top to bottom, etc.  I'm thinking this could be very do-able for me. Might even develop some better habits, since I have a month to accomplish the task.  If at the end of the year I achieve some, that would be great! And if I don't, that's ok too.  Goals are good. Often we can't grow unless we fail.  I don't want to beat myself up about things I don't accomplish anymore. It is what it is. I'm one person and can't do it all. No matter how much I WANT to do it all, it's just not possible. As I get older, I'm really realizing that, and I'm feeling peace from it. That's all that matters.

Here is my rug all ready to be whipped! After it's whipped, I will steam it again and block it and make it square by pinning it to the floor where I do my steaming. This piece will be going on the chest at the end of my bed

I am sooo ready for a New Year, how about you?  The Christmas lights are down outside. It was warm enough out there today for hubby to do that. Tomorrow I will also take the lights and ornaments off the tree so George can take the tree back to the farm where they dispose of it.  I was going to wait till the weekend, but he seemed to want to get some things done, so I will will do that for him.  The rest of the decorations will stay up till the weekend. 

I hope you all welcome in the New Year safely. If you go somewhere, safe travels to you. George and I will be going to a party for a few hours to be with some friends. Looking forward to getting out and socializing a bit with them. Doubt we will be up till midnight.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what the New Year has in store for me and my family. I just pray it's a healthy one.....

Enjoy the rest of your week. I'll talk with you in 2011 !!!


Julia said...

Hooray for you Kathy for finishing hooking your rug. It's a great feeling. I think that making list is great. Even if you make one resolution work then you're ahead. Have a safe week. JB

Joanne said...

Way to go on the rug finish! Whoop Whoop Woohoo! Hey it only takes 22 times to make something a habit! Really does work too if you can get thru 22 of something! I have every ounce of faith in you will do it!

TeresaM said...

WOW Kathy!!! I love it! I wish I could hook that fast! I'm anxious to get mine whipped and on the wall! See you soon!

Happy New Year!!!

primitivebettys said...

Your rug is just beautiful! The whole rug is amazing, but that background is especially awesome! Best wishes with your monthly to-dos... I might have to think of things that way too. It might be easier.

Happy New Year! Be safe while out & about.

woolyredrug said...

Beautiful Rug Kathy!
Wishing you all the BEST in the New Year!

Orange Sink said...

I love it! The colors are wonderful! It should be gorgeous on that trunk by your bed!
I go along with your thoughts on goals and resolutions. I guess we need them but sometimes I wonder if that's over rated. I like to write down things I've already accomplished...... It feels better than writing down things I know I'll never accomplish or might accomplish!
Happy New Year to you and your family!
Cathy g

moosecraft said...

Your rug is beautiful! Great color choices! And congrats to finishing it by the end of the year! Love what you said about wanting to do it all but realizing it isn't possible for one person to do everything! So true! I'm excited for a New Year too! I would really like to have health and peace in 2011... Happy New year to you and your family!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Kathy ~
Your rug is gorgeous! I love the wool and how you hooked the background.
A goal a month sounds {almost} do-able. I may consider that.
I hope your new year starts out great and continues that way for the whole year!
I am very happy to have met you through this wonderful world of blogging.
I will probably be sleeping before midnight, too.
Hugs to you and your family :)

Sherry said...

Kathy your rug is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE it!!!
Happiest of New Years to you!!!!

Kim said...

The rug and the colors are beautiful. I love the detail in your background.

Anonymous said...


J ' live in Belgium (Europe), I am a creator of buttons, and give lessen of rug hooking. I leave 8 days to Kentucky in April, I am in search of addresses nice of folk store, art, of rug hooking.... I like very much what you make, and I said to myself that maybe you could help me...
One quite thank you for your help(.
Best wishes for 2011.

Lisa said...

The rug looks great. It sure feels good to finish one doesn't it? I wish I liked the actual "Finishing" part. I am not sure how I want to finish it. Have a good night.

Daughternature Primitive Folk Art said...

Oh I love this rug! Great design and colors. - BJ

Vicki said...

I rug-hook also...Isn't it wonderful? I am about to finish one myself and already thinking about which one to do next....Blessings to you and Thank You for visting my blog....