Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update this Friday ~~

Wow, another update already!  This Friday is the next update for PrimitiveHandmadesMercantile.  I have 2 items finished, photographed and ready to load up.  I'm going to try and work on one more item, but not sure if I'll be able to finish it in time for Friday. But I will get it on there as soon as I can. I sure hope you stop by and check out all the wonderful items that everyone is stitching, hooking, punching up. Lots of creativity in this group!

Another way to get you to stop by is to tell you that they will be doing a scavenger hunt this time.  Each of the Artists will have  1 Capital letter Highlighted in Lime Green in one of their descriptions.  Find that letter, gather them all up and unscramble the phrase.  Then email your answer for a chance to win the giveaway this month!  Have fun with it and good luck!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is Thursday already.  I'm looking forward to the hook in.  This weather has been sooooo beautiful. I hope it's here to stay.  Got home today and husband was running the gas out of the snowblower to put it away for the season.  I told him Now it's going to snow lol. 

I'm hoping to see some familiar faces on Saturday at the Woolwrights hook in.  I'll be there with Linda helping her out. Please stop by and say hello :)..


moosecraft said...

Uh-oh! Blizzard's on the way! lol! Looking forward to seeing what everyone has for their update! Enjoy the hook-in!

Julia said...

Enjoy your weekend at the hook in. I'll check again on Friday to see all the Mercantile treasures. Hugs JB